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  1. Where do you shop for good quality, fresh fruit and veg Would prefer somewhere that's not a supermarket Thanks
  2. can anyone recommend anyone is Sheffield that can help? Thanks
  3. I went last night too, first thing I commented on was how loud the music was, my husband said it wasn't very festive:hihi: I assume the theme is supposed to be winter/ice world given the decorations. One more trip planned to finish off the christmas shopping then I'll be avoiding the place till after the sales have finished.
  4. Can anyone confirm what the opening times are for today please? Thank you
  5. how would you go about socialising at 10 year old, very small yorkie? He has limited contact with a scaredy staffie. He sees himself as a pet, not a dog, which is probably our fault. I'd love another dog, but at the mo I can't see that being a fair option for either dog. So many dogs need a home and I'd love to offer one.
  6. I am reliably informed that the chemist at manor top has paddling pools. They sell everything! No idea on size though. Sorry OP I know it's not town centre but it might help someone
  7. I am thinking tentatively of getting another dog. My problem is I have a little yorkie who is not exactly keen on other dogs. I know it's our fault that he isn't very sociable. We should have done more in the past to get it sorted. He thinks he's a human:suspect: My inlaws have a staffy and when they're together he just ignores her. On walks he's happy to have a sniff of another dog but nothing more. He does have little dog sydrome Obviously I would want both dogs to be happy. So doggy folk, what would you do to be able to make your home a happy home for two dogs? Thanks for any advice. ---------- Post added 26-01-2013 at 15:59 ---------- Forgot to add, needs to be a non-shedding dog of some sort.
  8. Black bin was due to be collected in S8 on Tuesday. Has been empted this morning, so they are out there:)
  9. Not bothering with the car this morning. Walking into work, fortunately it's only about half an hour. Can't say I'm keen walking at this time of day on my own, but needs must:suspect:
  10. Thank you for replying He's up to date with everything He's off again today, having had a day on plain chicken and rice:( He's been to the vet before for this, will give them a ring and see what they suggest. He can't afford not to be eating, he's all skin and bone and only weighs around 6lb
  11. My little yorkie has a really squelshy stomach. He's sat next to me and I can hear it. He seems ok in himself but hasn't eaten anything today, even turned his nose up at plain rice. He has had this before and it seems to right itself, but just wondered if anyone knew what it was? He's fed on james wellbeloved dry food with the odd bit of, chicken, rice, pasta thrown in.
  12. I don't know who has put up the reward, but frankly I'd prefer it to go to Mr Greaves's family.
  13. I would like to think they are innocent, because to be walking the street like nothing has happened if they are the guilty ones makes me feel sick.
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