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  1. I know this is a long shot but for years and years I have been trying to trace my Grandfathers side of the family and just hitting a brick wall. I'm not holding out much hope but it's worth a try My Grandfather Charles Thomas Ashmore born 8th July 1916 - 1970 was born in Glossop or Tintwistle, Derbyshire. He married Winifred Wilson in 1938 and lived in Bamford. He served in the Sherwood Foresters in WW2. His Father (Name unknown) was believed killed in action in WW1, but had infact been seriously injured resulting in him losing his memory and returned after the war to find his wife had re-married. Charles Mother was Lillian, she married George (Jud) Bower of Elmin Pitts Farm, Hope Woodlands, Ashopton. Charles had 2 half brothers - Sidney and Aldene Bower (who was killed on the Hathersage road) and a half sister- Sadie Bower. My Grandfather worked as a lorry driver for Earls (Blue Circle in Hope). I am led to believe my Grandfather took his mothers maiden name (Ashmore) She was supposed to be from a well to do family in London. After Elmin Pitts Farm was demolished to build the Derwent Reservoir Lilly and George moved to Hope before heading back to Glossop Any information would be gladly appreciated. Thanks
  2. hehe yes now you come to mention it I might get one put in the back that way I can kick the hubby out when his snoring does my head in. My bedroom is the only place I keep a pet free zone although my oldest cat who's now 13 has figured out that if he jumps on the wall then he can get on the tree that is just outside my bedroom window then it's just a short jump onto my window. I've caught him in my bedroom twice now the little sneek
  3. There were a couple of big ones in my garden last week ..Maybe they have decided to move out to the Peak where the air is cleaner;) ..however if I get anymore you are very welcome to call round for them if you like.
  4. I am a seller on Amazon and have also bought a lot of items from there too, I've never had a problem at all with it. (Amazon do take a high percentage of the selling price) Make sure you check out the sellers feedback. If you have any problems Amazon will look into it for you and are quite good at refunding you what you have paid unlike ebay who don't care two figs.
  5. That would be right Hook, If someone makes a suggestion on making it more fair for all lets insult them by making pathetic wild assumptions. WOULD YOU CARE TO SHOW ME WHERE I WAS ASKED TO REMOVE MY ENTRIES? - For your information I was NEVER asked once to remove any of my photos - so why the need to lie and say I was?? if you remember I pm'd you to ask you to delete my entries when I realised you were only allowed to submit one. If there is one thing that really gets my back up it is dishonesty Hook and I would have expected a bit more than childish behavour and lies from you! But hey, I guess no one cares as it would seem you are allowed to make your own rules up even if that means lying and insulting other members, hey wait a sec ..isn't that against forum rules?? then again, I guess that rule only applies to certain members as well!!
  6. Yes exactly! A competition is to compete be it for fun or not. It was just a suggestion as I know there are people on here who have no morals and have many dupe ids. I'm sure if people knew that it was fair they would be more incline to join in but if the same person is going to win over and over again by cheating then people will soon get bored and think well what's the point? Then again maybe I have it all wrong ..........I guess only time will tell.
  7. LOL, I still can't believe the crowd they draw who really think they are going to walk away with a Nokia, dvd player wii, etc. for £15/£20 They've been doing it for years, Way before I bought my old caravan there so must be about 7/8 years. The big bloke you are talking about who moves all those people on who try and warn the gullible public that it is a scam and all they will end up with for their £15/£20 is a cheap electric toothbrush used to work at the Happy Days site in Chapel St Leonards that should tell you how dodgy he is if nothing else! It amazes me to see silly people stood waving their notes in the air for a white plastic bag that they have no idea whats in it. Guess it's true what they say a fool and his money are easily parted! Also - there is nothing anyone in authority can do about they as they are very careful what they say, They tell you what there might be in the bag but never say what is, All you are paying for is whatever is in the goodybag, there is no promise that it will be a wii, nokia, etc so that's the scam, you are paying for a surprise ...and you usually get it .. and they probably feel too foolish to complain after that.
  8. I used it have it bad as a child, never realised it was hayfever as I didn't even know what it was. Then I never got it again until the year I became pregnant and now I get it ever flaming summer. Everyone else in my family is fine apart from my sisters husband who suffers with it also. She told me that homebargains (I think it's called) there's one in Hillsborough and one on the moor - sell Cetirizine at a ridiculously low price something like 50p for a weeks supply of tablets. Wonderful I take one in a morning and hayfever no more:thumbsup:
  9. If a pup is registered as KC reg it will come with a pedigree. Beware of the ones that say pedigree but no kc or the ones that advertise being registered with DL (Dog lovers) register (As I believe this was set up by Mayfield kennels in Manchester (a well known puppy farm - whatever Beverly Callard says) Chances are that the pups registered as pedigree but without KC papers probably have had breeding endorcements places on their KC by the breeder at some time and may not conform to the breed standard set out by the kennel club. If this is the case the breeder may only wish to sell them as pets at a much lower price than they would normally sell to breed or show. Breeders also place endorcements on the pups registeration so they can keep an eye on and have a say to the kind of stud dog or dam the new owners chooses to breed with. It may be best to join a breed club where they send you a news letter and you get to hear about all the shows coming up. Most have a code of ethics they expect their members to abide to which includes testing your dog for any health problems which are associated with your breed. If this is done they will allow you to place puppies on their puppy register so only those breeders who are dedicated to keeping up the standard of the breed get listed. You can no longer register pups yourself even if both parents are KC reg. It has to be done by the breeder of your puppy
  10. Thanks Moonbird and Kath, it was such a shock but we felt blessed to have her for those few short months.
  11. Aww bless his little cotton socks, He's adorable, don't you just love that puppy fur!
  12. Hi Kath, I would like to see a photo, I remember many years ago going all the way to Ireland to the home of the Irish club secretary for my Tibetan Spaniel girl as there were none in England. She had a huge hernia though which we were never informed about before hand (otherwise I wouldn't have spent almost £2,000 for us all to fly out there and bring her back plus the price of the pup on top) She needed operation on it but unfortunately she died having the op which was a big shock as you can imagine. Her breeder didn't care one bit. Hope the club has moved a bit and got dog lovers in and not the bunch of greedy cowboys they once had. Do you know how to copy and paste? Just click on the link in your photobucket and it should turn blue and auto copy from photobucket then open up the reply box and right click your mouse a little box will come up which says paste (half way down) click that and the link should appear.
  13. If it doesn't matter what's the point in a competition then? You might as well just post your pics for people to view then they can comment on them if they wish.
  14. Thanks for the info .. I'll warn my Mother who often needs her mobility scooter when out shopping. These lads weren't wearing any helmets, they were a couple of Asian lads late teens early 20's I'd say ..far too big to be on a mini moped. Probably knew the police couldn't do anymore than follow them by the looks on their faces. Didn't notice if they had any bags, it was just a strange sight to see.
  15. What rescue was it? They shouldn't have really let him go until he had been given his vaccinations and eating drinking and using his cat litter tray. You could try putting his food where he is messing, that sometimes works. In the meantime get some cimicat for him to build him up a bit. Also it concerns me that he is quiet and all hunched up. If he was mine I'd get him checked over by the vet just to put your mind at rest. Keep him warm in the meantime by putting a hotwater bottle under his blanket in his bed.
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