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  1. Do you think Green and Benz is value for money (even though expensive) or overpriced and paying for the name??
  2. A guy at work is looking to spend around £3500 on an engagement ring for his missus. Where is the best place in Sheffield to get a decent engagement ring? He's heard there is a place called Green and Bends (I may have spelt the name wrong) but he can't seem to find it on the internet - plus anybody know if its any good?
  3. Every book I read says that you should walk a dog on a left. Would it make a difference if you walked a dog on the right?
  4. At the end of the Apprentice last night Mylene Class was playing to the winning team a piece of classical music - does anybody know what its called??
  5. I've heard shampoo for dogs needs to be PH balanced, can anyone recommend a good make??
  6. can you have pet insurance for a Mongrel or pedigrees only?
  7. There are 2 levels to this situation that need to be dealt with. Level 1 – This is the actual event. There is no doubt the young lad would probably have no interest in keeping pink poodles. He was looking for a dog(s) that fit a certain stereotype (even if this was an unconscious decision). Of course these breeds can make very good companions but obviously this lad was certainly not capable of looking after this kind of dog. I am not saying he encouraged to the dogs to violence (I do not know the lad so I can’t comment) but he took on these dogs with very little skill and they have committed grievous bodily harm to another human being (in this case a postman doing his job). The lad had a duty of care to raise these dogs responsibly which he failed to do and he needs the full weight of law to prosecute him. As other posters have pointed out, this could have been a child / elderly person etc and quite easily somebody could have been killed. Also, please do not forget that a poor man has suffered an horrific experience and he will probably carry the scars for life Level 2 – This is obviously the sociological debate about how these dogs are so readily available for inappropriate owners. If it wasn’t for these breeders then these dogs would not fall into the wrong hands and horrific instances like this would not happen. However, I would argue that even though long term dealing with the bigger issue of breeders is obviously the way to move forward, short term the owners of such breeds that have no interest in genuinely raising / training them need to be seriously dealt with. A poor postman has been ripped to shreds and I’m sure that he and his family don’t really care about the breeders but feel that personal responsibility should count for something and this little sh*t should be locked up for a long time.
  8. I've read that when a dog poops indoors you shouldn't let the dog see you clean it up. However, when you are dog walking you are told to pick up your dog waste but this is obviously in front of your pet.....so doesn't it make a difference if a dog sees you clean up its poop?
  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/7354547.stm
  10. Has anybody had any experience in using electric fences to contain their dog on a back garden?
  11. He doesn't train dogs, he rehabilitates them!
  12. Cesar Millan suggests a claw like strike to the neck of the dog everytime he is about to bark to stop them from getting into the whole barking frenzy! Excersise, Discipline and affection in that order, works every time.
  13. I have obviously read lots of negative things about Pinch collars and choke chains but I read an article in a magizine (I'm trying to find which one it was) saying that even though these tools are very easy to abuse, when used properly they are very effective. The idea is that they should only be used to distract the dog, not to inflict pain. It was a long article but something it later said which was very interesting was that people are now relying too heavily on purley positive methods of training (specifically using treats). Usually the results are quicker when people use treats (making the owners falsely believe the dog respects this training) when it fact the dog isn't responding to you because he respects you, its because he expects a reward, and it is the fact its because the dog 'expects' the reward when more problems start to develop. what are other peoples thoughts on this?
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