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  1. Because of high travel cost's been considering a move into the city center to be closer to work and was wondering on best places to rent and worse and the pro's and con's.Theres a place on blonk street what seems to have lots of places to rent the one what looks like a big blue cone...so any city dwellers on here ?
  2. Gosh how dare people who act have to work this day have the cheek to moan because they can not get into to work thanks to roads been closed,I mean really the cheek of it.
  3. But i though thought it was about crisps ???....still i did have a topic other day very expensive and small
  4. Need more would settle for some !! 2 hours last week before any showed there face round here by then the people causing the problem were gone. over past year there seems more druggie and dealers,gangs of out of control kids/teens ect ,joyriders 3 times in past 2 weeks had close calls with them,def seen a increase in problem familys and people been moved into area and as anybody seen that young lad who is always drunk hangs about sometimes outside asda sat with half bottle of vodka/bacardi between wall and trolleys also seen him around school road area in daylight are police turning a blind eye to him as well as everything else round here. I have no confidence in the police anymore (not that you them in high green)
  5. As anybody ever lived in the council flats on cambridge court in the city centre ? if so are they any good ? There next to the spar and across road from lyoids bar (or how ever you spell it) cheers
  6. I was told on monday i was going to serco,I had great pleasure telling them the day after where to go after i found out i had got the job i was after...all done by myself with no help from jc or any silly goverment course's....so up yours a4e/serco/dwp and jc
  7. While were on the subject of everything been too expensive....went to asda earlier and some of there prices have shot up......think i might need a pint later to recover at least they wont start chargeing silly prices for a beer
  8. They were rubbish....and so was the owners customer skills...thank god on a diet from 2morrow
  9. But its more fun on here and anyway if it bothers you that much why bother reading and replying to what people say ?.....they were crap by the way
  10. Yehh but had large before in other places and its been a lot cheaper.........and i am talking about chip shops before anyone starts
  11. It was haddock not cod,could not see a price list but in fairness did not really look very hard.Did not think it was that large really or perhaps i was just been fat git.Of course despite all this there was no reason for owner to get face on just because he was asked if that was right price.......pah knew should have gone to kfc last time i went you could get a bargin bucket for 6.99........i dont do fast fast very often anymore:suspect:
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