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  1. I hope I haven't done a really bad thing by doing that? But everyone was ganging up on me saying we had to let it go! And how do birds survive in the wild anyway, I mean, some of them must lose legs? Although I haven't seen a one legged pigeon but I guess they must exist. Eek I hope it is the right thing.
  2. We took it out! We rang my husbands parents again and his mum said 'haven't you seen a one legged pigeon' and then his dad said we should just take it out. And my husband was too, so I couldn't really argue! But we took it outside still in the box, and put it on top of the wheelie bin, so if it could fly it would, and if it couldn't it'd be safe. So we put it there and took the cook book off(I don't think he read it though!) and he flew off! He didn't fly very well, but he flew a little onto the other bin, and then onto next doors fence and then into the tree. Anyway I went and saw if I could see him from the window, and saw him fly out the tree onto the ground in next doors garden, but then he just stayed there! AND THEN!! Then a crow came and sat near him, can't crows eat little birds? So then I had to make a loud noise to scare that away! Then I went back to the garden, and stood near the fence and pointed him out to my husband, and then as we were wondering what to do as he seemed to be stuck, he got up and flew away! Must have just been attention seeking, lol. So I think he's okay which is good! It was sad when he went at first though, and when I couldn't see him out the window! Hopefully he'll be fine though, he could fly okay so hopefully he'll be able to survive. And like I said he was tweeting away so he can't have been depressed or anything? He sounded quite jolly!
  3. The bird is tweeting away and sounds happy now! It's like tweet tweet tweeeeeeeeeeeet tweety tweety twoot twooooooo. Awh I don't want it to get put to sleep, it sounds happy!
  4. Have you got the emergancy number? We just tried ringing a number on the site but there was no answer, and our vet is closed, and we rang a bird sanctuary and that said it's been closed down!
  5. Is there a vet that will be open now? Does it have to be one we're registered to? We're in Owlthorpe area.
  6. Ooh that's good to know then! Awwh I don't want it to get put down if it is untreatable. I want to keep it even for just a day so it can have an awesome life before he/she goes off to heaven, haha! But I know that's silly of me! Don't know if it is legless, but we can't see one, eek!
  7. It's in a box with a big heavy cook book on top, so at least it can learn how to cook. It's got holes in it though, it's a holey storage box type thing, as I thought it might need breathig holes? So it's not very dark. I'll try and find another box to put that box into! I gave it some chopped nuts and some bread and it's not touched it.
  8. Is there a bird sanctuary type place in Sheffield? My husbands dad said the vet would put it down and charge us for it, eek. As much as we want to help it, I don't want to have to pay a huge pet fee. I hope that doesn't sound nasty!
  9. It's this type of bird: http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c60/Kizx3/IMG_1781800x6002.jpg http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c60/Kizx3/IMG_1779800x6002.jpg http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c60/Kizx3/IMG_1776800x6002.jpg http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c60/Kizx3/IMG_1774800x6002.jpg
  10. I don't know if it is injured, but I can't see how it wouldn't be, coz Kizzy had it in her mouth at least twice! She was in the bathroom for ages and we didn't know what she was doing so she could have had it before we caught her too. But we haven't been able to look at it as we don't want to scare it and give it a heart attack or something! We don't want to try and put it outside incase it is hurt, coz there's lots of cats in the area and there's two that are always in our garden winding Kizzy up! We just looked at it again, it seems to have a broken leg
  11. What can we do? Is there anywhere we can take it where they wont kill it? She was in the bathroom and I could see she had something but I thought it was just a spider or something, then it started flying, so coz I'm a scaredy cat I screamed, and then I think she thought she had to protect me, so she got the bird in her mouth, and then I screamed again coz I was scared that she was going to kill it, so then I think that made her not let go of it. We managed to get her to leave it finally. Now it's huffing and puffing lots and can't fly. Does anywhere know of anywhere we can take it? I want to keep it but my husband said I'm stupid, lol! But I've been reading things online about people taking birds to the RSCPA and them putting them down! Oh yeah, I think it's a baby as well. We had one a few weeks ago too, under the bath, so not sure if there's nest there or something. Bit scary really, that you could be in the bath and have a bird wizz out! I hope someone can help! Also arn't westies bred to kill small animals? So maybe that's a reason too for why she went for it, or maybe I just have a killer dog, eek.
  12. I saw it so I know what you're talking about! You know the bridge that's directly over that? I was on that bridge looking over it when the first police car was there as I was walking my dog, then on the way back there was a few more police cars. It was very high, and I don't think it could have got there itself either! You could tell how high it was because the policeman were standing next to the wall bit and they could barely see over it. I bet it would be hard for a human to get over it, let alone a dog! And it kept walking backwards and fowards, poor thing. I'm glad they managed to rescue it! Poor thing. My husband and his dad thought that maybe it had escaped and was in the road and got scared and jumped into there, but it is hard to believe from how high it was! I too wish I had taken pictures, I usually always have my camera on me but for once I didn't. I guess it is hard to believe without seeing it yourself! I wonder how long the poor thing was there for before you found it. Coz I bet not many people who walk over the bridge look down, or look down into that bit, and because the dog kept walking up and down they could have missed it.
  13. Ohh that's good then. When she was a puppy a few people asked if she was a westie, saying she didn't look like one coz she had a pointy nose. I'd still love her lots even if she wasn't a pure Westie anyway. And I actually think she's cuter than the Westie's with funny hair cuts, haha. Although saying that, when we took her to be groomed last year, they cut all her fur off, so she was pretty much bald, then she looked weird, she didn't even look like a Westie. I don't think she's square yet, she's a bit round at the moment actually. That's weird though how Westie's arn't meant to moult and she is. Maybe we're doing something wrong/not brushing her enough? She's been like it since we got her though, as I remember saying just after we got her(joking) that I was going to take her back for a refund as my non moulting dog was moulting! Back on topic... although I wouldn't seriously do it as it's cruel and evil, I wonder if sticking the offending dogs in a washing machine would make them stop moulting.
  14. Really? Well when we got her, she was advertised in the paper as a non moulting one. But also when we got her, she didn't look like a Westie at all, and she has a bit of browny whitey coloured fur, like a line of it down her back that only shows sometimes. Now I think she looks like a Westie though? Although she doesn't look like most the others. When the breeder showed us her mum, her mum had the browny whitey coloured fur, but we just assumed she'd rolled around in a muddy puddle or something! And her mum was huuuge! But maybe she just looked huge at the time compared to Kizzy actually! And we thought Kizzy didn't look normal coz she was the runt of the little, coz when we went to get her, there was another westie puppy that the breeder said was her brother about about half her age, yet he was twice as big as her! We don't know if the breeder was dodgy and lied though, coz when we got her she was pooing blood, so we rang her about it and she said it was because she was eating too much, when we were just feeding as much as she had said to. So we didn't take her to the vet about it, then we asked a vet about it and they said they'd never heard of that happening, or something along those lines. I can't remember what they said it was though... a goldfish probably has a better memory than me! Pictures of her when she was a puppy: http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c60/Kizx3/Kizzy/kizzzzzypuppy1.jpg http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c60/Kizx3/Kizzy/HPIM8113800x600.jpg Maybe she was cross bred with a rabbit?! This was her when we first saw her: http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c60/Kizx3/Kizzy/HPIM8006.jpg Not even sure if it's the same dog to be honest!
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