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  1. Hi, our 16 year old cat hasn't been since Friday (13th) lunch time. She is black and white and looks good for her age. She has never disappeared before and doesn't venture far from her house. We have read that she may have left as she felt her time might be up. We just want closure really if this is what has happened, as we have had her so long. She would be 17 next month. ---------- Post added 18-09-2013 at 16:04 ---------- Photo of her: If anyone has seen her, please get in touch. Thanks
  2. Fran at Frankkies Beautique in Hillsborough did my bridal and bridesmaids make-up. Highly recommended. http://www.frankkiesbeautique.co.uk/
  3. Hi, long time member, not much of a poster anymore. I just wanted to share our from 23 March 2013. It was a comical one and the guests loved it. We did film the whole wedding and wondered if anyone could recommend anyone to edit our video with music from the ceremony etc? If so, how much roughly would it cost? Thanks
  4. Try http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/ not sure how you get listed though.
  5. We got our beautiful choc lab from http://www.caxtonmilllabradors.com/index.html. Can't recommend Amy enough. She really does a great job from before, during and after puppies are born. She is always on hand to offer advice as well. All dogs are tested and come wormed and fleed. Brilliant breeder. She has some yellow and black ones due in a few weeks. Think there are a couple of spaces left on the list, but you will need to be quick. If you want photo's of my choc lab, I am happy to show. EDIT Just seen you have one now.
  6. Thanks, I will leave well alone of that then hehe. An agent told me that there is a new 100% mortgage scheme available with conditions. Do you know anything about that?
  7. Thanks for your reply. It just got me thinking really, as some houses are knocking 10.15k off the asking price in order to sell, so it seemed like a win win solution (if they have that kind of spare cash themselves)
  8. Hi, I was after some advice regarding a vendor paying the deposit on a house for a first time buyer. I am sure I heard about a scheme, which used to do this. Obviously some of you are thinking, why would they do that? But rather than reducing the asking price of the house by 10-15k, would some vendors consider paying the deposit? If so, how does this stand on the mortgage application and all the legalities associated with buying a house? Any comments welcome, especially those in the field. Thanks
  9. Stoke they can live within a 30 mile radius. Which is why they thought Buxton.
  10. Sorry I don't get on here much. Max would be around £800pcm. The reason for the move is that my friend has a new job and has to live within a certain amount of miles and Sheffield is too far. So those areas are in the radios and aren't too far from Sheffield. Think Matlock is just a bit too far
  11. Thanks everyone for all the replies. So far it is not looking good about the areas. What areas would you suggest around there?
  12. Thanks all for your comments, all taken on board. Until the next photo outing. P.S. Hi Agent Oranage it has been a while
  13. Hi, a friend of mine is thinking of moving to Derbyshire, in particular Buxton, Chapel-en-la-Frith areas. Is anyone from around there, or know people are? They are looking to rent first and wondered what areas to look into. Thanks
  14. Thanks for your comments, as this stage, I am wanting to get use to my camera (Canon 600D) and learn how to edit pictures to enhance them really. I will have a little play with both of your ideas and see how I get on. Thanks again.
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