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  1. This is why I don't use Ebay (as a seller) any more. Ended up around £80 out of pocket because someone decided to return an electrical item as not working. No idea what they did to it to break it but functional when sent. Ebay weren't interested. Maybe they already had a busted on and were just looking to get it swapped with a working one.
  2. I have used these guys in the past: https://www.sourcesounds.com/ My job was "just" provide and fit a new headunit, including upgrade to DAB radio, but they seemed professional. I have been toying with idea of sound proofing in my car, if I do I will be going back there to get there thoughts / estimate.
  3. If a CRB/DBS 'check' is deemed necessary by an organisation for a particular role before they will accept that person for said role then they'll get one. Do you trust the organisation? Of course the other option is the individual has obtained a 'check' for themselves, in which case ask them if they'd mind showing it. Either way, we need to get away from what seems to be a common perception that a 'check' will result in someone suddenly being pulled up should it magically reveal something. It won't. A check gives list of 'things' involving that person, it's up to an organisation if that should preclude an individual from a given role. Personally I'd be more than a little angry if one of organisations that as access to my DBS record were to share it.
  4. I've long thought they should be painted the same dull colours as we tend to wear as pedestrians. Can't get down to 30 by the time you see a camera? You've no chance stopping if someone is in the road.
  5. Can having child make you a better person? Possibly. Can having a child make you insufferably dull? Probably. As with every question related to personality, it will vary between people.
  6. Really? Seems an odd time for engine to restart, unless you're talking about automatics? In mine (manual box) the engine cuts when I come to a stop and am not in gear. When I put clutch down to engage gear, engine restarts. Nothing to do with brake.
  7. I don't mean to be rude (apologies if that is how this comes across) but that is why you pay someone with experience. You are paying for years of experience working through issues like you describe. Yes, it can seem like a big investment when you just look at the numbers on paper. If you wasted days, how much do you think it cost in your time (ie how much would you expect to be paid for that time)?
  8. Given how often I see folk dropping food/wrappings without thought throughout the city it's hardly a surprise. Rats are very adaptable little critters. Best way to stop them - stop the littering.
  9. I've a decent SLR that will do video, but bit pricey when a £150 video camera would probably suffice. That and needing 4 sets of camera/laptop/any bits I need between the two. Recording isn't an option - it needs to be working like a webcam, providing a constant feed to the computer. Recording done on the computer, the software maintains around about the last hour of video available.
  10. Thanks tzijlstra. This project actually has nothing to do with animals.... though a future one with webcams might. This project is actually to implement a replay system, for some sports referees.
  11. So that would sound like if I want to use HDMI output from camera I would need some gizmo to re-encode it between laptop and camera, perhaps a USB video capture widget? Otherwise it's trying to find a USB camera with zoom then...
  12. Thought about that, but the zoom provided for by better cameras would be important
  13. Ignoring the software aspect, I'm trying to work out the best way to make use of video camera to provide a video stream to the computer. I'm thinking a low end (£150 ish) video camera with HDMI out, which I could connect to the laptop for the software to record as a loop. This is not press a button to start then to stop and edit the result. I need the camera to be constantly streaming video to the PC (the software will allow replay while still record). Is there such a thing as HDMI-in on laptops? Do video cameras provide USB output (and would it have sufficient bandwidth)? Or do I need some additional hardware between camera and laptop?
  14. You need to reduce the physical file size of the dog photo, at over 700kb it will be slow to load. Having the Weebly advert for free websites doesn't resent a very professional feel to me. You're using a btinternet email address, which again doesn't feel very professional. It should be an @supremecleansheffield.co.uk address. Some of the code isn't great, but I suspect that is a result of using a WYSIWYG styl editor (Weebly). Having said all that, the general feel of the site is clean and to the point. Though I'm not keen on the black border at the top of the page.
  15. I use a Tamron 180mm f3.5. My usual macro subjects aren't what I want to get my face too close to!
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