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  1. Joeycrew

    Pianist/singer needed for weekly slot

    Jason Have you found a pianist yet? I'm still available if you haven't. Stewart
  2. Joeycrew

    Pianist/singer needed for weekly slot

    Please let me know if your still looking for someone to play in your resteraunt. Stewart.
  3. Joeycrew

    Pianist/singer needed for weekly slot

    Jason . . i think you have tried emailing me but it went in my spam box, so it was deleted ! Please try again and I'll make sure I see it next time. Thanks Stewart.
  4. Joeycrew

    Pianist/singer needed for weekly slot

    Hi Jason I can play Thursday nights . . please tell me more. stewartfcrew@gmail.com Stewart
  5. I'd like to try and form an acoustic/semi - acoustic band. The emphasis being playing songs and tunes that people just want to dance and sing along with. A mixture of Irish, Scottish, American Old Time and other stuff. I sing play guitar piano ukulele mandolin and fiddle a bit. Looking at a 3 or 4 peice band I'm a very good musician but a bit over the hill. My email is stewartfcrew@gmail.com if your interested. I live in Hoyland Common.
  6. Joeycrew

    Musicians wanted for Country band

    Hi . . Have you got your band together? I can play keyboard/guitar/mandolin/a bit of violin and sing.I learn new song really quickly. I like the old country music better than the modern stuff. I'm a bit over 50 if that's going to be a problem. Stewart
  7. Joeycrew

    Pianist / keys wanted

    I might be able to help you out. I'm a bit old though and live in Hoyland Common . . Got all the gear and a car etc . . I'm free most days to rehearse, but don't want to travel too far . . . prefer north of Sheffield. Stewart
  8. Joeycrew

    Thoughts about Piano Exams!!

    I've told you all I know really. Ask me specific question and I'll try and answer it!
  9. Joeycrew

    Thoughts about Piano Exams!!

    My two pence worth . . If you have ambitions to be a concert pianist and just play classical piano taking exams are essential. I you would like to study music at music college, then again you need have passed a grade 8 music exam and done some theory as well to get accepted. Taking exams mean you have to learn lots of different scales which are really helpful and important to be able to play (properly)! I took exams but found having to learn a piece I didn't like and having to play exactly what was written down on the score restrictive? I really started to enjoy playing when i realised I could improvise, so I threw most of the books away and played by ear with the help of a few basic chords (Fake Books). ---------- Post added 04-01-2018 at 14:17 ---------- Julie Howard I had piano lessons in the sixties. They cost five shillings (25p an hour). I went to a piano teachers house who lived nearby . . her name was Mrs Walton from Hoyland. She was very strict and had a ruler which she used to bang your knuckles with if you played something wrong! I was a good pupil so it didn't happen to me that often! You had to pay for your music books which were quite expensive. I never took any exams with her (can't remember why not). But the piano exams were the A.B.R.S.M (Associated Board of the Royal School of Music) exams, just like they are now, don't thing they've changed much in 50 years. I took some exams later on when I was in my thirties. Hope this helps with the writing of your book. Stewart
  10. Joeycrew

    Recommendations for 2nd hand guitar

    Go to a music shop with an experienced guitarist, and follow his advise.
  11. I'm entering the Euro-vision Song Contest and need someone to create a (silent) video for me. I have no experience in video making. The song is 3 exactly minutes long. I need it really quickly within 2 weeks. I've a great song which would win the competition if entered! I'll send the story line to anyone seriously interested. Won't be able to pay you, but will include you in the credits. This is a genuine request.
  12. Joeycrew

    Digital piano repair

    Rich Tone gave me the phone number of a bloke who could repair . . But managed to fix broken key myself . . It wasn't that difficult. Stewart
  13. Joeycrew

    Digital piano repair

    Anyone know anybody who can give me some advice on how to replace a broken black key on my Yamaha P60?
  14. Joeycrew

    Drum machine to synthetic via midi

    If your new to all this the first thing to check is both devices are on the same midi channel?
  15. Joeycrew

    Keyboard Player Looking for a Band . .

    Sent you an email Steve . .

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