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  1. Hello I'm looking for a private health care place where they could do all my test (the basics, blood, vitamins and if nowt is missing). Thanks
  2. I'm looking for some physio/acupuncture person to loosen up my jaws muscles. Can anyone recommend someone? Thanks
  3. Hello Can anyone recommend some garages or shops that could re-do completely my car audio system and silencing my car? It needs refitting all doors panels with new pins and also putting the silencing mats. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks Its just I saw few years ago somebody on here offering such service and therefore I've decided to give it a shot. Thanks will look up that website.
  5. Hello Im looking for a personal trainer who also could teach muay thai. Looking for 2-3 sessions per week. Only people with qualifications please. If you would speak polish that would be a large positive altough its not necessary as Im speaking English without any problems. Thanks Matt ---------- Post added 03-10-2018 at 20:08 ---------- Anyone? Just bumping
  6. Yep, I think you're right it says on mine - 12/07/2017 Sorry to keep on asking for more advice as I think you all were very helpful as far as now, but with that date registering me as a new keeper on the DVLA, could I try to use this as my defense? Or will that not help at all?
  7. Thanks, for your constructive reply. I understand where are you coming from with the court being a stressful situation etc, but isn't it about what people should do? Because if we all go the way "Ehh, it's too much stress and I'm not bother, better pay off the fine and watch some Jeremy Kyle instead" wont the law be upon us? As they will know that they can do whatever they want with us cause we all pay as we don't give a fuss about going to the court. Maybe it's just my point of view, but I don't like who the public service is making mistakes, tell you to pay something you shouldn't (not especially THIS case) because they know that we are getting weak. I'm trying to find on my V5C where is the date showing up that DVLA registered me as the owner - can anybody help where to look for it? Like I said, I'm fine to pay the £100 but not fine with the 3 points. Ta
  8. OK, since the topic cooled down I just wanted to ask if there is any way I can get away with the 3 points? I'm fine with paying the fine as the car is registered under my name, I made a mistake by not making records on who is driving the car (even if the drivers can swap the car between them self every 15-20min) and is there a way I can receive only the £100 fine? I've already send a letter to the police station providing all the information that I've provided here, without filling in the drivers details form (simply because I don't know). P.S. already registered at pepipoo.
  9. It's up to the point where I don't know who was driving the car at the moment of the ticker being issued as it was 4 months ago and they didn't even send me a copy of the camera taking the picture of the person who was driving it. The car is a company car and also being used be few members of the family, so after 4 months it's hard to remember or to investigate who was behind the wheel on that date and particularly at that time. Since the car is registered under my name that's why I know at the end it's gonna be me who will receive the ticket. I'm not trying to get away with anything, I just want to ask if I have any rights to defend my self. I can't believe who you people are so easy to throw rocks at people, when probably most of you is doing some speeding at some point in your day/week/month.
  10. Jesus, I just love how everybody in here acting like you've never done anything wrong. Oh my I've done 37 on a 30. Stone me and burn me for this outrageous sin that I have made. "Don't go over the limit in a 30 zone" - wow, thanks Sherlock, I would never thought about this if it wasn't for you. Yes, I was asking for an advice if I can dispute it, sorry I didn't make it more clear. Why do you guys feel the need to act like the Holy Praise who will share his very "wise" advise that brings completely nothing in to what I was asking about?
  11. I've received a speeding ticket on the date of 28.02.2018 for doing 37mph on a 30mph road on the date of 28.10.2017. I've read that I need to receive the ticket within 14 days of the days of the incident for it to be valid. I went today to the Police Station to ask what can be done about it and the lady from the reception found my file and said that it was sent to the previous owner (as I bought the car on the 14.10.2017) and that it took em so long to send it back to me and that I still have to show the persons that was driving the car on that date. So in conclusion; 14.10.2017 - bought the car 28.10.2017 - went 7mph over the speed limit 28.02.2018 - received the ticket Thank you EDIT: for those <removed> who don't understand this post - Can I dispute this ticket ? Thank you.
  12. Hi there Does anybody know any basketball parks in the area of sheff/rother? I've manage to find one in rother at Cliffton Park and one in High Hazels Park (which is completely rubbish), but was wondering does anybody know any decent ones? It's a shame that this sport is so unpopular here in UK therefore it's hard to find a nice court. Thank you guys, mattcbr
  13. Thanks thats what Im doing right now. Will see whos gonna win. Let the fight begin
  14. Hi, Do you know maybe a website like comparethe market or gocompare for parcels? I'm starting soon my business and I will need a contracted courier for roughly 100parcels on the beginning. I've searched on google under courier comparisons but nothing sensible is popping out. Anyone has any advice? Thanks
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