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  1. humm .. with jokes like that i would call the police
  2. Just walked passed noodle inn on london road and the whole area has been shut down with police and fire engines.. anyone any ideas whats gone on?
  3. Hi all, Its the last day for me to get this - i know unorganised but does anyone know where i could get someone (for their birthday) - a home making wine kit. The one on woodseats is closed today
  4. Recently went to Zeugma and really enjoyed the food, now want to try and make my own. Does anyone know where i might get some flatbread and flafel in the abbeydale road area. Tesco don't have any falafel and their flat bread is either garlic or tomato ...
  5. Sounds intersting but what is the £1 charge for?
  6. has anyone done an undergradutate engineering practical lab which is designed to test the strength of materials or find the youngs modulus etc? Such as a tensile test? Basically i'm interested in designing an experiment so any help would really be welcome!!
  7. Neither can I, well angry at that!!!! Stupid woman who just said, no we aren't showing it when there obviously were!!! grrr anyway.. well done dubs.. was a really good game!
  8. I just gave them a call and they said they aren't showing it?!?!
  9. I just phoned them and they said no they aren't :S didn't seem to happy about me asking either!!
  10. Today I found out that a homographs is a word that share the same spelling, irrespective of their pronunciation. I've thought for a bit and found ... Bow - A tie on a girls hair, robin hoods choice of weapon, front of boat, lean forward that's four meanings with only one word!!! anyone top that?
  11. Does anyone know what is the building near the bus station that is on stilts.. or at least held up by them? As you walk from say ponds forge tram stop to the bus station its the big one your left / in front of you? it looks quite old but the doors boarded up make it look like some kind of theatre?
  12. there is proper uni research on zombie infection rates... http://www.mathstat.uottawa.ca/~rsmith/Zombies.pdf And write it your own code in the back to help you work out if you're doomed or not!
  13. I think if someone in a restaurant offered me water they meant tap water unless otherwise specified!
  14. WE're knights of the round table.. we dance when ever we're able!
  15. I don't want any of this to be towards bus drivers ... you guys do a good job and aren't to blame at all, its your job to wait as that is what you are told!! I completely understand that buses can be late due to traffic, but when every day you seem to wait, can't someone somewhere just take off the extra 3/5 mins on the route so that you can go faster!?! Also having extra buses at mid-term and having to wait for non existant school kids to show up was a bit of a joke!
  16. Has anyone experienced getting on a bus, and having to wait 5mins at every bus stop as he has got there too early?!? If they all do that then why do i keep seeing 3 or 4 51's and 76's bunched together?!?!
  17. Yeah its just their magnetic lock... they have some metal on the road and the wheels have some magnets that get attracted to it and brake the wheels as you go past... I do love the use of the word "facility" though... makes tesco sound really sinister!
  18. Does anyone know of a book club along abbeydale road (say broadfield area)? If not does anyone fancy coming to one if it was set up?
  19. my cup of tea cup cushion my girlfriend
  20. Is it me.. or maybe i'm getting older..., but have companies stopped actually providing customer service which is satisfactory? Each person on the other end of the line seem pleasant enough and wants to help but the problem is (in my experience) that the person in customer service you talk to never seems not to be able to solve any problem directly and has to pass you onto someone from another department. Anyone else feel this or is it just me?
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