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  1. My Grandma used to say that one to me but instead of teacher said my name.😊
  2. Joto

    Happy Birthday Joto

    I did Cressida, lots of lovely gifts and cards from my daughter and grand-daughters, best of all them visiting me. Thank you Jane for my lovely Birthday card. xx
  3. Joto

    Happy Birthday Joto

    Thank you for the birthday greetings everyone. xx
  4. I live in Canada and the government is making it legal to buy marijuana this October. I live in an apartment and I'm hoping no one smokes pot in this building. At the bus stop folks who smoke, smoke up a storm before getting on the bus. Can you imagine stood with one or more people smoking pot? I'll probably get high while waiting for my bus, I'm a senior so it won't take much. My grandson said to our daughter that it can't be harmful if the government say it's okay to buy and smoke it. So the daughter wonders what kind of message are they sending our young folk.
  5. Joto

    Van runs down pedestrians in Toronto.

    I thought that too Jonny.
  6. Joto

    Van runs down pedestrians in Toronto.

    Taxman he was a loner apparently. School mates at the special needs school he used to attend said he never mixed with anybody and walked the hallways with his head down and making meowing sounds. I ask you what female would approach him if that's the kind of behaviour he used. He tried to join the army and couldn't hack it, he asked to leave after a couple of months, so instead got interested in incel. Who knows what would be next, Isis? sad really he just wanted to belong. He needed mental help a long time ago IMO.
  7. Joto

    Van runs down pedestrians in Toronto.

    I will apologize to tinfoil hat then Joker if that was his meaning. How he wrote it I understood it a different way altogether.
  8. Joto

    Van runs down pedestrians in Toronto.

    You are so wrong tinfoilhat. That cop was trained for in case something like this happened. Everyone here thinks the opposite of you, he was very brave and kept a cool head. The suspect told him he had a gun in his pocket to which the cop replied "I don't care." If he'd have fired his gun all that glass behind him would have shatter and maimed and killed several more people. You should read about what actually did go down and watch the video too. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-43876772
  9. Joto

    Happy Birthday Joto

    Thank you for your birthday wishes all. xx
  10. You Are Not Alone - Michael Jackson
  11. Entertainment not to end recreation Sport
  12. Joto

    Tell us a Limerick (Part 9)

    What you need Padders is a good hobby Instead of exposing yourself in a lobby Clean out your head Go work in your shed Or your neighbours will send for the local bobby
  13. Joto

    Tell us a Limerick (Part 9)

    I keep on thinking about that image All I see is a little appendage A op might be needed to enhance I bet it's nothing like a lance Keep on dreaming before exposing that sausage.

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