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  1. Whose the celebrity? The checks in the mail Padders.
  2. I just couldn't resist, it's easy me being the last on here, in Canada we're 5 hours behind you. I can just picture you all snoring away.
  3. Hi scoobz, Yes I do believe we are related, I've only found out recently that it was spelt Steel not Steele. My Grandma always said it was with an e, maybe she thought it sounded posher spelt like that. I remember visiting aunt Annie and Uncle John when I was a little girl, they played cards together. My Grandma was left by her husband Joseph Theaker to raise 4 young children, my Dad being one of them. I have one or two Facebook friends who are descendants of the Steels, you could be one of them. Pm me your email address and I could send you a copy of an old photo of Grandma Steel and all her children.
  4. I don't mind fiction as long as it's realistic. Sometimes the character in a movie has super powers while fighting that no normal human being could possibly have. That's the type of movie I don't like but I didn't mind Ghost, perhaps because there were comedy elements to it too. What about musicals? Do you like those? I loved Grease for instance but people just don't burst out singing in the street for instance do they? Do you just mean on TV Pat?
  5. My son has just adopted two cats They're father and son how about that The son is very very naughty His father is quiet and haughty So when the son misbehaves he gets a big bat.
  6. Odd flavoured fruit eaten recently. Fruit
  7. Everybody likes boating on water Water
  8. Here's a little song I wrote You might want to sing it note for note Don't worry be happy....
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