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  1. For your information, the baptism records for this church are on line at Sheffieldindexers,com. 1874 to 1967.
  2. i think it may be an alarm or horn,siren. I'm going on the centre screw which is adjustable. The kind of thing is on vehicle horns.
  3. For your information, Beighton cemetery burials are now up on SheffieldIndexers.com fully searchable from 1930-1996.
  4. For your information the Marriage records are online at Sheffieldindexers.com. 1869-1994, many later records are not on Ancestry or Findmy past...yet.
  5. We were told today that a second offer has been made and the directors are going to London tomorrow. That's all i know.
  6. Last i heard of Stokes is 3 30 storey apartment blocks.
  7. Been in today Chelle, no luck.
  8. Dear Forum, Does anyone know where i can buy pin stripe trousers? I reckon i've checked everywhere in town and drawn a blank.:(
  9. If you type in your dvd player model in Google and 'region hack' you may conquer it.
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