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  1. A friend uses ancestry.com (or .co.uk). It's not free but every so often has free weekends. I've done some searching on the free weekends and my friend has had great success with ancestry for both herself and me.
  2. I've had sciatica since 2002 a physiotherapist suggested some pilates like exercises which helped a lot (sometimes I can hear and feel my spine clicking as I do the exercises). Over the last few weeks the sciatica has got worse so I mentioned it to a nurse practitioner at my GP surgery. She saw one of the GPs who gave me a quick examination and declared that I have now got damaged nerves but as the pilates usually works I should try doing them more often even when I haven't got any pain and get back to him in a month. I feel as if I'm being dismissed but will go back to see the GP and create if necessary.
  3. Hi Sammijayne Mr Evans did my first op in St Edwards in 1969. He then removed the rod, which had broken in 1973. I've been let to my own devices since then. By coincidence I saw a chiropodist yesterday about a toe nail problem. He helpfully pointed out other skeletal and tendon problems from my hips down. He said that often people with scoliosis have 1 leg shorter than the other but not in my case. However my stance is terrible with my knees bending backwards to compensate. He has given me heel lifts for my shoes to improve my stance.
  4. I was dragged kicking and screaming out of Sheffield in 1974 and it was over thirty years before I visited the city again. My how it had changed but not the people. They are still so helpful and friendly. OH and I were in Sheffield recently and loved it, every queue we stood in someone started chatting. When we visit Sheffield it's like putting an old comfy pair of slippers on. When retirement looms I'll move back if we can find the right place.
  5. I remember Mr Sellars. He was a great teacher, a bit off the wall but loads of patience with those less able than others.
  6. Ooops I thought it was the last letter not the last word. Silly me. ---------- Post added 16-07-2013 at 16:52 ---------- Paint your wagon...........Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood.
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