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  1. Actually I'm one of the happiest. I get happier every day that I see the opinion polls. http://www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/polls.html And even happier when the Corbynistas revert to insults as you know it's all they've got left. :hihi::hihi::hihi: And the best bit of course is that after Labour lose half their MPs in 2020, Corbyn probably won't stand down and you'll have him destroying the party until he dies of old age.
  2. Welcome back. Did you enjoy your enforced holiday? You do cling to the flimsiest straws don't you. But I suppose it's all you've got. :hihi:
  3. I know. Now here's the thing. A year ago the boundary changes were expected to gain the Tories around 22 seats and cost Labour about the same. It would have increased the Tory majority from 12 to 50. But of course that's all before Corbyn came to the fore. Now the Tories would win most of those seats anyhow. So the boundary changes might not actually make much difference. But of course if the Tories are smart they will approve the boundary changes to be implemented in time for the 2025 election. Why have 400 Tory MPs when you could have 426?
  4. But on the plus side folk are talking about Labour again. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/labour-would-lose-last-scottish-8542284#Te1BmJI43ffoFplb.97 Labour will lose their last MP in Scotland and 99 others if Jeremy Corbyn leads the party into a general election. That’s the finding of analysis which puts the Tories on course for a majority of 201, with Labour losing 99 seats in every part of the country. The study measured how people would vote if Theresa May calls a snap general election next spring. It suggests a uniform swing would leave the Tories on 426 seats (+95), Labour on 133 (-99), the SNP on 57 (+1), the Liberal Democrats on 10 (+2) and UKIP on 2 (+1). The figures are based on end-of month opinion polls published by ICM since Corbyn was elected last September. If current trends continue then by next May Labour could fall as low as 20 per cent, with the Tories 28 points ahead at 48 per cent.
  5. The assay office one has been done as well. Someone has nicked the assay office badge. I hope they can all be restored as they are to be auctioned off for the charity, and no one's goung to want a broken one. The Liverpool lambananas were mentioned earlier. They are a great tourist attraction, and Scoucers are proud of them. They don't seem to get vandalised despite being around for years. If my memory serves they too were auctioned for charity and most were bought and returned to the streets.
  6. No, but my live body thinks it is more likely to remain as a live body if the guy intending that first strike thinks he'll get the same back.
  7. I wonder if not being given Champagne on the podium accounts for Ferrari's damatic lack of podium finishes?
  8. Actually disagreeing with you is the biggest indication that he's right. :hihi:
  9. I lived on the coast and it tended to be twice, but I take your point. The Humber takes a massive amout of water to the estuary. A barrier with a lock would also provide flood defence.
  10. And he was correct of course. ---------- Post added 01-08-2016 at 13:26 ---------- I fully understand deterence. Do you understand irony?
  11. What was the point of wasting money fitting a high security alarm, cameras and locks on our house when no one has attempted to burgle us?
  12. Worst case senario is that we might have to dig Ferry Bridge out of moth balls and start burning coal or old pallets to generate the odd megawatt.
  13. Putting it to the Germans today in Hockenheim UK drivers wins GP1 UK drivers wins GP2 UK drivers wins GP3 I think they are getting fed up with hearing National Anthem.
  14. I'm not sure that you have quite grasped the concept of a deterent. The enemy who may use nuclear weapons needs to be in no doubt that in the event of them making a nuclear attack on us, we would respond by firing off everything we had in their direction. That would be revenge, or retaliation but that is what the deterent is. Having a "deterent" that you won't use as retaliation is no deterent whatsoever.
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