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  1. Real Chart update....................uk singles chart..........CLASSIFIED ENTRY...... as of 27 Jan 2008.... Ringo Starr 'Liverpool 8' has fallen from 27 to 54.... Enter date 13 Jan... Highest position No 7.... Total sales 110,000 so far and counting.... Classified don't tell Ringo or anyone else..... Dater terminated.....
  2. Never herd of the loo story before (was there 65 to 71) I remember girls taking boys in the upper yard toilets. Just can't remember what they did to me
  3. Bains Yorkshire a directory for 1822 lists Ward William, Jobsmith & Engineer, at 17 Broad Street Park. Also some of them might be burried outside the area of the Park at Gleadless Church. There is also a John Samuel Ward and his family at Intake Cem. He was connected with the church at Intake and probaly the Park 'Wards' lot. I can give the details on him if you need it.
  4. Do you know that there was an open air swimming pool at Bowden Woods, it was uncovered when the built the Mosborough Parkway. Also try Sheffield Growth of a City by H Keeble Hawson Try 'Manor and Woodthorpe Review' it might have something on the baths at Woodthorpe. All in LS.
  5. There was no pit on the Pipworth site, the nearest would be over where Manor Park Center is. Maybe they used it to level the field or perhaps natural. By the way if you dig up coal in your back garden on in this area it belongs to (I think) the ancestors of The Nunnery Colliery, or the NCB, or whatever it is now.
  6. Better off Ask Richard Branson he fiddle his tax or read his book
  7. Your Quick I was still editing it! NO I'm saying that a choice has to be made from bitting the hand that feeds you and revenge. It's his choice the bloke that saw the person possibly working. I would make sure first in his case. No I would not report him myself, the system is open to abuse because it's wrong.
  8. Bang them up in prison then. Only build them first! Raise the Council Tax and Income Tax put VAT on food to pay for the costs and to pay for the Social Workers for the family of the man in prison and the new prison, built to EEC standards of course! Employ more call centre staff, to deal with the hotline, they must be overworked if the adverts are working. Chase people who claim the JSA and the others, use the police, do they need to chase rapists? And put more money in the court system so some judge can laugh at the working class. Chop his finger off. they used to do it in the past. They use to put a big P (on you) for pauper for being poor, sugest bring it back to some tory MP. Hanging true story.. Pickpocket being hanged in London, he dies, but the judge watching had his watch nicked!
  9. Yes and Jobcentre staff abide by the rules. Hypocrite
  10. What's going on? There's now 3 Hurlfield threads running in the first two pages all about the same thing I'm getting confused now? Can someone sort out this mess and close any that seem to be dead?
  11. Have just watched the German top 100 on Viva and Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love is a new entry at number one in Germany.
  12. I was being a bit sarcastic, the forumers might have to get use to that from me from time to time! Anyway the reply thing hadn't got one of these to put on! Your dead lucky with the replies to your threads some already on the Wards. When I do them sod all:cry: Except Bus seats!
  13. Was Mr Lancaster there when you went? Do any other pre 1973 leavers remember him?
  14. Something that didn't do me any good was catching Scarlet Fever from a Ladybird Book of Trains. I was allowed to take it home, but the last kid that had it was sick. When the School found out I was ill, they sent a big van and two blokes in protective clothing came to our door, made my mum pop it in a plastic bag and then they chucked it in the back of the van!
  15. Hope you lot don't mean me! If you care to check my public profile you will see that I am historian. The local studies is great. I've been going there since 1978, researching Sheffield Park and the Parish of Handsworth. So I should know more than most people. But there are a lot more rules now in there and many Local Historians will tell you that they have been looking for a picture of something for years and somebody they meet (who's never used LS before) shows them a picture they got from there, that the Local historian has never seen before. That Wards I know nothing about, because it doesn't fall in the area. Incidently a picture of the Slag Heap at Manor Top is on there web site and that wasn't in the box of photo's for Manor! (case in point).
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