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  1. my first car was a 1963 ford consul classic similar design to the ford anglia but a little bigger had no engine to begin with but soon aquired one then i was on my way not bad for free
  2. i have read though all the replies and no-one has mentioned old hurlfield school teachers there was eric hartley (re) brian standing (tech. drawing ) mr. evens (art) mr. sergent (metal work) mr bromby (pe, deceased) these are five teachers that i really looked up too in the time i was at hurlfield 64/69
  3. used to go in the arundel club when i was younger my dad frank was the drummer there for almost 45 years does anyone remember green carnation they won the clubland award god knows how many times along with mainstream, it used to be a battle of the two bands every year to see who was going to win. there was also a duo that used to be there on a regular basis the guy played guitar very much like hank marvin(shadows) she dressed up in silly outfits one more offten than others a babys nappy & bonnet but their name fails me a the moment.
  4. remember all the teachers that have been named with great fondness one teacher not named is the late mr bromby pe teacher get hit with the football in the lower regions he would say count them don't feel them
  5. I used to go on the trips with the arundel club when I was a kid got my tickets for virtually nothing as my dad used to be the drummer and my granddad was on the committee had some great times back in the 60's all queing up at the back of the club waiting for your coach to turn up and tring not to get on the same one as your mother, we used to get a pound to spend, a bottle of vimto and as many bags of crisps as we wanted.
  6. my first motorbike was a handmedown royal enfield 150cc bit of a ****heap but soon restored it but never got chance to ride it (was too young) my first road bike was a francis barnet 2T 250cc twin two stroke would never kick start on cold mornings always had to warm spark plugs on gas then bump start it, then upgraded to triuph bonneville 650cc with a few other bikes in between such as triumph tiger cub,bsa bantom, ariel leader (such fun to ride with all the paniers on.
  7. the one thing that annoys me whilst i'm driving is these people that don't know how long or wide thier cars are so they sit and wait for oncoming traffic to pass before they decide to procede the gap may be large enough for two cars or a bus and a car but they still wait
  8. the manor estate has gone to rack and ruin over the past 20 or so years i lived there from 1953 to 1974 and it was a real pleasure to be part of the community you could actually go out and leave your door unlocked and know everything would be alright when you got home, my mum & dad lived in the same house for over 40 years and were never burgled or mugged not until the houses were pulled down and were forced to move. the place they were moved to was the real scum area of the manor with drug addicts wineoes uncouth and demented school kids hanging round the place all the time this included when they should have been in school some of these said school hooligans contributed to my fathers death and made my mothers lonely life a living hell until her death 2 months ago. so don't anyone say the manor is not as bad as it seems the houses may be new but the trouble and the hooligans are old and habitual
  9. born and bred in sheffield, manor for 21 years then norfolk park,stannington,southey green then back to norfolk park for the last 20 years
  10. a quick reply to elaine, i went to hurlfield boys school early 60's but do not remember any of the houses you mentioned we were just called intelligent, clever, stupid or just plain dumb
  11. at my old primary school we had houses,red (st.george) blue(st .andrew) green (st. patrick) yellow(st.david) the school was standhouse queen mary road manor estate.
  12. according to my old history teacher there are tunnels linking the old manor lodge to the old manor castle which if i am not mistaken used to stand somewhere around the esso petrol station on blonk street (lady's bridge) the bridge was called lady's due mary queen of scots being transported from there to the lodge and back again daily throughout her inprisonment.
  13. i used to go to the manor pictures every saturday before it closed and became challenge then it became gateway now it is somerfields
  14. hi tosh13 i have just read that you used to live at number 43 fitzhubert road i used to live at number 125 my dad used to play the drums at the arundel exservicemans club
  15. hi vhopkinson i am the one who used to do my courting at the back of the manor hotel where the offsales used to be in the late 60's i used to live at 125 fitzhubert road my name is andy martin don't know if you remember me or not maybe before your time eh?
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