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  1. For a start, I'd suggest the Fox House Inn which is situated just in the Peak District on the Sheffield to Hathersage Road. On the way out of Sheffield you will pass The Dore Moor Inn. They also do a very meal. In fact most pubs locally do. Welcome to Sheffield and I hope that you settle down. Instead of the Beer and Football give them a miss and start enjoying the lovely walking country at your leisure. You'll then be able to afford to forget the driving and use a taxi letting someone else do the worrying.
  2. I've got a photograph of myself walking up Jacb's ladder. i'LL fish it out, Scan it and put a link to it so the path can be compared with today. A few years ago. If you went over to the Snake, Old Mr Townsend would be awaiting you but with out Coffee and Biscuits. Only Fist as thick as your thigh!!
  3. Within realistic editorial boundaries everyone can and do express opinion's un-vetted on here. Obviously a moderator as a guide to work to, So on odd occasion's someone has a bit of hard luck. All part of the game.
  4. It is only reflecting a persons perception of democracy. Actually most of those actively involved with the Lib Dems re-act like this I find !!
  5. It is only reflecting a persons perception of democracy. Actually most of those actively involved with the Lib Dems re-act like this I find !!
  6. I can remember people being re-housed from around Little London Place and going to live on the Low Edges around 1964? or 1969. At that time they thought that the estate was a wonderful place to live and I would think it would have been hard to obtain a tenancy at that time. I believe a great mistake was eventually made by stopping the collection of rents at the tenants doorways because this contact with the housing officer enabled the conveyance of problems direct to the local housing manager via the rent officer. These days, The problems are filtered through someone who works in a area office. Often they are not concerned or particularly interested in matters that does not concern themselves. I have complained about a wrong co loured tile that is fixed as a replacement, to the roof of lock up garages close to where I live. Nothing is done or will be done, because those receiving the complaint do not live near bye. This is also one reason, why shortly, most people who work for Sheffield Homes Ltd. Will be made redundant when their jobs are transfered to someone who is concerned.
  7. I would think that really is the best water fall to visit especially if the visitor is not fully equipped. On the other side of Kinder it can be very nasty if the weather changes as it does rapidly at this time of the year. But to see the downfall in its full glory. It is best to wait and go after it as rained hard for a week or so. What the footpaths are like these days up their, these days, makes me quiver. In my day they were like grassed sheep tracks. Twenty yards over the top and onto Kinder and you could easily loose your way. It is not many years ago since a lad got lost and died at Fairbrook Naz.
  8. Can he recollect a short time-trial that was held, Its route being. Start from the Peewitt -Round the Roundabout at Owler Bar (The Peacock) - Back past café up and to the Bottom of the hill at Holmesfield. - Then back up the hill to finish at the café. --- ( And being No good for Woman or beast and glad it was mostly down hill the way back home ).
  9. In the fifties I can remember a Café called the ' Pewitt ' between Holmesfield and The Peacock. Owler Bar. Though Ramblers usually coming up from the Cordwell Valley called, mainly it was the last stop for Cyclist after a day out in the Peak District. I believe some cycling clubs met at the cafe during week day evenings to plan runs. I also believe in years gone bye that Coal, mined in the Dronfield area & locally was transported from the Pewitt out to the Hope Valley. Has anyone got memory's of it?
  10. I'm fully aware of that. What I am seeking is information about the Sheffield section of the proposed road route, especially the ' island in the sky roundabout ' between Dore & Totley. If you look at a road map and cast your eye across from the top of Whirlowdale Road to the bend on Baslow Road, just above the Totley Brick Works to Owler Bar. You'll note that part of the 'Z' bend at the top of Bushywood Road, Bushywood Grove, the foot path between the schools, two dwellings on Furness Ave and the section of Totley Brook Road above King Egbert's School have been built fairly recently. Had the highway been built they would not now exist. I believe that the Entrance to King Ecgberts' School. Would have been from a entrance halfway along Totley Brook Road and what is now called Granville College would have been built where the Totley Brook Estate is now situated. This estate being built in 1973 - 76. Would now be where the College is now at the bottom of Granville Road. The first pupils attending King Ecgberts' School, which I believe was 'Girls Only ' initially, may be able to supply the school bus arrangements in the very early days of the school.
  11. I'm more interested in facts - Thank you. From more recent memory I'm minded to believe that I read again about this a few years ago in a article published either in the local publication Dore to Roor or the Totley Independent Probably ' Dick ' could enlighten others.
  12. First. I'm very pleased to read your post and realise that you are back. If you can cast your mind back. The section that would have been built between Dore and the Brickworks at Totley / Owler Bar. Would have in-corporated a raised road island with roads exiting to Dore, Totley, a proposed new Totley College and King Egbert School. I believe newspaper's daubed it, ' The Island in the Sky '. The roadway heating, would be the heat that would have fed the new College but surplus to requirements during the night time. I'm minded to believe that a similar Heat & Power project situated in Manchester, would have linked up. ( I hope that I have not trod on anyone's toes with this one !! )
  13. In the late 1940s early 1950s a Trans-Pennine all year & weather road from Sheffield to Manchester was planned to be built between Sheffield and Manchester. The road would have been kept snow or frost free by the road surface being heated using excess heat, transported via pipework, from the Burnard Road, Sheffield Heat & Power system that was being designed to burn the rubbish from the entire city to included Rotherham,Doncaster and other area's whose Councils were members of the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire. ( Irvine Patnick Conservative MPs. term) I believe that its route would go from Eccelsall Road, South leaving at top of Whirlowdale Road, cutting across fields to just below Dore village then via a raised Island across the valley to the Pickford Holland Brickworks on Baslow Road, up to Owler Bar then Across Big Moor to Curbar Gap, down to Carver then via Stoney Middleton and out to Peak Forest and Manchester. Has anyone any further details please?
  14. I'm not interested in politicising this very serious matter of pot holes, simply because they can be and are, dangerous to everyone. If you trip-up and you fall, it does not matter if you vote vote Conservative, Green, Labour or Liberal Democrat the chances are that you will be hurt. It is about time they were all filled in even if it makes our roads look like a draught board. Today on Totley Brook Road - Furniss Ave many of them were filled in. I would like to add that the two men from Street-Force worked as a good team and worked very hard also.
  15. I'll come on this trip!! I would like to suggest that those who would share a cycle should be invited also. Whilst some walk two miles along the trail the ones who are cycling could go in front for a couple of mile further then return to those who are walking to exchange places. Etc. Those who'd like to climb up to see the waterfalls ( I'll give a grid Ref soon) could do that whilst the others are on the trail. Eight miles along the trail, Four out and Four back would be enough at this time of the year. It would also afford extra time for those up on the hillside to get down in time I've got a spare ladies cycle, two if my wife doesn't want to peddle. Would you pick a nice warm, clear sunny day please?
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