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  1. That's too bad, I'm sure they would have turned in their guns right away
  2. I though guns were outlawed over there anyhow
  3. Yes but two shooting within a few weeks in a small place like Sheffield.
  4. They never intended to shoot anyone after they've been caught.
  5. I hate to repeat myself also, if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.
  6. I referred to it as scotch tape.
  7. Yes but why shoot at them, place looked like it was already aflame , could be a disgruntled fire fighter too, too bad he's dead though, now they might never know.
  8. Seems the shooter set the fire himself to trap the f fighters, he's dead also.
  9. Yes it does make a BIG difference to the family's eventually.
  10. It says one fire fighter got away in his car, makes me think they were all volunteers .
  11. Another sad Christmas for more family's ,awful .
  12. That's right I was getting ahead of myself, I forgot the OPs still trying to find the opening
  13. I think he is, I didn't mean to get so many knickers in a twist by forgetting to add a smily, I just though people would "get" it, but I was wrong
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