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  1. Armin, If your looking at the Tippmann range i'd rather go for a tippy A4 rather than the 98. I personlly don't like either but i've owed both the 98 and the A4 and I prefered the A4 by a long way. OOO and another oppertunity to boast about my Evo Cocker :P -Paul-
  2. It could well be breath, but it appreas as if the 'smoke' is coming in from 2 directions, bottom left and right -Paul-
  3. Anyone any ideas as for the dates for Concord or Westfield baths? Cheers, -Paul-
  4. From the research that I have carried, i've found that Hillsborough baths opened 1929 and closed in 1991. Then the Hillsborough Leisure Center was built initially for the world student games in 1991, and is still open today. -Paul-
  5. I've just updated the dates. Thanks to everyone who has helped so far! -Paul-
  6. Thanks everyone for your replys so far. I'm so busy at the moment I don't have time to update the post with the dates just yet but I will do as soon as a get a free minute! Yes, I saw this on Calender News last night. Looks kinda classy in there! -Paul-
  7. Ahh ok cheers Jayne, i'll go check that out. Im not originaly from Sheffield so i'm not to sure of my history! -Paul-
  8. I am researching the swimming pools in sheffield from 1879 to the present day for part of a project going towards my A-Level in Geography. I have been down to the local studies libary and got quite a bit of info from there but now i'm stuck and pleading for help! If you can provide any of the missing info in the list of swimming pools below I would be VERY greatful! Thank-you! Attercliffe: 1879 - 1981 Corporation Street: 1879 - 1962 Upperthorpe: 1896 - present Glossop Road 1st: 1896 - 1991 Glossop Road Ladies: 1898 - 1991 Brightside: 1899 - 1964 Park: 1899 - 1989 Heeley: 1909 - present Rivelin Valley: 1909 - 1939 Glossop Road Mens: 1912 - 1991 Hillsborough: 1929 - 1991 Sutherland Road: 1964 - ??? Chappel Town: 1950s/60s - present Concord: ??? - ??? Graves: 1991 - present (1962 - present ~ rowlingson baths) Hillsborough Leisure Center: 1991 - present King Edwards: 1936 - present Ponds Forge: 1991 - present Springs: 1950s/60s - ??? Stocksbridge: 1970 - present (sports centre added in 1972) West Field: ??? - ??? Woodthorpe: 1938 - present Sheaf Valley: 1972 - 1991 Thanks, -Paul-
  9. I was never to keen on SWD's ground really, but Dronfields is quite a decent size. But there is the odd lost ball onto the train tracks with a decent swing!
  10. Played for Dronfield in the Derbyshire League, and SWD in the Sheffield Leauge. -Paul-
  11. I used to play for Derbyshire and in the local Derbyshire League. I also played in the Sheffield Sunday League for a while. No longer though... -Paul-
  12. Don't know if any of you heard it, but they talked about these very own SheffieldForum.co.uk on the show last night! -Paul-
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