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  1. Hi Already tried them - we have to have their DJ at an additional cost of £100 on top of the £100 the room will cost. Bearing in mind we have already been fleeced of £80 we had as a deposit at the George then we just can't afford it
  2. We were booked in at the George IV on Langsett Road but the Landlord has done one with all the deposits and cleared the brewery out too alledgedly, hence our problem. I know we aren't the only one's that have been let down but ... hey oh
  3. No kids will be going as it's a School Reunion - unless you count big kids that is Thanks for the suggestion but this one is a bit too much out of the way
  4. Just tried this one - unfortunately, they insist we have their DJ at an additional cost of £100 and it's already £100 for the room so that's out I'm afraid
  5. Hi To cut a very long and painful story short, I had an event booked for February 21st and I have been let down - basically the pub has closed without informing me and they very nicely buggered off with the £80.00 deposit I had paid too!! Can anyone please help, offer idea's etc.? I need the following: Function room pretty central in Sheffield but not necessarily town cente Will hold 150 people Will allow my own catering (this is already organised so is vital!) Minimum deposit/free use Adequate space for DJ and sound system Any help that could be offered will be greatly appreciated
  6. My thoughts exactly - to be honest I have lived in various areas of Sheffield and I have never heard a Sunday morning church bell session yet!!! A one off would be fine but every Sunday? Nah, no thanks. As for a call to prayer, if you feel the need to go then go, don't sit and wait for the invitation! I accept that people have their beliefs, whatever they may be but, just as they don't want my lack of beliefs imposing on them, I don't want their beliefs imposing on me. It does, contrary to popular "beliefs", work both ways..
  7. I was a Cultural Attaché which was in the main fun - and I had to put up with an armed bodyguard too!! He was lovely though, looked a bit like an Israeli Saddam Hussein and didn't speak that much English but I'm sure he went home knowing more than he arrived with - especially after the lecture I gave them all for doing a runner through Sheffield when we were trying to get them to Albion House to be accredited They wanted to go and see their team play basketball at Ponds Forge so legged it out of the emergency door of the coach we had them on........ in rush-hour traffic!!!
  8. That's the one!!!!!!!! Brilliant, thank you so much, I will now sleep again Now I can prove to my husband that I am not imagining things
  9. Not sure if anyone will be able to help but I have been mulling this one over for weeks now!!!! In the 80's sometime, there was a kids programme on that was based in a Childrens Home, it was a comedy-ish one, not the doom and gloom type. Anyway, the theme tune to the programme was Madness singing Our House. Can anyone remember what it was called?? I am beginning to think I dreamed the entire thing because no-one else seems to recall it
  10. My other half used to be in a band called Ritual Disguise and they played Take 2 and were filmed by Channel 4 for some "Youth of Today" type documentary back in '87. Like Ice, Like Fire also played the same gig.
  11. Hi My daughter had her 18th there last August and I am sorry to say that the whole event was marred by the fact that when we went to collect the platters etc. the following day, some things had been stolen. A couple of these things were only small and quite insignificant (an "18" helium balloon and a table centre-piece) but the other one was our digital camera which had, inadvertently, been left on the table with all the piled up plates etc. - the very place we had been told to leave stuff because it would be secure After searching, double and triple searching the gift bags etc. to make sure we hadn't just put it somewhere obscure, we reported it to the venue and, to be honest, they didn't seem that interested I tried forcing the issue and I was told that CCTV would be checked and they would get back to me (though how they would spot someone leaving with a camera in their pocket is beyond me!!) - that was August '07 and it is now January '08.......... no response so far
  12. Is that you DC or Mrs DC? You can come to the bash if you like WHEN I get a venue because it's a joint one for me and Geoff
  13. Hi I am looking for a venue for my 40th birthday party, to be held on Saturday April 12th. It will need to hold around 150-200 people and allow me to provide my own catering. Does anyone have any contact details or reviews of the above venues please? Any other ideas for venues and contact details would be appreciated? Many thanks
  14. Hi I am looking for a venue for my 40th birthday party which is to be held on Saturday April 12th. It will need to hold around 150-200 people and allow me to provide my own catering. Does anyone have any contact details or reviews of the above venues? Also, any other ideas and contact details would be appreciated? Many thanks
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