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  1. I dont have a wide band aerial and get Freeview with no problem.
  2. I used Highlander in a previous job and always found them to be very knowledgable and very helpful.
  3. Ive said before, and i'll say again: RT Valeting (http://www.rtvleting.co.uk) did a brilliant job on my car, and I was very impressed. Their attention to detail was second to none. They also do something called "detailing" but im not sure what thats about. It was only £50 for a full Valet on my Fiesta.
  4. Okidoki. No problem! Ive had a quick look on Fleebay and bought some from China for a fiver, so i'll see if these are any good and then perhaps buy some more!
  5. Ive been quoted £200 for supply and install by someone. I think that's a little steep, so im probably going to buy the LED's myself and then do some soldering!
  6. Oh im sorry - I didnt realise you were the thread police.
  7. I've read the entire thread thanks. There still seems to be some confusion from others about how things should be set up.
  8. I used RT Valeting (based in Barnsley) and the chap that came was brill. Really friendly and spent about 4 hours on the car. When he has finished it was like a new car! :-) http://www.rtvaleting.co.uk
  9. Hi guys I work in 2nd Line Broadband support so I can tell you how things sohuld be set up. In an ideal world, you should have your router plugged into the main BT socket in the house. Sometimes this isnt feasibile though. You should have an ADSL microfilter as the FIRST thing in any used socket, with the phone (or phone extension) in one side, and the DSL in the other. The only exception (i can think of) is if your phone AND your router are miles away from the socket, in which case you can have your extension cable as your first item in the socket, with the filter at the end, as long as you dont have any other devices in between. I usually recommend this website: http://www.kitz.co.uk/adsl/splitter_install.htm to customers having install problems, as Kitz is very knowledgable about Broadband.
  10. Connect the device to your compluter and use TomTom Home. Thats probably the best route, and you know you are getting the right stuff then.
  11. I dont want to chav up my car. I simply need to light it with flashing warning lights.
  12. Just for clarification, this is the sort of thing I am trying to achieve: http://www.emergencyequipmentshop.co.uk/phpThumb.php?src=images/gallery/im502867_Rear2.JPG&w=550
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