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  1. dont know maiden name but do know she ended up living on the arbourthorne on atherton road just above my aunt most of the wicker families ended up on arbourthorne when they pulled their houses down Iwas talking to my sister today and she said another of lilians sisters also lived on atherton road but she cant remember her name
  2. falls and chow chow my mother and sisters attended that school their name was wright they also got married at holy trinity church i think they knew lilian dawson as the name seems familiar
  3. i remember my mum had one in the drawer of her dressing table when i was little it was my brothers who was born in 1942 it used to terrify me i remember putting it on my head and gasping for breath however they expected babies to wear them i dont know
  4. my mother in law worked there she delivered milk along with her friend connie by horse and cart
  5. i miss it too as my mum worked there and she used to get a free pass for being one of their employers which meant i got to see some great films for nothing
  6. my mother-in-law worked there in the sixties her name was emma bridges
  7. hi hillsbro your memory is better than mine thanks for the scan i remember the butchers .When i was about 14 our class was due to have a science lesson mr bedall our science teacher wanted a couple of bulls eyes to cut up .Me and a couple of other schoolpals volenteered to fetch some from that particular butcher.He gave them to us in a brown paper bag.Our curiosity getting the better of us we decided to go and sit in the shelter at top of manor and look at them.On looking in the bag we all gave a scream and non of us wanted to carry them back to school we made the decision to throw them under the bench in the shelter and tell our teacher the butcher hadnt got any.Thus making sure we werent going to handle them again.I shudder to think what happened when an unsuspecting person went to clean out the shelter and found the bag of bulls eyes ah happy days
  8. Can anyone remember the old shopss on the manortop and what a good selection there was.I can recall Barnards sweet and toy shops with an hairdressers above and next to that was goodinsons fruitshop georgie goodinson was in my class in the juniors at prince edwards school .Across the road was the chippy and next to that was the elmtree bakery.I can remember going in there for a pennyworth of icecream soda and a penny ice lolly which we use to dip into it.Also we got penny hovis loaves.Across the roundabout i can remember Hibberts sweet shop where we got chocksticks from i think the chemist was next to that where it is now.There was the jennel then next to that manor pictures .After the pictures came beryls drapery shop.There was a few more leading down to eastern avenue but my memory after fifty odd years somehow is letting me down
  9. jada2206 hello who was your mother was she called sylvia
  10. chiefwiggum will you tell our elaine everyones ok i have just become a nannan again for the second time rosie leah was born 3 months ago .Has she any more granchildren,I know she has at least one.will you tell her sandra is now a great grandma and is due to be another one in about 4 weeks time regards christine
  11. i worked there about 68 my best friend also her name was lorraine moffat i worked on the drapery dept i seem to remember mrs woods mrs waterhouse mrs goodlad and quite a few more i think a lot of them might be gone now mr yeardley was the boss on drapery i can rember having to make his tea and he would only have it in a pot teapot.Ihad to make it and carry it down the stairs from the staff room there was an old lady who used to clean the room but i think it would have been condemed if health and safety was as strict then as it is today.I can rember them making me and lorraine climb up a really big ladder and clean the lamp shades while the lights were still on oh happy days
  12. to chiefwiggum jim and flo thorpe were my aunt y and uncle flo was my dads sister our elaine and alan had a double wedding and me and my sister were there bridesmaids havnt seen our elaine since my mums funeral 7 years ago say hello to her next time you see her tell her its christine
  13. imwrote in my earlier post winnie and my late mum were good friends they orked together at the odeon and also went out socially together with their husbands i now know that karen and carl who i work with are also related to winnie
  14. can anyone tell me whats happening to the premises that once was the old premises foe plastercene fireplace makers.I walked passed it the other day there was hammering and banging going on inside
  15. my grandad was a tram driver in the 20s i can recall mumsaying something about he drove the first tram out of tinsley sheds or something to that effect sadly i could never ask him as he died 2 years before i was born and mum has passed away aswell so these are only vague memories
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