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  1. Well you may think it is free, but you will still have to pay for the running of the servuice, along with the other SYPTE tendered routes through your South Yorkshire Council Tax! mind you thank god we do not have the bus system that London has, nearly £400 per person, per year for the London buses just to run!
  2. But has said previously over the years on this forum, as soon as you go over the border the roads are perfect and pothole free also the traffic seems to move freely over the border compared to Sheffield.
  3. I think Sheffield may end up soon swallowing up Rotherham, just like Leeds have done with places like Wetherby & Otley etc, at leased Rotherham has urban boundaries where as Otley & Wetherby is quite a drive through countryside, it is like from Sheffield to Chesterfield!
  4. Just spotted that satman2222 - JTF SHEFFIELD Poplar Way, Catcliffe, Rotherham, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. S60 5TR TEL: 01709 373715 FAX: 01709 373716 hehe Another thing is that Sheffield seem to think that Waverley is in Sheffield, when in fact it is in no way related to Sheffield, not even like Aston with a Sheffield telephone number. Mind you I also hear Magna relate to themselves as now being in Templeborough, Rotherham, Sheffield hehe
  5. First the Sheffield Steelers decamp to Rotherham and it looks like Rotherham United could play at Don Valley Stadium, not from choice though. Last year I read a document where Rotherham Council virtually said they were a suburb of Sheffield and they've continued to call their area the "Sheffield City Region" ever since, something only one public sector organisation does and no other town in South Yorks does. To confirm it they commissioned Birmingham University to show how the two economies were entwined by jobs growth of 25% over ten years - twice as high as anywhere else regionally, although other towns in S Yorks acheived similiar growth. Rotherham is now also included in the Sheffield Urban Area (Greater Sheffield) which includes the main town of Rotherham, but does not include places in Sheffield such as Stocksbridge, Oughtibridge etc. The population of Greater Sheffield is around 641,000 EST. Do the folk of Rotherham see themselves as Sheffield then, like the council does and what do Sheffield folk think of this?
  6. There is to be a major renewal of tickets and the prices of the tickets along with new tickets being introduced, click on the link below for the full information, Source - http://www.travelsy.proboards75.com/index.cgi?board=buses&action=display&thread=1206039978 These will come into effect from this SUNDAY! I am surprised this has not being discussed on the forum, is this because no one knew or because the sun shine's out of Stagecoach's ar*e and because it's not First it has not appeared on the forum or on the front page of The Star! :rolleyes: So what do you think to the ticket changes by Stagecoach Yorkshire?
  7. The tram was going to go to the following places, Low Edges (via A61) Ranmoor (via Fulwood Road & Hallamshire Hospital) Hellaby (via Darnall, Waverley, Whiston, Wickersley & Bramley) Manvers (via Tinsley, Rotherham, Retail World, Rawmarsh, Kilnhurst & Swinton) Northern General Hospital (Spur from Hillsborough) Stannington (via Stannington Road, although this was rejected back when the Supertram was built, hence why the NIMBY's won and the tram now only goes to Malin Bridge and now they are moaning that Stannington needs the tram!) Dore (via the railway lines through Millhouse Park etc). They were all then scrapped and the last routes to be considered were these, Dore - Hellaby (2nd priority) Retail World to Ranmoor (1st priority) But these were then scrapped also by the government in favour of a bus based scheme, which is why there will be a new bus guideway scheme operating in South Yorkshire very soon running between Sheffield & Rotherham Parkgate on two routes (1 via Waverley & Parkway) (2 via Meadowhall) with 2 spurs with one linking Sheffield Business Park from Waverley & Meadowhall and the other linking South Rotherham from Rotherham Interchange to Rotherham General Hospital. These are likely to get the go ahead very soon and the first route (Sheffield to Retail World via Waverley should be operational by 2010 using brand new vehicles with new routes on segregated tracks for most of the route.) For more info on these routes I have come across this topic on another forum which includes maps and more info of the scheme in hand, http://www.travelsy.proboards75.com/index.cgi?board=buses&action=display&thread=1199915437&page=1
  8. Yes always has being and Rotherham Valley Country park is run and maintained by RMBC.
  9. There is no point really explaining these changes to your lot as you only seem to moan at things anyway, I will keep my information to myself.
  10. Well at leased you still had the tram think of those at Toll Bar which had no buses for months after Stagecoach abandoned them when they withdrew the number 62 service because it had not run for 3 weeks after the floods, luckily Arriva Yorkshire stepped in and they now have a bus service again.
  11. Did anyone see this on Calander on Friday Evening, The Sheffield Stealers are moving to there own new ground within the new YES project in Rotherham near to Wales Bar in just over 3 years time and because of the move to Rotherham they will be dropping 'Sheffield' from there name and may have a new name yet. What do you all think to this, is it a good move that they are going to there own purpose built stadium in Rotherham or should they still stay at the Arena?
  12. I love the way Sheffield are taking credit for this, as they have done with the Yes project and Waverley (all in ROTHERHAM!!!) It is in the Rotherham area as you may be able to tell the Parkway seems to be nice and smooth with nu pot holes until the railway bridge just before Handsworth of when Sheffield MBC area starts and aswell pot holes and poor signage etc. It will be placed just before the Railway bridge in Rotherham where there is currently a foot crossing over the parkway! at side of Waverley & the airport. I wonder how long it will be until Sheffield starts a compaign againt YES project again just like they did with Waverley and even Magna because they were just over the border in Rotherham and seem to be jelous of Rotherham at the minute due to areas such as Dinnington & Manvers with the regeneration sites etc.
  13. Below is the link which I have just found on google regarding all the latest bus cuts and changes in the South Yorkshire area, their are some major ones on their such as the 130/287 routes, and the 24 been withdrawn, but replaced with the 26, the 120 cut back to running until 9pm only, and the 132 renumbered the 32 etc. Link: http://www.travelsy.proboards75.com/index.cgi?board=busservices&action=display&thread=1199283618&pag
  14. A VERY BIG YES! everyone south of Yorkshire in most peoples eyes are posh (Midlands & South) compared to Yorkshire and the North.
  15. True, but it is 56 days, and has being for the past year or so now Silverknight. I can see where you are coming from, but i sadly can not see it working
  16. In South Yorkshire today, only the 707 and 294 are running, Trams (Special Blue & Yellow) and that's it. The only service on Christmas Day is the 707 bus service in South Doncaster.
  17. It would never work, even London has buses over 5 years old! Maybe a different approach is needed, but why do people think if the council/pte run the buses things would suddenly change?! Look at London, each resident has to folk out over £300 each just to keep the buses in London running, where as in South Yorkshire, the only time you pay for the buses is when you catch them!
  18. Yeah thats very good to hear, and the whole town centre is just one big redevlopment zone now for the £2 billion redevopment of the town centre. Try Retail World next time metalman, this is the new Rotherham Town Centre and as all the same shops just about as Meadowhall, but just as a retail park. The new high rise apartment blocks are now coming on near to the Nat West bank now at side of the river and soon the main Tescos will be demolished on the island and moved to Main Street.
  19. I thought it was illegal to take photos of CCTV cameras now due to terrorism etc? Also not sure about Sheffield but I know Rotherham Town Centre alone as 200 CCTV Cameras, and they are them what talk to you too, they are really good Their is many more in the main areas of Rotherham such as Kiveton park, Aston, Rawmarsh, Swinton, Kimberworth, East Dene and then ones in Council Estates. I know of most of the locations for the Rotherham ones, having worked on these for the past 5 years, before switching jobs and moving up to Leeds. In Sheffield unlike Rotherham most cameras are hidden and seem to ben on top of roofs, where as in Rotherham they are attached to lampposts and their own posts.
  20. Not sure why the last topic was deleted, Mods any help on this, as the other two topics are still up? Information: http://www.travelsy.proboards75.com/index.cgi?board=busservices&action=display&thread=1197390980 Basically from what I can see and what has been confirmed, it looks as though the 120 will now be finnishing at around 21:00 instead of 01:00.
  21. These were set back a few years now, and with people getting even *bigger* these figures can be wrong, as only yesterday on the X78 a woman at the back was taking up 3 seats!
  22. Link: http://www.travelsy.proboards75.com/index.cgi?board=busservices&action=display&thread=1197721048 It gives full details of the route changes that are due to happen to both of these routes at the end of January, and their is a lot of service changes, all are just about mentioned on that forum, but most are with Stagecoach in North Rotherham, not really any in Sheffield apart from the loss of the 287 route, which is to be replaced with a new 87 route between Maltby and Meadowhall only. More information is available here: http://www.travelsy.proboards75.com/index.cgi Look in the Bus Travel section, then in the Bus Routes section.
  23. Link: http://www.travelsy.proboards75.com/index.cgi?board=busservices&action=display&thread=1196965841 I thought this may be of interest to some of you, due to it not been placed on this forum.
  24. The 83/88 do not have a timetable change, they have a route change in Sheffield City Centre, see here: http://www.travelsy.proboards75.com/index.cgi?board=busservices&action=display&thread=1196965841
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