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  1. Hi is there a bus which stops outside the Brunswick retirement village, Station Road, Woodhouse which goes to Crystal Peaks? Thank you.
  2. Two abandoned cars have been dumped on private land. Council wont pick them up and car scrap companies are not interested. Is there anyone who coukd pick up and if so how much would it be. Thank you, S8 area.
  3. Hello Im paying 50 a month for a flat, 2 miles from Sheff city centre. It covers cutting of grass once a month in summer, building insurance and a little cleaning in the hallway every month. It also covers any repairs although it is always a battle to get anything repaired. Does £50 sound reasonable? If I was to dispute the service charge what is the best way to do this?. I have never signed an agreement, I have just been told I must pay it but it seems a lot for so little.
  4. Hi I noticed today that there is a wreath close to the large wooden bridge in Eckington woods. Does anyone know why it has been put there please?
  5. Hi Im not sure where you can get it repaired but if you fix it yourself dont use superglue. There is a glue called SupaFix which I use for fixing my remote contol cars and its best stuff ive used. Its sticks anything and stays stuck. Think Amazon sell it and Game shop in Meadowhall
  6. Does anyone know a company who can install a glass veranda room ( like a conservatory but all frame rather than a brick base) I can find companies down south who do this but cant find a company in or or around Sheffield. Thank you.
  7. I am wanting a company in or around Sheffield to install a frameless glass room. Does anyone know a company who does this please.
  8. Has anyone seen any offerers on Combi boilers? Wheres best place to buy in Sheffield? (Not interested in the British Gas offer of £400 off on trade in)
  9. Does anyone know who can repair oak floor boards which have shrunk, cracked and have large gaps between ? I have tried to repair them myself , filling them with glue and sawdust but it doesnt look good enough,would prefer to have them repaired professionally. Anyone had this done? Any recommendations please?
  10. Hi Does anyone know who actually sings the song "love never dies" on the Andrew Lloyd Webber dvd "Love Never Dies"? Thank you
  11. I have several family video tapes I would like to transfer to DVD and if possible edit out the out of focussed shots. Do anyone know who could do this please?
  12. I am wanting to buy ANTI SLIP GRIPPER STRIPS for my very slippy decking. I can buy it on the internet but would prefer to buy it in Sheffield. Do you know of any stockists? Thank you.
  13. Where can I buy a calendar of Sheffield please from local shop and not internet as I want it today.
  14. Thank you for your replies. I will go to the garden centre tomorrow.
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