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  1. Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone knew how much the 22 Magicbus route from Rotherham to Ventura was for a single? I seem to recall it was £5 for a weekly ticket on this service so assume it will be pretty cheap. Also, as I will be arriving into Rotherham from Sheffield on the train, does it stop anywhere else in Rotherham town centre apart from the bus station? Does anyone work at Ventura or the Manvers area and commute in from Sheffield and use the 22 Magicbus service? Can it be relied on even though its every 5-10 minutes during the daytime? Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. First have always been crap when compared to Stagecoach. Probably the reason why their 120s are always empty through Hackenthorpe where as you're always fighting for a seat on Stagecoach's. Stagecoach's buses are newer, more comfortable and warmer anyway.
  3. Was a right mess. Got caught up in it earlier. Doesn't look good on the traffic cameras http://www.sy-transport.co.uk/traffic/sheffield
  4. Retail world has always been the same, although this year the traffic doesn't seem to have been so bad, when contrasted to previous years. What realistically can the council do to combat this traffic problem?
  5. Any ideas on what bus services they are and how much it is for a return please? Will be travelling from either Manor Top or the city centre. Thankyou.
  6. There's already a list available online, Andy C posted it on the last page.
  7. Makes a change that all the major service changes dont really affect Hackenthorpe. Around this area I think its only the 49 thats been withdrawn and replaced with a reduced (hourly vs. half-hourly) Stagecoach 71 service to Killamarsh. At least they are leaving the 42 and 120 alone for a change. Why all the changes to bus stops in the city centre too?
  8. The scheme is now available to view in full online, though surprisingly not on the PTE website!! http://www.forum.sy-transport.co.uk/index.cgi?action=display&board=buses&thread=17745&page=2#220565 A hell of a lot of service reductions planned by the council and SYPTE, some areas losing their evening services like Birley or Hackenthorpe on the 42/44, or some areas losing their buses altogether like Psalters Lane, Grimesthorpe and Ringinglow. Why can't they just leave things alone! We've had all this before with Optio Orange last suummer. Once again SYPTE and the council try to step in and make things much worse for the passengers. Looks like the fares are going up too to pay for the scheme. Now going to be £17 for the week according to the link above, rather than £11 as I pay now with Stagecoach. Bloody typical!!!!
  9. You only have to look at the state that the 120 is now in (52 the same?) to realise that with their meddling we now have a much worse service than before. Wait until this Optio crap starts coming onto your route.
  10. I've tried looking at the Travel South Yorkshire site and it just keeps giving me a load of rubbish on their journey planning function on the home page and their Traveline system is either very short staffed or no one is picking up as I've tried three times now and I've never been any less than 15th in the queue. Anyway does anyone know the best practical and cheapest way of getting from Hackenthorpe (or Sheffield if no direct buses exist) to the Retail World shopping centre at Parkgate? Only thing slightly useful that I've found is a full bus network map, but it is a bit complicated and doesn't really provide much information on frequencies and none on fares available. Bus network map. Help?
  11. Well if its anything like what happened last summer with the 41/120 then god help us. There was nothing wrong with it before hand and then they went and messed everything up and confused a hell of a lot of passengers. So much for forward thinking and getting people onto buses. Am I right in thinking they actually want to reduce the amount of buses on the main services as we've already seen on the 120? Please dont let these take charge of our bus network as then we will end up with situations like the 120, 1 bus number/service with 4 different termini points (Halfway/Crystal Peaks/Hallamshire Hospital/Fulwood). What is the need for SYPTE? All they look to be doing is costing us more in our council tax for the same service that could be done inhouse within the council for a fraction of the cost?
  12. Well they had better get their services sorted out ASAP as many people are sick to the back teeth of them, I even thought First were bad but TM Travel are in a totally different league. At least First turn up and have pleasant drivers from time to time. If you wanted to take non running/constantly late buses up further, who is it you would speak to apart from SYPTE/TM Travel who either ignore your complaint or just fob you off with a bog standard letter? Surely there must be some other power that can investigate this consistant matter?
  13. Who do cyclists always see it as been themselves in the right? Last time I checked, a red light means stop not just continue to cycle through!
  14. This is bloody disgusting. The council ought to strip them of all their contracts for these services. Getting to be a regular thing with this bus company.
  15. Stumbled across this when reading on another forum and it sounds like a positive step forward, apparently according to newer posts made on that site they are just awaiting the treasury to sign it off in March and then the final plans and work can begin! Sounds very positive news for Sheffield on the whole. Original message: Update: Tram-Trains between Sheffield & Rotherham « Reply #126 on Jan 8, 2012, 7:28pm » -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few updates on the progression of the Tram-Trains scheme between Sheffield & Rotherham. 1) The route has now being formally chosen, and the service will operate from Cathedral to Parkgate, calling at all stops between Cathedral and Meadowhall South on the Supertram network, with two additional stops at Rotherham Central and Parkgate. There will be no stop at MAGNA, due to this being built directly on Network Rail land and also the need for a footbridge over the tracks, as Network Rail wont permit passenger level crossings on their main line network. 2) The new station at Parkgate has been chosen to be built at the side of the 'Eastwood Footbridge' with the enhancement of this bridge to become DDA compliant. This is also the main thoroughfare between Eastwood and Parkgate Shopping, so will open up the service to local residents from the Eastwood area. Due to land constraints, there may be no spur on this section of route, though this is still to be progressed. 3) The network will now be operated by Stagecoach Supertram as part of their current contract until March 2024, rather than Northern Rail. This means that all Supertram tickets will be accepted, and use of National Rail or Northern Rail tickets will not be permitted for use on the Tram-Trains service. 4) The vehicles will be stored at the Nunnery Square depot in Attercliffe, and following the announcement of 4 additional trams for the Supertram network, this will now be incorporated with the 5 vehicles required for use on the Tram-Trains service. However due to the combined nature of the routes, only 7 vehicles in total will be purchased now (if both schemes progress ahead as planned), therefore limiting the additional resources to work on 3 unit types, as opposed to 2 unit types. 5) The frequency will be every 20 minutes between Cathedral and Parkgate, 7 days a week. A detailed timetable would be completed closer to the time, and would not only have to take into account other Supertram workings, but also freight and passenger service workings on the Tinsley line. 6) Due to the 7 new vehicles having to work on both the Supertram and Tram-Trains service, they will be enhanced to ensure operational availability on both networks. The Tram-Train vehicles will be able to work on the entire network, although conventional Supertram vehicles will be restricted to the current network. This is all related to the wheels of the units and the heavy rail line between Tinsley and Parkgate believe it or not. 7) The total cost will be in the region of £55 million, and therefore the scheme will become a permanent fixture and extension to the Supertram network. The trial will progress for 2 years. It is expected from the outset that the trial will be a roaring success and could then be extended further in South Yorkshire (into the Dearne Valley for instance, or out to Dore/Totley) and elsewhere within the U.K. And there we have it, I believe I have covered everything that was needed to, to bring members up to date on the current state of the Tram-Trains project. Read more: http://www.forum.sy-transport.co.uk/index.cgi?board=supertram&action=display&thread=15890&page=9#ixzz1nVSxXkwr
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