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  1. Leah-lacie doesnt seem to have the sensitivity to understand or the humanity to understand. Her comments are insultive and uneducated in relation to this. Its so frustrating when people cant even see when educated how their comments can impact on others! I pity her and anyother person who thinks this is ok.
  2. Are you really this uneducated or just pretending?
  3. But some people do. So be more sensitive and read and take in what ive said in previous posts.
  4. The triggers are to blame actually in many cases.
  5. Do just let me clarify, if someone fits into size 8 jeans but thinks they are fat they are in idiot?
  6. If i ever have and didnt realise myself and someone pointed it out i would e very apologetic of it was something like body dysmophia for instance.
  7. Nice, so very nice. Glad i dont know people like you.
  8. Having helped with young women with body dysmophia these comments are actually a perfect trigger! Someone could be doing their hardest to recover, so avoiding buying magazines that focus on weight, avoiding thinsperational websites (go google this-its awful and we have been working for 12 years to get these stopped thankfully thy are now illegal!!) and generally avoiding dieting issues, they are browsing a forum about xfactor and see comments like this! This could send them back a step! If any of you cant see that now ive explained then i would seriously worry what sort of person you are.
  9. Some people will be able to keep it on longer than others just like normal nail varnish. Some days my normal varnish stays on 2-3 days sometimes its chipped in a couple of hours. Its durable to a certain degree but also everyones nails are different thats why gelish say 'will last up to......'
  10. She is allowed to say 'i think im fat' yes but not make a bold statement such as 'a size 14 is fat'
  11. The people reading it are real. MANY young girls suffer with weight issues and may come across this and yours and other peoples stupid comments and it maybe be a trigger to start with making themselves ill. Stop now.
  12. Size 14 isnt fat in my opinion. I wouldnt dare sit on here and call you fat and ugly but it seems alright for other people to call it someone else. What if a teenager reads your '14 is fat' comment? Think about it! Jesus!
  13. Im not saying he didnt find it funny, im saying he is a moron for joking about it and for thinking its funny due to the reasons ive already pointed out. Seeing people suffer due to jokes by people like that changes your perspective on whats funny and whats hurtful. For reasons see previous posts on here about people dying of anorexia mainly triggered idiots who joke!
  14. Lots of reviews are, but when thousands of people review chances are its decent LOL when a big salon is a chain of salons, chnces are they buy is massive bulk, not 3 for 2.
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