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  1. Hi There Page Hall - er, I lived on Bolsover road between 1950 to 1970 (when I got married) I can relate to just about everything you have mentioned. I knew the lad that drowned, his sister was Anne and they had a brother who's name I can't remember now. When I got married I bought a house on Barnsley road, just around the corner from Bolsover road. I lived there till 1986. I went to Hucklow Road school and then Hinde House. Happy memories of those years. Unfortunately that area is now one of the worst in Sheffield. How times have changed. Please send me some more of your memories. it would be lovely to remember those days again. Hope we can chat again soon.
  2. After he left Wednesday he was involved with a gym at Sheffield lane top. ( don't know if he owned it or managed it) He was a regular visitor in the Pheasant pub and also called in the W.M.C at times. I spoke to him on many occasions and it seemed to me that he was never really interested in football. He always came over as a nice guy. R.I.P. Tony.
  3. Just read this post so I hope I can help a little bit. The Carbrook Cons club was across the road from the arena and the Steward there was called Mick ( although I always thought his surname was "Swords" ( nearly the same as your pronunciation) The club was knocked down a few years ago and Mick is long retired. I do see him from time to time. he lives in the Sheffield Lane top area ( he did so not long back) Hope this is of interest to you.
  4. I know of several Working mens clubs that still sell Stones Bitter. Sheffield Lane club, Firth Park WMC. to name just two. Sorry but they are obviously not near the Moor Market. I have always been a John Smiths man myself, Magnet being the best and in the last few years it has been John Smiths smooth. Being a regular supporter of the Owls I always used to have a pint of Smiths inside Hillsborough on match days. That was pre lockdown. However, when I went to the game on Saturday I noticed they were not selling Smiths but had Stones instead. I thought I would try it and was very pleased to find it was a very good pint. So maybe you could nip along there to the next home game and have a nice pint as well as watching the Owls.
  5. Only surprise to me is Harris. The others were either on too much money or simply not good enough/past their sell by date. Not sure how they go about things now. Some serious decisions to be made by Chansiri . Is he up to it ? I'm not really convinced he is. I just hope he gives the manager some serious money to spend. We can't just rely on free signings and young kids.
  6. Hi Paul, My wife's parents bought the house(57) in the early sixties she says she is certain it was a mrs berry who previously owned the house but wanted to move to the bottom of Idsworth road for some reason or other. I can't remember Lesley Lawton, and neither can my wife. We now live at Sheffield Lane Top where we have been since 1986. I am quite a bit older than you .I am actually 74 today. You would not believe what Page Hall is like today. It's so run down. There is a large contingent of immigrants (Roma gypsies) who now live in the area and they have caused unbelievable problems in the area after serious conflict over the past couple of years. This may sound very racist but i assure you it's the truth. People who have lived in the area for decades want to leave but they can't sell their houses. Nobody wants to live there. If anyone does they could pick up a house for next to nothing. The streets are full of rubbish, fly tipping is all too common and rats are everywhere. you would die if you ever came back and saw what it's like. I don't know if you remember the names of the streets around Page Hall but worst ones are Willoughby Street, Robey Street, Rushby Street, Owler Lane, Popple Street and the bottom end of Hinde House Lane. A lot of the houses on Idsworth Road are owned by people who have lived there but now moved away and they rent the houses out or the houses have been bought by housing associations. Some of the tennants in these houses are not what you might call nice neighbours (drug addicts and dodgy dealers) so it's not nice and friendly like it was when you lived there. So it's an area I'm glad I don't have go into these days. It's been nice chatting Paul , please feel free to contact me if you wish to know about the old days etc. Take care Rod.
  7. Hi Paul, I lived on Barnsley Road , just round the corner from Idsworth road. Before I was married I lived on Bolsover Road. My wife lived on Idsworth Road at no 57. She tells me that her mum and dad bought that house from your grandmother who then bought a house at the bottom of Idsworth Road. I remember your dad being on the committee at the club. If my memory serves me right I remember you playing football for British Rail on Sunday mornings. The home games were played at Orgreave. I also played the odd game for them. Dennis Goodison was responsible for me playing for them as I believe he also got you to play. as far as I know, none of us worked for British Rail but nobody cared. I still see Dennis, he lives quite near to me at Sheffield Lane Top.
  8. Yes I know Gary well. We played in the same snooker team for F.P.W.M.C. for a few years. I still see him now and again, he's still the same kind of bloke as he always was. Also see his brother Mick as well. His dad Sam was on the committee for years.
  9. Firth Park W.M.C. Idsworth road is still going or it was before Covid struck. They were struggling to keep afloat but just managing to do so , apparently the club will open again in May. I am a life/free member of the club and I joined in 1965.
  10. Hi Paul, Did you have the nickname of Carrots? I remember someone from that address who I believe emigrated to Canada. This could have been your father? My name is Rod Sockett.
  11. Are Wednesday on sky red button tonight. I thought not but just been told they are. Anybody please confirm ?
  12. Very sad when I heard of the passing of Peter Swan. He was probably the best centre half I have ever seen. He would have been a regular for England had it not been for illness at the start of the 1962 world Cup finals where he was replaced by Maurice Norman of Spurs. No disrespect to Maurice Norman ( who was very good ) but he was not in the same class as Swanny. Norman seemed to fit in the side and kept his place. Then of course came the bribes scandal. Peter always denied being bribed or deliberately throwing the match against Ipswich Town. He always maintained that he and the others concerned only placed a bet on a football match. People will always have their own opinions on the matter. To me he was perfection on the field of play and no other centre half since has excited me as Peter did. R.I.P. Peter
  13. I must be getting soft in my old age. Being a lifelong Owl I never thought I would say anything kind about the Blades. However, I watched the game on TV today and I thought a draw was probably a fair result, but my reason for this post is to dispute the ref's decision to send Lundstram off. I know that people will say you can't tackle like that these days but come on. The guy went fairly and honestly for the ball, his studs were showing a little but as soon as contact was made the Brighton player makes enough of it to get Lundstram red carded then he is up and looks fine. We might as well ban tackling altogether, stop players running and lets just have walking football. Players are probably guilty of their own downfall these days when they roll about after a legitimate tackle, it can come back to haunt them. Well that's may say on the matter, I still can't believe I've said something in favour of the Blades, I'll have to go and lie down for a bit.
  14. Yes. That's it, The bull and oak. With regards to the the White Lion/New White Lion and the locations. I am not certain which was which but one of them was on the corner of the Wicker and Nursery Street as you say and the other one became Bennetts Fishing tackle shop. The frontage of the old shop is still there to plainly see. You had to access the shop via Stanley Street. The one on the corner had a snooker table in there. I played there a couple of times. If I remember rightly the floor sloped and as the table obviously had to be level it was quite confusing when you had to take a shot from the deep end as it seemed.
  15. Reading some of these posts about the pubs long gone made me think back to when I was in my teens in the 1960's. I used to frequent the wicker quite often in those days and I remember that in the Wicker alone there were 7 pubs and one fast food shop (Tony's chip shop I think) These days there is one pub and countless take away shops. The pubs were, The station, The Viaduct, Brown cow, White Lion , The new White Lion, The Big Gun and another which name escapes me, it was situated next to the Brown Cow roughly where Derek Dooley Way cuts through the Wicker. Then there were a couple of pubs on Nursery Street and a couple on Lady's Bridge. On a nice warm summers evening people would stroll from pub to pub and if you had a half pint in each pub you would be well on your way to being drunk by closing time. Happy days as they say.
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