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  1. I have been trying to sell some stuff on shpock but It wont let me access the site. Anyone know the reason why?
  2. Are the mid week Championship games, which are not the main game being shown, on the red button as they were before the current situation.
  3. Well, thanks to everyone for trying to solve my question. Unfortunately I deleted the photo in error but I know that it was definitely not Cuthbert Road having seen a photo of that road on Picture Sheffield. I have searched for ages on Picture Sheffield to find it but to no avail. Thanks again everyone.
  4. I saw and old photo of a Sheffield street and I was (rightly or wrongly) told it was Cuthbert street. Am I mistaken? Could it be Cuthbert road?
  5. I am trying to find out exactly where Cuthbert Street in Sheffield was. I imagine it was near Cuthbert road Sheffield 6 area. Any ideas please?
  6. Yes!! Now that makes sense. The Marshall cup was a very prestigious competition and I do believe that Les Ellis won it three times, so he was some player in his time. It was a bit before my time playing but it does come back to me now. A little story that might amuse you about Upper Heeley club. My partner and I won the Sheffield Pairs billiards competition a couple of times in the eighties and one year the presentation night was at Upper Heeley. The Cup was sponsored by Tetleys at the time but the prize money for winning it was virtually nothing. I think we got £20 between the pair of us (so obviously £10 each). I went up on stage to collect the cup and grabbed hold of it by the base. This was loose and the cup came flying off and fell on to the floor below the stage. The stage was also very high off the concert room floor so it fell quite some distance. When I went to pick it up it had a massive bend in it. I had to have it repaired and I think it cost me £15. Happy days.
  7. I remember that name Les Ellis. I can't remember who he played for but I seem to think he was an excellent player. I don't remember the Richardson cup . Can you enlighten me please?
  8. Eric Ball played for Burngreave cons. He was a real gent as you say. I grew up with his son Brian. Other clubs - Woodseats (two clubs) Shiregreen - Bellhouse. Quite a few of the clubs had two sides in the league. I think the player you are thinking of was Eddie Birkenhead. He played for a few clubs over the years. He was probably the best player by far during that time.
  9. When I joined Firth Park WMC at 18 yrs of age I used to play with Ken Phelan ( or should I say he played and I got the balls out of the bags). What a player he was. Like a few more of his time I think they could have turned pro if they were around today. Jack Seffers was another I played with. Happy memories.
  10. I played billiards in the 80's for Firth Park WMC. and then Sheffield lane WMC. Great days (or nights I should say ). I met many people over the years who I would not have met otherwise. It was a sad day for me and many others when the league folded. The trouble was that no young players were coming through and the older players were either getting too old or passing on. There were two leagues that hosted billiards, one was part of the Monday night games league and the second was the Tuesday night league ( this was a better class league). As well as the usual league games and cup ko games there were individual comps for players, One unique comp was a billiards pairs ko and players played off a handicap. over the years I, and a partner managed to win the trophy twice and were runners up twice. That's not to say we were two of the best players in Sheffield because as I say it was a handicap comp. There were some fantastic billiards players around at the time. I miss those times .
  11. Is there anyone on this forum who would like to talk about the old billiard players, teams, leagues etc?
  12. Thanks to all who replied to this post. I am now sorted. Thanks once again.
  13. Does anyone know of any shops in the S5 area that would deliver a box of assorted vegetables.
  14. At todays game there was a cheque for a very large amount of money presented to Weston park Hospital, plus there were collections all around the ground before the match started. After watching the game today I think all the players on both sides should donate a full weeks wages to Weston park because their performance was abysmal and they certainly don't deserve to be paid a penny for the utter tripe they dished up.
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