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  1. A point pinched really but Fulham didn't deserve all 3 points because of their antics throughout the game. The were much the better side and should have won it but the premier league style of diving and cheating is still with them. As mentioned by another contributor to this thread, they conned the ref all day .. The ref seemed to get everything wrong as far as Wednesday were concerned and I don't think the linesmen made a decision all day except for giving throw ins. As far as Wednesday were concerned they were pretty poor for most of the game .Playing one up front against two centre backs who have just been playing in the premier league was a bonkers idea. They had Fletcher in their pockets all afternoon. A big re think is needed by Mr Monk I think.
  2. Any chance of you emailing it to me please? any chance you can email it to me please?
  3. Whereabouts is Batemoor car boot. Is there one this Sunday 25th August?
  4. Sorry to hear that Tommy Spurr has had to retire through a long term injury. Whist it is not uncommon for players having to retire through injury when they still have a few years left to offer, it is still sad news. All the best Tommy, I really appreciated you when you were an owl. All the best for the future pal.
  5. I remember Robert Kings all stars. They were a decent band. After a few years Robert King went on as a solo artiste and had plenty of work as I remember.
  6. On the subject of what goes well with a good pork pie, try a big splash of Hendo's relish.
  7. I have a turners pork pie and a pint every Friday lunch time in the Royal British legion club in Chapletown. Still warm and the jelly runs down your chin. Other good pies are Wateralls in Sheffield moor market and Beres pies from various shops in Sheffield. Some are a bit pricy but you get what you pay for.
  8. Alan, You would probably have been in detention when the photo was taken. That's why you are not on it. He he.
  9. Always had my doubts about you Mr Fergus. It seems that those doubts were well founded.
  10. Not very often I contribute to this thread but I just have to say your comment is 100% correct. I saw them last night and thought these three are pinching money. No pace, no skill, no nothing just going through the motions.
  11. With all due respect Jim, I don't think this is anywhere near the one I referred to. I think they have just taken on the name. I may be totally wrong though.
  12. The Sheffield club moved from Norfolk Street to George Street in 1964. Then from George Street to the top floor of the Cutlers Hall in Church Street in 1983. It remained in the Cutlers Hall until it's closure about the year 2000. ( the Sheffield Club closed not the Cutlers Hall). It's members were Judges and top barristers and wealthy business men of the area. When the club closed there were twelve members who still wished to meet up from time to time so they arranged to meet every month for a five or six course dinner inside the Cutlers Hall. They would take it in turns to pay for the meal for everyone. They called themselves the birthday club and made out that the person whose turn it was to pay was celebrating their birthday. Over the years quite a few of them have passed away but they always seem to invite replacements to join them. As far as I am aware they still meet every month.
  13. Sheffield Lane Club on Hadfield House lane have line dancing Monday and thursday evening.
  14. Hiya Parkydave. I saw it as well on T.V. A very sad story. Peter was in the same class as me at school. He was a very nice lad. When I saw him on T.V. tonight I recognised him straight away.
  15. Hi Ferretman. Thanks for your input. I used to have a copy of the poem but I can't find it anywhere. I'll ask a the library next time I'm up there. Thanks once again and thanks to all who replied.
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