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  1. Can anyone recomend an electrician. I have 4 jobs I need help with, which can be done at the same time or individually I have a circuit of under cupboard lights which connect to power by a plug in a socket, I want it convertine to a wall switch fitting to run off the socket. Need a light installing in the hallway to run on the same on off switches that the landing lihgt does at top and bottom of the stairs. I want a light installing in 2 large cupboards, I have the lights and there is a nearby power source. Catherine, Hillsborough
  2. I went to Alan from Horizon, seems to cover all Sheffield. He was great, decent rate and block payments make it a bit cheaper. I passed aged 50 then did my pass + and I love it.
  3. Yup I had the same problem. Took 5 tests about 25 years ago, everyone thought I'd pass first time - I didn't and each time I was more and more stressed when the examiner got in the car. I give it up as a bad job. I went back to lessons with my bosses husband who brought me up near modern standard before he retired. I took a test and was like jelly, made a real mess of it. Then I met Alan from Horizon who is brilliant instructor and so that I could deal with my emotions during the test I went to Richard Hennesy richard@sheffield-hypnosis.co.uk. Age 50 I passed. I am confident, relaxed driver in all weathers in heavy traffic and motorways. Someone once said to me passing your test was the best gift you could give your self - it is and if it take a bit of extra time and cash to get there, rather than be a good driver who can't pass a test, cos that is really expensive
  4. My garden is thick in raspberry sized peices of hail. Its ripped my plastic green house to bits leaves and bits of branch all over. Rhubarb looks like a 2 foot slug chewed it
  5. This is so sad. My brother went there when he was young. He absolutely loved it. It was one of the few things that kept him going to school. With the modern trend toward tiny houses with hardly any garden and kids glued to games consoles they need somewhere like this to learn to enjoy the outdoors
  6. Where abouts on Middlewood Road, have been looking for a local one for a few weeks but only seeing old signs
  7. Many public sector jobs have been taken away from the south east to areas which had high levels of unemployment following the mass collapse of industry in the 80's. One reason was to provide employment in areas of high unemployment another is that people outside London get paid letter - public service financial savings, the third was a skill shortage in the South East. Wales and the North East will also be badly affected
  8. I remember it far to well. Lot of peoples' lives destroyed - mainly young people. It would be interesting to know the general stats for Tory voters in Sheffield. Many seem to be too young to remember the eighties or people who lived in more affluant areas than Sheffield at the time. It is heartbreaking that many of the people who struggled to get back into work because of a more challenging family circumstance, long term unemployment, sickness or disability, many still on lower incomes are going to have the rug pulled out from under them again.
  9. He is still with us - really need to get him back home
  10. Camera on charge. He may have come from Minto Road, Dykes Hall Leader Road area
  11. None of the above I'm afraid . This is a leggy tall adolescent - I think male. Black and white with quite a large top lip. Very affecionate and quite bold.
  12. A young tall black and white cat has been living in mine and my neighbours garden for about 5 days - any one know of a lost one
  13. Gave me a log number to pass on to the owner which I have done, she was going to pursue it with them. I am now waiting to be asked to give a statement. Guess thats how we tell if the police are taking it seriously or not
  14. Apparantly the planter outside Brownhill electrical was stolen rather than vandalised. Not a casual thief either. It was screwed into the window box
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