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  1. To be fair to me I only fail on my reverse round a corner. I only got 3 minors on my first test and four on my second. (I have only taken two) I can do the manoeuvre perfectly during lessons, however I seem to flunk it due to nerves each time on test. I am not dangerous. I have never caused any danger to any other road user during my lessons or a test. I would just like something to help me remember and be calm during my exam. I have used hypnosis before for an unrelated anxiety issue and found it helpful. Why is that so wrong?
  2. Hi everyone! Could anyone recommend a hypnotherapist in Sheffield who could help me with passing my driving test/ overcoming nerves and anxiety/ remembering how to do things I can do in all my lessons that seem to dissolve like sherbet from my brain in exam conditions!? Thanks in advance Charlotte
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