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  1. The landlord may of course be really pleased wthat you have let him know about this problem so he can sort it out.
  2. I'm no longer in Sheffield but have kept on the rgister of the dentist in Sharrowvale Road because they're so good. It used to be Taylor's dentist. In the same block as Roney's butchers.
  3. Hi Guys Here we are in West Wales and the one thing this lovely part of the world can't compete with Sheffield for is its car boot sales! We are coming back to Sheff for a visit over the half term and will probably be around either the weekend of the 22nd or 29th of October. What will the best sales be on these dates? I'm after kids stuff, clothes, shoes and toys. At the moment, I'm running out of clothes for my twin daughters and they're ending up wearing their brother's hand me downs. It's a good thing they don't notice things like that in the country, but people are starting to think I've got three boys!
  4. Hello everyone and surfinjim! Good on y'for taking over the thread. I've finally found a half decent car boot here in West Wales. It's small but friendly and does lovely breakfast baps!!!
  5. Read a few posts above. Negative feedback for Owlerton. They seem to have missed the important point that car boot sales are meant to be cheap and car booters are extremely money conscious. I for one feel deterred by entrance & parking fees.
  6. The one at Oldcotes on Wednesday is, as I understand it, a trial run to see how they go. See first post for details.
  7. My son who's 4 has been going to coaching sessions with techneglobal.com. I'm assuming they have a website. It's Saturday mornings from 9.30 in Endcliffe Park, Hunters Bar and I know they're doing summer schools somewhere too. It appeared that they had a younger group last week too, certainly looked younger than my son. It's turn up and pay as you go. He's really enjoyed it.
  8. MUSIC PLAYTIME & CHILDRENS MUSIC WORKSHOPS 290, MILLHOUSES LANE, ECCLESALL S11 9JB SHEFFIELD , SOUTH YORKSHIRE Phone : +44 (0) 114 236 9253 My 4 yr old's been doing these for a few years now. The teacher, Mary, is a qualified music teacher & teaches recorder & piano to older kids. These sessions are pretty structured and teach through song, dance & percussion instruments. She's a bit old school and I think my son has learnt a great deal from them and really enjoys music & dancing now.
  9. The observation's been made: The "new Blonk Street". Bit if a shame really, as Hillsborough was always good value last year.
  10. I've updated the first post. I'm still doing it while I can. Only 2 weeks to go now though...
  11. I am all for recycling and it hadn't really occurred to me that the skip companies might use what was in the skip as revenue, but the skip was on my drive and it's not an open drive by the pavement, you have to walk up it. Until I phone the skip company and ask them to take it away, I really see the skip as somewhere to store unwanted items, so, for example, I'd already promised a lot of the wood that was in there to a friend who has a wood burning stove. Out of interest, my OH seems to think that scrap metal merchants need a licence to collect scrap metal from people. Does anyone know if this is the case?
  12. Costco sells two jars for the same price you can buy one in Tesco As far as health foods are concerned: nuts & seeds for me and jumbo oats so I can make my own cereal. Hemp seeds & spelt flakes always seem difficult to come by. It's always good if you can buy larger amounts at lower prices. I do like the idea of free advice. Doesn't the shop in Broomhill already do this? Prices have rocketed everywhere it seems.
  13. Just asked a man in a grey vest who was poking around in a skip on my drive to leave. He was driving an Orange transit type van. He was perfectly pleasant when I asked him to leave saying he was going to ring and ask if he could take the metal if he found any - but he didn't ring first. Why don't these people realise it's intimidating to have strange men rooting around when they're not invited?
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