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  1. I've been offered a speed awareness course rather than points and I'm trying to find out the local venues (apparently I can go on one anywhere in the UK so shouldn't be limited to just SYP area venues) but I can't find a list of venues anywhere 😕 Anyone know if such a list exists or of the venues on the south side of Sheffield?
  2. London has the highest level of immigration in the country and it voted stay. It actually looks more like the places (in England at least) with the lowest immigration were more likely to vote leave. It appears that people are scared of the bogeyman of immigration rather than the reality.
  3. The areas of England that voted leave were by and large those with low immigration (and coincidentally high levels of structural support from the E.U.) where areas with higher immigration have tended to vote remain.
  4. Has anyone had any work done by Hmp Bespoke Construction Limited? I'm told they specialise in timber frame work and extensions and what I've seen of their work looks very good but I was wondering if anyone had any direct experience? Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm looking at some flats being built on Figtree Lane in the city center at the moment. Does anyone know what it's like to live in that area? I'm used to the relatively quiet 'burbs at the moment!
  6. Perhaps the 40s is when you start to see serious health concerns rearing their heads? (e.g. prevalence of coronary heart disease comparing the 20-39 bracket with the 40-59 bracket goes up about 10-fold) Before that age serious illnesses are most likely congenital afterwards they start to be physical decline. As a large chunk of the male self identity is based on strength and physical health this possibly hits men harder than women? Then once you hit 70 well you've had your 3 score and 10 years so everything else is a bonus!
  7. Looking for someone to fit an external door A.S.A.P. (though will need to provide a quote for the insurance people) - and recommendations?
  8. If your interested in a laser cutting service please answer have a look at this survey to help use gauge demand - thank-you https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3B9TBH6
  9. I've recently done a course called Learn Create Sell where you learn how to do some product design, make a product and take it through to selling it (you can see more about the course at http://www.learncreatesell.com/ ) The current course is wrapping up and the next one will start in about February if anyone is interested. You have to be unemployed to go on the course and it's a commitment of a day a week. The course is run by AALFY and you can find out more about the logistics of the course and register an interest at http://www.aalfy.co.uk/
  10. I've recently been doing a course called Learn Create Sell which does pretty much what it says. A bunch of unemployed creatives and creative wanabes have been designing and making products and we now have a shop for our lovingly made in Sheffield products You can find us at the pop up shop in the winter garden or you can find out about the project online at http://www.learncreatesell.com/
  11. Have a porcelain statue of some sentimental value which has been broken (single clean break) and I don't really want to attempt super glue-ing it. Can anyone recommend a local ceramics repairer or restorer?
  12. In Sheffield's case probably the fact that the RHH has negative pressure isolation rooms for individuals with infectious diseases.
  13. Less than 10% of the population eligable to vote is a "clear vote against the E.U."!? If anything there was a clear vote for apathy. But ignoring that minor fact no-one from the E.U. is telling us what to do - every country get's advice from the other countries it's then up to the country in question whether to pay any heed to that advice or not. Still as the O.P. cited the Daily Mail I don't really expect facts to be taken into account.
  14. A friend of mine is shortly going to be looking for a therapy room for her hypnotherapy practice - hopefully something fairly central. Does anyone know of somewhere she might find a room or at least somewhere she might ask about rooms!?
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