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  1. Long time since I posted, but just wanted to say that I've spotted ball lightning for the first time ever. Approx 17:10 looking down the Cortworth/Dobcroft valley towards Millhouses, streaked right to left. Rather freaky. Anybody else see it?
  2. Just thought I'd update this: http://gawker.com/more-evidence-that-texas-wrongfully-executed-a-man-1533374262 Toodle pip.
  3. What a totally non-constructive response.
  4. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/jul/14/open-season-black-boys-verdict "There is no doubt about who the aggressor was here. It appears that the only reason the two interacted at all, physically or otherwise, is that Zimmerman believed it was his civic duty to apprehend an innocent teenager who caused suspicion by his existence alone." I can't disagree with that.
  5. My pond (no fish) always has lots of leaches in there, under the leaves that fall in.
  6. I got one in the post from Hong Kong last year, typed up with my name and address on it. One of my relatives had been killed in an accident there apparently.
  7. Thanks, but sorted with some exterior no-more-nails stuff ... fingers crossed.
  8. Weed smokers ... no wait, all people that behave in a manner that I don't approve of ... no wait, all people that hold different views to me ... no wait, everybody that's different in any way to me ... no wait everybody else. I find everybody else but me offensive.
  9. 1. That's a study, not studies. 2. It was commissioned by an organisation that wanted to defend a position. 3. Both the study and how it was reported was pretty well demolished by More Or Less on Radio 4. It's rather like a shopping centre removing disabled access, and then commissioning a study to "prove" that able-bodied people spend more than disabled people to defend the policy.
  10. Oliver's Army Alison Indoor Fireworks
  11. People who refer to The Meadowhall Shopping Centre simply as "Meadowhall". It's lazy and shows an unintelligent acceptance of the shopping centre's PR branding. Meadowhall is an area with a long history linked with the steel industry, so it's much better to use the original and witty nickname "Meadowhell" to refer to the shopping centre imho.
  12. People that claim that their "offence" ranks higher than other people's.
  13. We've got an old Georgian cast iron decorative item which we want to stick to an external stone wall. It weights about 2.5 kilos. Can somebody recommend what adhesive, no-more-nails, cement, whatever to use please. Also it's worth a few bob so it's not beyond possibility that us or a future occupant might want to remove it and chip the adhesive off to move it or sell it. Ta
  14. Yes she was ... a lot. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2362308/Fury-as-BBC-girl-mocks-race-hero-Liams-teeth.html
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