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  1. I agree with you there mi owd yorkshire pudding topping, however it is better than settling for being a play off contender. You're right though, nowt to shout about.
  2. Large traffic jams on way home from chesterfield.
  3. The build up to this game begins now all the banter and rivalry and it could be massive for the victors although I think a draw would suit United a lot more than wednesday. One interesting post from an owl I read on another forum is as follows. "If you are going to the derby next week. Don't expect too much. I appreciate there will be a lot of owls who haven't been to a lot of games this last year so please don't get on the players backs. Expect to see long ball football for much of the game. Expect the Blades to give us a pasting. But. Keep behing the team, hillsborough is a powerful weapon and when full not many players [on either side] will have played in front of a crowd like it, so let us use this weapon in our favour and we might just shock ourselves and beat the snort beasts. I'm thoroughly hacked off after the last 4 games but next week is a 90 minute cup final, form goes out of the window and whilst ever the hillsborough crowd is fully behind the men in blue and white magical things can happen". :hihi::hihi:, I laughed while I copied it and cringed for him when I read it back.
  4. I said the same at the begining of the season.
  5. :hihi::hihi:........Crazy. Awe you edited the big rock candy mountains.
  6. I think he got a record deal...........
  7. Micky Micky Micky shame on you, I'd never would have had you down as the fitst to come on with the crowd body swerve, you've dropped nine points in three games and I'm happy for every owl who attended these games. Points on the board mi owd pal, that's the name of the game.
  8. The threads that good we named it twice. New York, New York.....
  9. I'll second that pal...........:banana::banana: :hihi::hihi:........ ..........
  10. The only team in the top three to win, well done to THE BLADES.
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