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  1. Hardly 'ancient'. Agden and Wigtwizzle commons were both open heathland until the reservoir was built.
  2. Perhaps to give him something (anything) to do ? Or perhaps lining him up to replace Prince Andrew, who seems to have become an increasing embarrassment. Depending on the result of the AV referendum Clegg might be looking for fresh fields to graze, - fields with comfortable perks and allowances of course. I don't think there is much to be won in Mexico in view of their membership of the North American Trade Organisation and their extensive trade with Spain and their neighbours in Latin America. Still a few days in a luxury hotel and the warm Mexican sunshine ought to be good for him.
  3. I'm not rioting and don't see anyone else at it apart from the usual numpties last Saturday. Come on, let us in on the details of this secret riot....where, when etc. ? Should we dress in all black and conceal our faces so we don't get filmed being wicked ?
  4. Amen to that. Imagine the shrieks of dismay if the BoE out the base rate up to 2.5% The Samaritans would be on overtime.
  5. The stupidity of the ultra stupid left seems to have been fully anticipated. My guess is that they are put up to it by elements of the the MSM to make the event 'newsworthy'. No show without Punch.
  6. How ? Where ? When ? Why ? Have you got a link to the Star headline and the postings here ? WHAT are you talking about ???
  7. Playing anything full blast with the windows down is pig ignorant and typical chav behaviour. But I guess you knew that already
  8. Well I hope so.....we can't afford to replace them. At least now Cameron has won his spurs and will get mentioned in the history books.
  9. How much is Sheffield Council contributing to the Oympics ? The next albatross round our necks will be the PFI resurfacing scheme, if it ever comes off. How many £millions a year will the council have to find for that ?
  10. It seems the govt. intend to do something about the problem. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/8388795/Squatting-to-be-made-illegal-vows-Clarke.html Squatting is already illegal in Scotland.
  11. Who will decide which people are to be 'culled' and who will do the killing culling ?
  12. I doubt you actually need to move into Stocksbridge. Some friends of ours living in Grenoside have a daughter there and she travels to school with 2 or 3 other girls from Grenoside. Oughtibrdge might be a good choice, it's on the Stocksbridge bus route.
  13. The older you get the nearer you are to the exit. Can't be a bad thing in this day and age.
  14. Arguably true, but we haven't had the opportunity to judge how far from their stated intentions the Labour party would have strayed had they won the election or managed to fix a coalition with the Libdems. You know in your heart they all play the same game.
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