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  1. When you talk with friends and family, are you looking forward or back?
  2. Plus clubs like Chesterfield - with all the youth and development infrastructure (which they still retained despite being relegated). Lots of fixed (invisible) costs.
  3. If you had a time machine and could go to anywhere in history. Where would you go and why?
  4. Thats what you get from Amazon isn't it... It is unusual times. More important that we support small independent shops...
  5. Argos will be the next to go to the wall I think. They offer nothing that Amazon doesn't but they have the overheads of space in retail stores which is obviously more expensive than out of town industrial estate.
  6. .... in the current environment, what would you do?
  7. This is a funny feeling, weather set fair - just no reason to do it apart from it is fun...
  8. Is this possible? Data is from an excel spreadsheet - sends to a word document (similar to address labels) - 2 columns and 5 rows. 24 documents - 10 copies of each. Total 240 sheets. Cut into playing card size, but horizontal. Would need to be on decent thickness card. (Again think playing cards) but we can discuss that, maybe via PM if someone can do it.
  9. Obviously pretty good England team. Would they beat the current one?
  10. I agree - this is sport. Somehow I think that bthe legal people will be the ones making money out of this. A LOT of money. Quite enjoying Euro96 on ITV at the moment....
  11. My thinking is that all dropbox/one drive is just s3 rented space (admittedly in massive bulk) with a marketing wrapper which the user pays for. I have no problem paying - just looking for alternatives.
  12. It's not the physical location I am so worried about. Makes no difference WHERE it is - if it fails - it fails..
  13. We have a WD mycloud drive which we have mapped as a network drive on to multiple PC's. It has a massive capacity but doesn't back up. The amount of stuff we have, would cost a fortune for something like dropbox. Any bright spark who could write some kind of auto back up so amazon s3 or something similar? Ideally an admin console (to add new PC's and maybe a bit of a control panel) Drop me a PM with an approx price. Thanks
  14. sharpend


    Haven't watched last nights yet. That is tonights job...
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