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  1. Hi I am a local film maker, making films about people doing interesting things. In these days of supermarkets - would love to feature allotment holders. The finished thing would be two things - SHORT and interesting. Recorded with minimum impact on your normal activities. If you are interested, pm for back episodes to look at. Thanks and hope to speak soon.
  2. Sorry - been away and offline. Thanks all - I found this.... https://x2connect.com/RedPhoneBox/K6PhotoGallery
  3. I am looking to do a short interview with a band. (Style of music irrelevant). Working title is live music in the age of YouTube/Streaming etc It would be SHORT and SIMPLE. Just myself and maybe my bag carrying wife. One tripod - quick interview - preferrably with/in a concert or live venue. Please PM me and I will send you some previous episodes.
  4. As title - not bothered what they are doing now. Just looking for locations of old red telephone boxes. Many Thanks in advance
  5. Hmmm - Good thought. Yes is does allow some play when plugged in. The other end (the end what you plug in) is part of another gizmo that is not easily replaced. Having said that, the sound noise error is a static type noise. So a blast of air might be worth a shot.
  6. I have a Garmin virb (Ultra I think) Works fine but the external mic socket (which goes in through the USB) is worn. It's the same socket that is used both to charge and to transfer content to a PC. Is this repairable? How ? Via a kit ? From ebay? or where? (That model of virb seems to be obsolete). Or is it just something else that works for a couple of years and then has to get lobbed away? Thanks
  7. You gotta think how people buy stuff like plumbing. I would guess mainly when they have a problem like blocked pipes. They will usually think "Who do I know that can take away this pain?" They see you - or are recommended - think "This guy looks like he knows what he is doing - might give him a ring" That puts you in the ball park of every other Joe Blow out there with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. That's because they will have a van that says "Joe Blow Plumber. Established 30 years. Free estimates." Blah Blah boring zzzz (Most importantly - doesn't take pain away). Bad place to be. Here is what I would do. Have some small cards printed (on ebay) Postcard size. (A6 I think) They have a list PAIN that you take away one side. "I will unblock your toilet or you don't pay" "I will install a downstairs toilet so your kids stop arguing (and grandad can get to easily)" "I will install an outside tap - so Freddie doesn't have to wash his motorbike in the kitchen" Etc etc - you get the idea. ACTUAL THINGS WHAT PEOPLE FIND USEFUL. NOT "free quotes" or other boring stuff. That commits you to doing work (or at least spend time) without payment. The card tells the person to put this card in the kitchen drawer with all their other junk. Actually say this and people will. On the other side of the card - Offer a 10% discount or whatever you come up with if someone presents the card when paying. Kind of like a WH Smith voucher you get people at Christmas. Each new customer gets TWO cards. One for themselves and one to pass on to their mate. Hope this helps. Contact me if you need help - Not a free quote though... 😉
  8. I am looking for interesting filming locations for video shoots. The location would be the background. The shoots are very simple. I will be onsite 15/20 minutes max. No other cast or crew - maybe my bag carrying wife. Looking for factories, schools, derelict buildings, shops, offices, boats, showrooms,hotels, hairdresses,cafes etc. MUST BE LEGAL and SAFE but more importantly INTERESTING. I posted it in business section because it would almost be like soft product placement. The end result would be on YouTube (obvs) I don't want to self promote but if you want to see some end product or have somewhere in mind - send me a PM
  9. Define wi-fi based smart technology Pretty sure BT fit fibre to the premises into new builds. If requested. That's virtually future proof isn't it?
  10. Noticed a while back that virtually every sponsored tweet I see is from a betting company (and no they aren't retargeting - I have never been in a bookies since I used to work for one). Betting companies sponsor everything from darts to snooker to football. They make £££$$$'s - as the saying goes - it's working OK for them.
  11. =VLOOKUP(name of what we are calling master sheet - required row - TODAY +/- 28) Will have a poke around with that
  12. ah so I have original data sheet AND effectively a copy of data sheet BUT JUST today +/- 28 days?
  13. I have an excel spreadsheet where I want to make a graph. One of the axis is a date - 2 years. The graph I want to make is only of the last 4 and next 4 weeks. (A 2 year graph makes little sense on a screen) There is a TODAY function so the chart would be TODAY - 28 to TODAY +28 But after that I am lost Any one help?
  14. Yes I found this though https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/law/freelaw
  15. Used to see these all the time - admittedly via ads in newspapers - which largely don't exist anymore... Does anyone know of solicitors offering a 10 minute consultation. Thanks in advance
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