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  1. Agree entirely with your comments but as you will be aware UEFA have been plotting this ruse for about 25 years with the top teams from England, Germany, Spain, Italy ,Holland, Scotland (yes the jocks) altho' French teams were not considered but neither were Man City or Chelsea in the dark 80s seasons for them. Interesting about 'teams from smaller league's', perhaps they mean teams like Grimsby Town, Leyton Orient, or even Chesterfield and Fylde enjoy having a mid-week outing to the far reaches of the former Soviet Union ?
  2. Watched the Villa -Everton game, Villa's Jack Grealish played the match with socks down and no shin pads, have they changed the rules on that ?
  3. Essen, Germany and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for two
  4. Not exactly a sacking but I think Nathan Jones at Stoke could be near it if the Potters don't wake up soon.
  5. It's only their third game of the season and they've won one in nineteen under this coach. and that against Wolves !!
  6. Bobby Darin was doing ok until he announced that he was the 'next Frank Sinatra', not much was heard of him after that but the Hoboken man kept going.
  7. Birmingham City, Hull City and the Owls for relegation ? All at one time managed by Steve Bruce, perhaps they should. go for some of the other teams he's managed that are now in the Premier who might be circling around the relegation drain come next May: Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Sheffield United and his current employers.
  8. 7th can be a Europa league place, a club only need to finish above Everton to get there.
  9. If I recall didn't it pour down all day in London and Sheffield on Coronation day (I was six).
  10. The cobbler's shop was the last (or first shop) on that side of Nursery Street, then there was an alleyway that led to the river, the other side of that was the William Deacons bank building on Ladys Bridge that housed the billiard hall. It was further than the Brown Cow, next to Frederich's pork butcher's who were on the Willey Street corner.
  11. Wasn't 'Hello Guys and Gals' an opening line from a former DJ from Leeds ?
  12. Six weeks is bit severe (Eric Cantona got six weeks for much worse). There are players out there who's instructions and intentions are to deliberately impair an opponent by whatever means possible, where is their six weeks ?
  13. A mate of mine was charged with this in the 1970s.It said on the charge sheet that 'The defendant was seen depositing offensive matter'. (I was not with him at the time.)
  14. Yes I agree, and both Stiles and Bobby Moore might not have been sure of their places either as 'Big Dunc' could play on either side. If I recall the England sides in the early 60s ,the FA Selection committee favoured London based players, Alf Ramsey was the first manager allowed to pick his own team and there were four of them in the final and another three, However, there were two Blackpool FC players in the squad, imagine that these days ?
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