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  1. Not sure about Cafe Madrid but in the late 1960s there was a cafe run by a Spanish man in the Wicker called Garcia's. It was between Studio 7 and the arches.
  2. Wasn't there a fishing tackle place that was in the small row of shops on Lady's Bridge and where was Calcott's fishing tackle ?
  3. George Best attended a Belfast grammar school...as for the Owls.........
  4. Thank you cuttsie and why was it dodgy? I left Sheffield in 1986 so have missed a few things
  5. Yes I heard about the Student's Union gig but was thinking more like City Hall.
  6. Did Paul McCartney and Wing ever play in Sheffield ?
  7. Rotherham are away to Brentford on Tuesday.
  8. I think Faulkner's was the snooker hall on Cambridge Street -the other side of Cole Bros from Burgess Street- but I could be wrong.
  9. Carlsberg haven't sponsored Liverpool FC since 2010 when the FA stopped teams being sponsored by alcohol related companies. LFC's sponsor since then has been Standard Chartered Bank.
  10. I think Charlie Simson used to own the billiard hall on Burgess Street between the Gaumont and the Yorkshireman pub.
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