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  1. Yes Jim, I believe he was in Germany when in the army and the Owls used to pay to fly him back and forth on a weekend pass for some games. RIP John.
  2. I believe the Lloyd's you refer to is at 11 SUNDERLAND Street (off Cemetery Road), Sharrow,
  3. That was Ashley Fletcher, ex-Owl Steve Fletcher plays for Stoke City.
  4. During the Sheffield Transport or SYPTE era, did buses ever run on Woodseats Road as their regular route ?
  5. I think the 'Wolves way' with loan players might have been more luck than judgement as it was only proven when they did get promotion. Not to contradict you bassett one, good post.
  6. Are you sure about Osgathorpe Road ? As it's nowhere near(even the bottom) to Atlas and Norfolk sports ground.
  7. I hope that's Bristol City and not Bristol Rovers in case the Owls had been relegated as punishment while I slept.
  8. Where was your mother's house Cressida? He used to live in Glossop but died in Stockport.
  9. Wayne Fontana dies from Cancer aged 74. Great entertainer along with his Manchester mates the Mindbenders. Appeared many times at the Stringfellow clubs-Black Cat, Blue Moon and Mojo -between 1963-65.
  10. Correct, Thames Ironworks became West Ham United.
  11. The other boxer that stopped Henry Cooper was -then known as- Cassius Clay, at Wembley in 1963.
  12. Don't recall the name of the lollies but remember that Wall's had salesmen-1950's ?-on bicycles with a big wooden container over the front wheel with a slogan 'Stop Me and Buy One' on the front of the big box, at least in the Shirecliffe area.
  13. I'm trying not to be pedantic Alan but I think Arsenal started out as Woolwich Arsenal, that place being a district in south London before they moved north of the Thames. I believe the club Port Vale was originally named Burslem Port Vale and I think Tranmere is an area in Birkenhead. As for QPR...got me there.
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