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  1. St Petre

    Does anybody remember Wellerman Bros

    Would that be the same Bob Jordon who lived on Hooton Street, Pitsmoor ?
  2. St Petre

    Music Thread (with Youtube)

    Are you sure it was the Esquire ? As I saw the Yardbirds at the Mojo.
  3. St Petre

    Missing scrap metal

    Thank you very much for that retep.
  4. A few years ago in Sheffield-perhaps 1990s- there was a lot of scrap metal that was 'misappropriated, leading to court actions and guilty people (including serving policemen) being incarcerated. As I didn't live in Sheffield at the time-therefore a bit skint on the detail- is there anywhere I can read about this , newspaper reports, books etc ?
  5. St Petre

    Josephines and Scamps nightclubs

    Anyone recall what year Josephine's closed and for what reason ? Did Dave Allen just get fed up of it ?
  6. St Petre

    Josephines and Scamps nightclubs

    Was that near Eyre Street/Furnival Gate area near the old Penny Farthing ?
  7. St Petre

    Josephines and Scamps nightclubs

    Where was Scamps, i forget ?
  8. St Petre

    Urns in Sheffield?

    Petre Street is In Pitsmoor and the pewter company is at the Grimethorpe end.
  9. St Petre

    Big Sheffield pubs

    As I am a bit slow when it comes to modern day technology, how does one acquire a 'You tube streaming app '? Or is it better to wait till nearer the football season ?
  10. St Petre

    Big Sheffield pubs

    Think the one at Southey was the Magnet.
  11. St Petre

    Big Sheffield pubs

    Yes that was a huge building which is still there but no longer a pub. Yes that was a big pub, I was looking at a picture of it only the pther day. The pub in the Wicker was The Station Hotel not the Railway.
  12. Any ideas has to what might have been the biggest pub within the Sheffield boundary ? I mean with living accommodation included- not talking the likes of the Black Swan which had a large concert room but big buildings. Two that come to my mind are; Earl of Arundel (Queens Road) and the Amberley Hotel (Attercliffe Common) ?
  13. St Petre

    De La Salle College

    At a rough estimate, how many pupils could De La Salle accomadate the years you were there -I mean with all the classes full in one given year ?
  14. St Petre

    Pubs with a brewery next door?

    Stones' was what IIII?
  15. St Petre

    De La Salle College

    I don't recall it ever being a secondary school and I lived 800 yards away, unless it converted to one in later.

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