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  1. I think Ray's son Stephen was a coach at Hillsborough during Bruce's brief tenure. RIP Ray.
  2. Yes, I've heard the 'Why Not' pub story before, the pub was actually on the corner of Earsham Street and Clun Street and I think it was demolished around the 1920s.
  3. When the Hyde Park flats were being occupied -1963-66 era- and a sudden influx of young kids, where did most of them go to school, was there a school within the complex ?
  4. Yes, there were four pubs on Carilsle Road, two on Upwell Street, two on Upwell Lane, one on Adsetts Street and one on Botham Street plus Grimesthorpe WMC.
  5. The pub on Upwell Lane near the Bowling Green pub was the Beehive Inn, I think it was a John Smith's house.
  6. He also had a minor stroke in 2010....did that bloke suffer.
  7. Perhaps you are thinking of David Coleman as having passed a few years ago ?
  8. Yes Jim, I believe he was in Germany when in the army and the Owls used to pay to fly him back and forth on a weekend pass for some games. RIP John.
  9. I believe the Lloyd's you refer to is at 11 SUNDERLAND Street (off Cemetery Road), Sharrow,
  10. That was Ashley Fletcher, ex-Owl Steve Fletcher plays for Stoke City.
  11. During the Sheffield Transport or SYPTE era, did buses ever run on Woodseats Road as their regular route ?
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