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  1. I recall the Claymore pub on Arundel Gate in the early 70s when the original landlord -Frank Keys- would have a kilted piper perform the introduction of Robbie Burns' night, usually on a frosty mid-week evening , would produce lavish servings of the Caledonian delicacy free of charge but whether it had ' Hendo's as a relish I'm not sure but it went down quite well with a couple of pints of William Younger's Tartan ale.
  2. Was that the same Sophia Loren film where some scenes were shot in Cyclops Street, Grimesthorpe ?
  3. When Harry Catterick and his replacement Vic Buckingham were there, the Owls never finished below 6th in old Div 1.
  4. Was that song by Jimmy Crawford and the Ravens ?
  5. Unless I read that wrong, I don't think Johnny Haynes played for Doncaster boy's as he was a born and bred Londoner
  6. Don't MU have a another player on similar wages who might as well be driving a bus around Manchester for all the effect he 's having at Old Trafford ?
  7. Alan, have the Owls ever scored four goals in the first half of a competitive league game (in our lifetime that is) ?
  8. The Owls without two regulars that day; Springett (injured) ,hence McLaren playing and Billy Griffin starting in place of Bobby Craig perhaps ?
  9. BAE used to have a plant in Grange Mill Lane, Wincobank/Blackburn.
  10. In the early 60s there was a record store between the ABC cinema and the Bank Street corner ; Curtess's.
  11. And two goals from a Sheffield born lad at that !
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