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  1. The Forest defenders are probably asking each other the same question.
  2. Were there buses running on Boxing day, the day of the Owls-Blades (4-0) match 1979 ? I seem to recall having to walk back to town, or were they on strike ?
  3. As well as the Merseybeats, ( for whatever reason) they, St. Christopher's-) had quite a few groups from the Liverpool area late '63 early '64. I saw Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders -who were from Manchester- who had already had a chart hit there in 1964. So the Stringfellow's didn't have it all their own way.
  4. Nowt's a given in this division especially Derby v Owls, could be 3-3 or 0-0.
  5. Well Tom, Idsworth Road WMC (proper name Firth Park WMC) is on the Page Hall/ Firth Park border, so perhaps a clue to Jim's early Sheffield years there,
  6. Yes Jim I once read that and to get to Herries Road from any of those areas (and perhaps Grimesthorpe) one had to get to Longley Lane/ Herries Drive first, can't imagine anyone doing on a February afternoon-evening these days
  7. Yes sad news, Jim was Sheffield born and later on I don't think he had much to do with Sheffield football altho' I believe he played for the Blade's junior and -perhaps- the reserve teams. Jim was a pupil at Firth Park grammar school and excelled as much at cricket as he did at football, I think Jim was from near Firth Park, maybe there, Shiregreen or Page Hall anyone know?
  8. Exactly right Sweetcheeks and Edward didn't live in the UK for long after and I think he moved from Paris to 'warmer and friendlier' climates' during WW2. As for Wallis, she probably couldn't care less as she had married -the then- world's richest man.
  9. Just for the record; Wallis Simpson was TWICE divorced before she married Edward.
  10. Wharncliffe on West Street, ..wow... forgot all about that one.
  11. He doesn't get much opportunities to play, either starting line up or sub, if he was so valuable to Norwich I wonder why they didn't sign him in the summer. Perhaps it's not all his fault, ditto for Winnall.
  12. Do you mean the Wharncliffe on Bevercotes Road, Firth Park ?
  13. The Staffordshire (Sorby Street) and the Royal Oak Earsham Street are the only two pubs still functioning down there, then others are still there but used as other businesses.
  14. As for prominent figures 'not being investigated', Lord Boothby (also a Kray brothers crony) and his sexual shenanigans come to my mind.
  15. http://Leyton Orient have fired manager Carl Fletcher after just 29 days in charge, is that some sort of a record ?
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