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  1. Has Hugh Grant been considered ? Like Roger Moore, he can't act either.
  2. What ever were you looking for when you found that ?
  3. Mansions ? How many of the Blades' players live in such dwellings or even Chris Wilder ?
  4. That 'tackle 'by Schumacher-shoulder high with both knees-resulted in the French player Patrick Battiston, not only losing a few teeth and being rendered unconscious but his smashed collar bone was lodged into his windpipe and he could have died right there had it not been for the swift medical attention.
  5. Also in that vicinity between the Centre Spot café and Sugg's sportswear was another log cabin type of structure that sold newspapers, cigarettes etc from big drop down window, a place similar to the one in Bridge Street bus station, perhaps the same owners ?
  6. Avery scales was actually on Bridge Street near the Snig Hill corner, the building is still there with Howell's solicitors as the tenants.
  7. The entire forward line scored that day then, no need for 'Swanny' coming up for corners.
  8. Funnily enough altho' I recall the one on Snig Hill I don't remember the one on King Street and that was later. Must have walked past it many times.
  9. I believe that game was in 1960 and the North stand was under construction at the time so only three sides of the ground open. I was at the game and not sure if Moore played that day or even Hurst and Peters if that's what the 'and all' is alluding to. The Hammers were top of Div .One at 3 o'clock (perhaps for the first ever time) but not at 5 o'clock.
  10. John Fantham is the Owls leading post-war goalscorer with 166 from 1958 to 1969, Derek tho' managed 62 in 61 appearances for the Owls from 1950 to 1953.
  11. When I first read that I thought you meant Francis Jeffers !!!
  12. I don't know if it had a downstairs room as it was a large wooden one storey structure as opposed to bricks, nearly next door to it on the Snig Hill side was Harroll's, who sold curtain materials, drapery etc.
  13. It was at the top of Snig Hill at the Castle Street/Water Lane corner, I think there was a driving school next to it on the Snig Hill side.
  14. Yes Donny Rovers but the only really good players I remember with them are Alec Jeffrey and Harry Gregg unless I can be enlightened on more recent ones (Charlie Williams ?). Doncaster is in South Yorkshire but Leeds and Huddersfield are in West Yorkshire.
  15. As any body from Barnsley FC ever played for England while at the club ? I can only think of John Stones (Everton/Man.City) and Tommy Taylor (Man Utd) both of whom had left the club by then and Danny Blanchflower (N.Ireland) was a former Barnsley player but never capped while there,
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