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  1. Have Birmingham ever dominated a game since the Trevor Francis days?
  2. Perhaps 'Picture Sheffield' photos of Fargate from that era may help?
  3. Is there actually any film footage of this incident? ( I live outside the UK so non available) , Was it a linesman or fourth official -neither who should be eating on the job- who was talking to Roy Hodgson at the time and if play had stopped, what's the conversation to do with Chris Wilder?
  4. I can imagine Carlisle to Portsmouth (or VV) but neither of them will have to put up with that next season.
  5. He would probably have moved to a better area, like Page Hall.
  6. I thought the NGSC was for it's employees -general medical staff, maintainence, office personell workers and bona vide guests, not just people (mainly blokes) wandering in off Herries Road.
  7. RIP Ian, wasn't the last to pass the Vicar, Timothy Farthing, Frank Williams, who was ninety odd?
  8. Were Wigfall's HQ in the Rutland Road area or near the Wicker or Neepsend, Not to be cunfused with Wigfulls Flour mill which was in the lower Brunswick Road area.
  9. What else is there to do in Sunderland?
  10. Do the Blades have a goalie today?
  11. Yes bassett, even one nowt would have been a bad result. Just as well Rhodes didn't play (on loan at Blackpool) or he might have had a say in it.
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