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  1. I first came across Dennis (RIP} around 1962 when he played Just William on BBC tv. He would have been about 14 then.
  2. The Nelson, Furnival Gate had a great Juke box -1966 ish, so did the Travelers ont Moor (same time). What happened to the Nelson anyway ?
  3. When did the Hermitage Inn on London Road close ? Re-built in 1963 so not that old.
  4. I think that may have been a City Engineers depot, if the lorries were maroon coloured, PWD had grey ones.
  5. With Pompey and George Hirst to come on the last day.
  6. Did the former PWD (Public Works Department) have a central HQ like the City Engineers (SCCE) had on Olive Grove Road as well depots around the city ?
  7. Brown should have played John Hickton at centre half in the final. he was big enough and strong enough to play in attack or defence.
  8. Vic's brother David Mobley also played for the Owls but I don't think he made the first team, later transferred to Grimsby Town.
  9. Correct, Ron last played for England in the 1954 world cup finals in Switzerland, then with the Terriers, he joined the Owls in 1955.
  10. Thanks, just found out it was at Moorhead where Furnival Gate is now and re-sited to Endcliffe around 1960. No wonder I never noticed it as a kid (I was 13 in 1960) as it was about 60 feet in the air.
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