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  1. Ours was the same, only used at Christmas and New Year when the aunties and uncles came, then Johnnie Walker, Black & White, Tia Maria etc came out for their annual appearance. No TV in there either.
  2. I don't think it was the darkness and fust that was the problem on Rillington Place.
  3. St Petre

    Where is this village?

    Trains don't run through Page Hall but they do in Brightside which isn't far away.😊
  4. St Petre

    1950's Record players.

    Reading an article about Dansette record players made in the 1950's. It said that they played records that ran at 33 rpm, 45 rpm, 75 rpm and 16 rpm, ( folks on here of a certain age will know that rpm meant revolutions per minute), I have never heard of 16 rpm before, anybody else ?
  5. St Petre

    Where is this village?

    Ditto Bolton on Dearne,
  6. St Petre

    sheffield wednesday v bristol city

    If anyone from the west country city reads that they will tell you that they have two professional football league clubs (as does Sheffield) and like to be referred to with the suffix City or Rovers, also Nottingham Forest don't like Notts in their name prefix. Used to get on my wick when I worked in the Chesterfield area and the Owls were mentioned as : the Wensdys. Pedant rave over, Happy Easter.
  7. St Petre

    norwich city v sheffield wednesday

    I think it was Steve Bruce who scored the goal in 'Fergie time'.
  8. St Petre

    Company Sports Clubs

    The gas company's football pitch on Claywheels Lane was actually on British Acheson (later Union Carbide) property, their own being on Grange Mill Lane. Wincobank/Blackburn, Also on Claywheels Lane was the Hope and Anchor brewery football/cricket pitches,
  9. Who scored for Man United that day and did Willie Morgan play ?
  10. St Petre

    Job Lot Building

    It says the library is in Parson Cross, is that right ?
  11. St Petre

    Company Sports Clubs

    The Atlas and Norfolk facility belonged to Firth-Brown's.
  12. St Petre

    Blades vs Millwall

    ScotIt wasn't Millwall's fault there was no VAR Mr.T, as VAR is only allowed at Premier clubs playing at home in the FA cup (how's that for football democracy). And Everton lost today to a Fulham team, one of the worst teams to play in the recent Premier, the likes of Johnny Haynes and George Cohen would be mystified and as for the Millers and Fulham, remember when they (Tommy Doc) brought Scotland international Graham Leggatt to Millmoor ?
  13. St Petre

    Blades vs Millwall

    Exactly right ! and on another point, Leeds have to go to relegated Ipswich yet and sometimes in football strange things happen . Also, Norwich City's last game is at home to Aston Villa which the result of could be interesting.
  14. St Petre

    That West Yorkshire Outfit v Sheffield Wednesday

    What TV channel did you watch that on Mr.T ?

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