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  1. And the pay offs he's got from other clubs for being incompetent, which is a total of perhaps 50 million, The man could go and live in Hawaii for the rest of his life and while there, see if he can mess up their football team.
  2. What did J&F Stone do/sell ?
  3. Well that answered me then Padders !
  4. Well the Miller's seem to be making a go of it, so what's the difference them and the Owls this season ?
  5. I think the Star and Telegraph were on strike at the same time.
  6. The last time trams ran up and down the Moor was October 1960.
  7. I think Arden's lasted a bit longer than that, Jack was still the site foreman for them at Union Carbide (Claywheels Lane) in 1987. Ken Longley was his No 2.
  8. The four Sheffield born players; Sterland, Fantham, Quixall, who's the other one ? Tony Kay tho' he's not on the list.
  9. Was Jack Cadman one of those bricklayers ?
  10. Nigel Clough, altho' a former Forest player has never managed the club but his dad, Brian once did.
  11. Didn't know Nigel Clough was Mansfield's manager, that one got by me.
  12. Harry Hart also owned the wallpaper shop almost next to the Sidewalk Cafe on Chapel Walk.
  13. You could have included Newcastle United and Grimsby Town -tho' the Mariners wore red socks most times- and a nod to Juventus who still wear black shorts when white shorts clash on away games and their shirts had a Notts County connection (I forget what), maybe the County gave them some. I somewhat recall that a few years ago that when Notts were celebrating one of their anniversaries-as the then oldest English league club (now it's Stoke City), Juve sent a team over to Meadow Lane for a commemarative friendly.
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