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  1. St Petre

    Penny Farthing nightclub

    Sorry, no not Pete S or Terry Thornton ( Esquire).
  2. Anyone know who owned/managed the Penny Farthing nightclub (Eyre Street) when it opened in 1965 ?
  3. St Petre


    Which team are the 500 quid one ?
  4. Perhaps you should take this matter further and report the first two cheaters to the trading standards department. I'm sure that is not the first time it's happened and was not a mistake.
  5. St Petre

    Bruno Ganz R.I.P.

    Bruno Ganz, the actor also known for his Hitler rants in those funny YouTube videos.
  6. St Petre

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    My heart bleeds.
  7. St Petre

    Blades v Reading

    That's not a very fair comment (my opinion as an Owl), bloke has done wonders for them and I think Chris Wilder will be the next manager of Everton.
  8. St Petre

    Blades v Boro

    That was Boro's chance to consolidate more Mooks as Derby and Villa are inconsistent and now Bristol City are in the mix after nine straight league wins, that's impressive form.
  9. St Petre

    millwall v sheffield wednesday

    What's happened to Winnall, is he in the bad books again ?
  10. St Petre

    CEO Katrien Meire has left Hillsborough

    Didn't she leave Charlton Athletic under a 'cloud' ?
  11. St Petre

    Most boring film you’ve ever seen.

    Well Jim, had to look that one up. There's another film of the same title starring Terrence Stamp, that got panned too !
  12. St Petre

    Gordon Banks RIP

    I believe Gordon (along with other WC winning England players) sold his winners medal and his England caps when times got tough financially, imagine that today ? RIP Gordon.
  13. St Petre

    millwall v sheffield wednesday

    Was this Owl's game on live tv today ? (I don't live in the UK.)
  14. St Petre

    Women who swear in public

    Brooklyn teenage girls have elaborated on that M.T. it's 'like I was in total shock' or 'Awesome'.
  15. St Petre

    Stonehouse Pub memories

    That's correct on the two landlord's names. Thank you.

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