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  1. Not a poor attempt Jim, paint would be the obvious element.
  2. Yes, I thought that also. Solid brick if i recall.
  3. Hasn't a Sheffield TV channel been tried before ? like mid-1970s.
  4. Sorry Jim, I must be mistaken about a break in (bad assumption), yes it would be the club secretary that broke the news.
  5. Yes, I read in Hodgy's book (great read) that he arrived at the Lane the next morning to collect his testimonial money and the Blade's chairman (was it Blacow Yates then ?) explained that the office had been broken into overnight and the money was stolen.
  6. I'm interested as in what have Derby County, Ilkeston Town and Che Adams got to do with each other ? Yes Che played for Ilkeston and they are in Derbyshire but is Ilkeston a feeder/nursery club for the Rams ?
  7. Chris Waddle wasn't too bad either, nor was Bennie Carbone. My favourite (pound for pound) Owls player was Tony Kay but i do go back a bit. As for Hodgy, he wasn't fat but stocky and played for England at least twice.
  8. So Donald Trump knows where the head of the Taliban lives ? Mmm, ..bloke's smarter than I thought.
  9. Was that the Hallcar Street/Spital Hill Arden's ? Where was the sports pavilion ?
  10. Did he used to play for Barnsley ?
  11. Any one recall Frank(Bunney) Baxter who worked at MV Forncett Street and lived nearby on Sutherland Road ?
  12. Was that McKenzie shop on Arundel Gate next/near to the Claymore pub ?
  13. The pub on that corner was the Forge (Tetley's), I think it was damaged in a fire.
  14. Thank you Heartshome but I meant the one that is there now but no longer a pub.
  15. Anyone recall when the Midland Hotel Alfred Road/Brightside Lane opened ?
  16. Are there still any brickyards operating in Sheffield, if not, where's the nearest ? (not that I want to buy any.)
  17. Yes they do. I'm an ex Sheffielder who lives in Brooklyn NY. and tunes in every day.
  18. I think the proposal was for the 'Old Firm's reserve teams be admitted to the Football League at League 2 level...well...so much for that.
  19. Wasn't the Firth Park boating lake for model boats only ?
  20. Mike Pinner was an Owls goalie for a few games prior to the signing of Ron Springett played for the England amateur team as he was not a professional footballer. I think he was a solicitor by trade and used to fill in as keeper for clubs in emergency situations, also playing for Manchester United and Chelsea and others. Imagine that these days!
  21. Thank you and the road behind the Stanley Street club was Andrew Street.
  22. Where in the Wicker area was Snow's ?
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