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  1. Yes, I recall that family (very pretty daughter), once when making a delivery I knocked on the door and after hearing 'Come in' I entered and the mother was in the tin bath tub which made me freeze still for a few seconds, 'The money's on the table' uttered the unperturbed lady.
  2. Yes it was Andy Burgin with the own goal (I think it was in the last couple of minutes) in the draw at Goodison Park. I believe Fred Pickering might have got more than one goal in the Hillsborough replay. Kenny Burton and his brother Geoff -I used to hang around with in those days- I think made his debut until the 1969-70 season and we all know what happened at the end of that.
  3. Yes they did, I worked there as a delivery lad 1961-62 at Gowers & Burgons-Lyons Street/Petre Street in Pitsmoor. I've just found this on the Gower & Burgon site. Guess what , I did that there for two years and left in August / 60. Did you still have a van for the Friday deliveries. I used to have about twenty five orders and made more in tips that night than I got for the full week. The divers name was Len I think. They had a delivery van on Thursdays and Fridays, one of the drivers was called Ronnie. We used to make deliveries to Grimesthorpe too, Margate Drive. Hunsley Street and Botham Street if I recall.
  4. The Owls lost in a replay to Everton in the FA Cup the season before that, after a draw at Goodison Park.
  5. Trump announces today that he won't be attending Joe Biden's inauguration, somehow don't think he'll be missed.
  6. Yes he did, and by date co-incidence, 54 years ago yesterday-Dec 31st 1966- the Owls whacked Tommy's Chelsea 6-1 at Hillsborough (I think John Ritchie got two) but for me the best goal of the seven was a screamer from Chelsea's Bobby Tambling at the Kop end, one of the best goals I've seen there from an opposition player...RIP Tommy.
  7. Not exactly a free service, they wanted a 17 pound 'donation' to access my information.
  8. Eddie Howe left Burnley to move back to Bournemouth because his family didn't like the north of England, perhaps that rules him out.
  9. Perhaps the tram is on Duke Street-pre Park Hill flats ?
  10. Thank you for pointing that out. I'd forgotten about Malcolm Allison being a former West Ham player. Looking at the Hammer's playing staff from 1956-57 I see he had team mates that went on to be managers/coaches: Noel Cantwell, Frank O'Farrell, Dave Sexton and John Bond were some of them.
  11. It looks like the Owls are going back to the austere times of 1974-75 when under Steve Burtenshaw and Len Ashhurst. A relegation to the third tier occurred during that time too. Will the Star be launching another 'Save our Owls' campaign any time soon ?
  12. What's Malcolm Allison got to do with the World Cup?
  13. Wasn't Fattorini's in Barkers Pool, unless they had more than one shop.
  14. Good article from 'Yorkshire Live' but they say that Alex went to Leeds when the Blades were relegated from Division Two when I know he played in the Boxing day derby in December 79 in Division Three. I don't think Pedro Verde came at the same time as Alex. perhaps a few months later and he only lasted a few games before the Blades released him. Perhaps he was on a game to game basis rather than a contract.
  15. Similar figures for Huddersfield against the Owls...till the other day.
  16. The Hodson pub was at the corner of Draper Street and Carlisle Road.
  17. The No: 20 that you can't remember was probably the No: 20 that was introduced in 1968 and ran to Southey Green to complement the No:97 but ran through part of Pitsmoor ie: Ellesmere Road-Scott Road. I can't recall where the other end of the route was.
  18. To get to Penistone Road from Moonshine Lane (2 or3) the buses would go down- Herries Road towards Wednesday's ground, was there a regular stop on that stretch?
  19. And there was a jeweller's shop between Mortimer's and the Lion, perhaps Leslie Cass ?
  20. Yes the Lion hotel was on the Nursery Street corner so counted as a Wicker area pub, also on Nursery Street were the Hare and Hounds and Manchester Hotel (now New Harlequin) and just off the Wicker were The (old) Harlequin (Stanley Street/Johnson Street) and there was of course the Stanley Street WMC.
  21. Can't see the Google Ear photo but was Spiers on the same side of High Street as the Old Blue Bell pub or across on the old Walshes side ?
  22. Early 70s not too bad, it was just after that the pantomimes started.
  23. Bunny's were located on the corner of Exchange Street and Waingate outside one of the entrances to the Castle Market. The Snig Hill store mentioned was probably Winstone's who also had a shop on S pital Hill, Pitsmoor.
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