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  1. Correct, Thames Ironworks became West Ham United.
  2. The other boxer that stopped Henry Cooper was -then known as- Cassius Clay, at Wembley in 1963.
  3. Don't recall the name of the lollies but remember that Wall's had salesmen-1950's ?-on bicycles with a big wooden container over the front wheel with a slogan 'Stop Me and Buy One' on the front of the big box, at least in the Shirecliffe area.
  4. I'm trying not to be pedantic Alan but I think Arsenal started out as Woolwich Arsenal, that place being a district in south London before they moved north of the Thames. I believe the club Port Vale was originally named Burslem Port Vale and I think Tranmere is an area in Birkenhead. As for QPR...got me there.
  5. And Chelsea's ground, Stamford Bridge is in the borough of Fulham.
  6. Didn't the Owls have a grey away kit in the 80s (with purple trimmings) ?
  7. The Owls finished one place below Stoke City and they've had an appalling season, I think that puts the tin hat on the season.
  8. Didn't the Minerva become the Yorkshire Grey and later demolished ?
  9. Where was the linesman when this was happening?
  10. On my yahoo mail page at the top of the page next to Spam, there are three dots... click that on and you may see 'block sender', see if that helps as I didn't know about that until I saw your post (I have a similar problem) and the subsequent replies.
  11. Thank you. I think I recall reading of the incident but somehow thought it was local kids up to mischief. A tragedy anyway.
  12. I don't know if it was riot, from what I saw it was a peaceful protest until the heavy mob moved in with tear gas and flares. Trump says he didn't order that assault and didn't know who did.
  13. Where did that happen ? Of course you don't need to name the unfortunate person.
  14. Yes, sorry about getting John Kelly's relocation wrong
  15. The pub up Carwood Lane was the Hallcar. The Simmonite's lived on Carwood Crescent (yes, the last house on that row). The shop that John Kelly moved to was formerly Mr. Livesey's and was opposite their old house that was at the 'V' shape at Carwood Road/Carwood Lane. I believe the Kelly's moved to the Brunswick Road area maisonettes after the re-development.
  16. Patricia, if you can access Picture Sheffield and in the blank space at the top type in: s25672 and you will see a photo (from 1970) the same stretch of Lyons Street where the incident happened in 1962 and perhaps your old house too. I know Alan Brearley emigrated to Massachusetts USA in the 70s and perhaps other brothers too, also on Facebook at 'Pitsmoorians of the Past', there are people on there that still see David Brearley around, try it !
  17. Yes I recall those two especially the formidable 'Sally' Elsie Sales (a Scott Road resident). The other one who, to me. was more easy going and her married name was Mrs. Manning, previously Miss Thornhill. Sally was the deputy headteacher (under Mr. Hugh Hall) but taught classes -as you know-anyway. Not that you mentioned it but the infants didn't really have a headteacher but one in the guise of Miss Major, a 'Bessie Braddock' type of woman, physically and vocally, remember her ?
  18. I agree with all of that but the 'foul stench' he might have left at Elland Road was already there.
  19. Jim, the buildings that are still there on the old Sutherland Road side was part of the junior school (my last classroom there was one of them) as was the Lyons Street side. The infant's classrooms were in the middle As for the 'houses' at Burngreave, the reason that there was no 'Saints' house was because All Saint's pupils did not go to Burngreave until 1948/49-they carried on there until 14 years of age, the school leaving age then, By 1948 Burngreave had been open 17 years and the houses had already been established. Told to me by a former pupil of All Saints who was in the first draft to go there in the late 40s.
  20. Thank you Patricia and I thought that Mr. Brearley (I never knew the parent's first names) was killed by a falling chimney pot during the gales -which happened in February 1962- near the Thorndon Road corner I believe. The same morning, my father and other men were coming down Lyons Street on their way to work and just missed the tragic incident.
  21. I'm not Peter Brearley but I knew the family: (In age descending order) David, Peter, Alan, Stephen and John and I thought Mr.Brearley-the father- passed away before 1963 but could be wrong on that.
  22. Did you have a brother called Barry and did you live next door the Cowley's ?
  23. Also, the Guards Rest (Hallcar Street) was between those two.
  24. Yes RIP, on reading Stirling's obituary today, I didn't know that he was Jewish (not that his religion matters here) his grandfather changing the family name from Moses to Moss.
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