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  1. Thanks everyone. I've managed to get the book from Sheffield Scene on Surrey Street. The last one on the shelf.
  2. Tried Star Shop. Forgot about Sheffield Scene. Thanks I'll try that. ---------- Post added 09-12-2016 at 14:06 ---------- Managed to get the book. Thanks for your help.
  3. Can anyone help. I'm looking for a copy of Alan Billams book about Grimesthorpe. Can't seem to buy it from anywhere. If you know where I can get a copy can you let me know. I'd be really grateful.
  4. Thanks. I remember it as Ogleys now. Loved the Rag and Tag market.
  5. can anyone remember the name of the pet shop in the old Rag Market, Its driving me mad trying to think what it was. HELP.
  6. I was born in the front room of the terraced house I grew up in. It had an off-shot kitchen and an attic. Both original. I remember 2 of the glass panes in the attic window were blacked out. They were remnants from the war. We were lucky enough to have a bathroom. (You had to go through the bathroom to get to the attic stairs.) There was a sink and a bath. The toilet was outside across the back yard.
  7. I wouldnt recomend Akhbars on Meadowbank Road. Its overpriced, and I found the service really bad. Wont be going there again.
  8. Hi everyone. Les Beales funeral is on Tuesday 17th sept. 1.15pm at Grenoside.
  9. Can anyone remember the name of the pub underneath the Marples in the Square? You came out of The Marples and turned right. On the right hand side there was a door and steps going down into the pub. I cant believe ive forgotten it. I had quite a few nights in there in the 70s. Hope you can help me.
  10. Nearly got me there. Was gonna ask you what road it was on. XX
  11. Anyone know where theres a local launderette. My washers broken.
  12. I learned to swim at attercliffe baths. We went with school. After that we started going to Sutherland Road baths. Shame theyve gone now.
  13. I saw loads of acts at Baileys. The two that stand out for me was Jimmy Ruffin and Jimmy James and the Vagabonds. Saw the Small Faces at the Top Rank. also Love affair and Amen Corner. All Brilliant.
  14. Looking forward to the reunion.Vicky and Jackie, Ken Elliotts Daughters are hoping to be there. Ill find out for definate soon. The more the merrier .
  15. Had another good night didnt we? Loved it. The meal was lovely. Great company and bingo.
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