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  1. This is from late 40s to 50s anybody there around this time.
  2. I was on a night shift in the next bay the night of that accident, the man was called Dennis and was from Wincobank. He was sprayed with molten metal that escaped from the bottom of the mould that was being lifted out of the pit, he was in the pit. A very brave nurse went down there to give him first aid, all the lads were taking their overalls off, soaking them and dropping them down to her to try to cool his wounds. Poor lass was doing all she could but molten steel causes terrible injuries. Dennis passed away the following day, that is just one of the nightmare memories I carry from my 39 years in that factory.
  3. Very sad news, I first met Danny when we both worked at Firth Browns in the 70s. We both had scooters at the time and spent our spare time riding them or up town clubbing, Crazy Daizy was a regular haunt. As said he had a wicked sense of humour, great days. My sympathy and condolences to his family RIP Danny
  4. WRONG, that is your take on it, read it again. Zebra crossings. As you approach a zebra crossing look out for pedestrians waiting to cross and be ready to slow down or stop to let them cross you MUST give way when a pedestrian has moved onto a crossing allow more time for stopping on wet or icy roads do not wave or use your horn to invite pedestrians across; this could be dangerous if another vehicle is approaching be aware of pedestrians approaching from the side of the crossing.
  5. Hiya old mate, I've done a lot of family ancestry research and found a lot of the things I was told by my gran and other family members, which I took as myths, were actually true. Don't discard anything, you never know. Hope you are well.
  6. I had regular trips down there for paraffin to fill the bathroom heater, when they shut I had a longer trip down to the Fina garage at the bottom of Catherine St.
  7. That would be Sheffield United's Academy now Texas.
  8. I think the Whites you are looking for are the demolition family, they still work in the area one part of the family in Rotherham on Meadowbank Rd and the other on Carlisle St Sheffield. Tyrone White a younger family member lived next door to me until recently.
  9. Hi Bri, There was a grand staircase and if I remember correctly it doubled back on itself and there were more doors along a passage below the second tier. The whole thing was oak panelled in my memory. Shaun
  10. Hi Peter, I never used him, we all had rather long hair at the time, but I remember a door inside the main entrance area being used by the office staff. Could have been one through the gate for shop floor workers
  11. The company barber was through that door as well, I thought the old uns were pulling' my leg about him, it was true though !!!
  12. I don't remember a a pub on that corner, I think it was a yard with a high wall around it. Could have been a pub originally I remember the Nelson being converted into a garage, what a waste of a good pub, not sure if it is still there. ---------- Post added 03-10-2014 at 16:38 ---------- Definitely Firth Brown, Got my boots from the canopied doorway and my wage packet from the bricked up entrance next to it !!! Yes I remember the company garage it was alongside the Nelson. Humbers, one of my favourite marques.
  13. Hi, Long time no visit. Yes the Nelson was on the corner of Norroy and Greystock St and next door was a sarnie shop owned by Elsie Briggs. Her son was Brian Briggs, he serviced and covered most of the snooker tables in Sheffield including the Crucible if I remember correctly. There was often a roll of green baize in the shop. The sarnies were great as well !!
  14. Julie the birds would have been Starlings, a murmuration. I lived in Pye Bank and Parkwood Springs was our playground. There were thousands of them every year, they fascinated me as well, an amazing sight. I saw a mini version at Parkgate a couple of months ago, it brought back many memories.
  15. I had returned my mates van back to Hillsbro' corner coming back from Rotherham, after being stuck in rolling car park of fans on Saville St and Carlisle St heading into the town centre. I spun the van round and drove along to Upwell St and onto Herries Rd. The lack of traffic on Herries Rd was eerie. I swapped the van for my car and drove back up Herries, still no traffic. and home to Shiregreen, dropped my car at home and walked into the Penguin at 3:05 just in time to see it all unfold as I stood at the bar getting a pint. Why were all those cars heading into town so near to kick off and who directed them there ? This is the question that I would like to have answered after all these years !!
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