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  1. The op didn’t say if they was suit cases or cases? Either way if it was an estate car the driver may well have presumed it had been ordered so the extra £5. As to why £5? Well there are not that many estate cars on a taxi fleet and if one is asked for then it maybe for suitcases that may not fit in a boot but also people take the mick and use a taxi as its cheaper than a man with a van. Also bear in mind the estate car may well have had to be brought in from another area so extra time and fuel.
  2. I was mainly plastering years ago but then landscaping. Retired now. Dennis North? I live in one of his built 1983. That was ready mixed mortar. LBC Cotwolds.
  3. Ok not a frog but an indention. What is your opinion of a plasticiser? Mine is Feb mix and other plastisizers which are air entrainers. Thousands of minute air bubbles that act like ball bearings or so that what is what the Feb rep taught us at Shirecliffe College. Negotiable whether you add it to lime or not. Some do some don’t. I do to reduce the water content, less chance of shrinkage crazing.
  4. For what its worth today’s properties have sand and cement in 5:1 or weaker mixed with additives usually called air entrainers that provide plasticity for the user and frost proofing for life. It sets hard and brittle but works. As for repointing then I was taught by the old boys that the mix should always be weaker than what is there or it will shell off which I have witnessed. My choice of mix is sand, lime and cement in the ratio of 6:1:1 with a air entrainer added, it sets hard enough if cured right. Nothing wrong with lime mortar on the old properties, sets hard enough for any weather but also remains pliable, avoiding the problems associated with modern hard renders. In 1988 I was working on a retired clerk of works house who was 80 years old who noted my modern 5:1 sand and cement mix with air entrainer added. He went onto tell me about buildings still stood today dotted around the City built out of lime mortar and how todays mortar is fast and convenient but not the best in the long term. He took me down to the bottom of his garden with my brick hammer and gave me a brick probably laid over 100 years ago and the frog was full of lime mortar. He challenged me to knock it out but I failed. All I could it put dents in it, it was well stuck but not hard. If it was the modern mortar I could have hit it once and that mortar would have come out in one piece. His point was hardness comes with brittleness, but lime sticks and remains pliable.
  5. If this company cannot help you no one can. http://www.thebrickcentre.co.uk/
  6. I will try and ask my neighbour who is a couple with a baby. We are a shower each a day and at least 4 washes on eco mode. Maybe a car wash a fortnight and I water the lawn in hot weather. Hopefully it will be cheaper on a meter.
  7. I have just received my annual water and sewerage bill for the year at £757 for a Band B 3 bedroom semi. How does this compare to someone in a Band B semi on a water meter? We are a retired couple with a shower.
  8. I go to Dunelms for a coffee. No queue, brighter and a lot quieter.
  9. I bought a Novatech netbook off EBay and then realised it was being sold without a charger. Does anyone out there have a charger they could sell me? It is a N1V2 model. 10" netbook.
  10. Check out the ground rent and management charges. They can be ott.
  11. Think you will find it is a health and safety requirement.
  12. It will be well worth the expense. Thicker the insulation the better. Also consider what insulation. Phenolic (foam) is better 'u' value than polystyrene but costs a lot more. Also think about fitting skirting boards and curtain rails afterwards. May need some battens fitting. There is an insulated plaster called Bauwer, goes on about 75mm thick. Harder to do than insulated plasterboard but very breathable.
  13. If it is upvc then the bottom panel will come out and replace it with a new one. You will need the services of either a upvc window manufacturer or a company that does upvc door repairs. If know of someone who is handy you can take photo's and then get the panel to be replaced measured up. Simple swap over then.
  14. A rolling contract is the original agreement on a 1 month roll over or two months on the landlords side. You will need to give 1 months rental period notice so from the next 15th to the following 14th. So 14th of February. In effect 6 weeks notice, the full rent period from 15th Jan plus the time up to from giving notice late December up to the 15th January. Bit of bad luck if that is how your origanil agreement was worded. Some landlords will want to stick to the agreement others may just take your 1 months notice from you giving it to them.
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