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  1. Hi, Any one could recommend a very sensible decking company to remove my rotten timber deck and replace with composite decking? Also, wanna ask is composite decking any good for long lasting over 20 years? My house is extended and hence limited access through the door. Hence, decking seems to be more sensbile than patio paving. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good TV aerials installer (with multi room tvs)? Thanks.
  3. Hi Mark, I left a message to your inbox regarding fitting an alarm system. Could you please try to get in touch? Many thanks,Jordan
  4. Hi, anyone could recommend reliable and reasonable priced gardening service, e.g. raking, mowing for a small garden of 30 square meters? Thanks
  5. Invited Jeff to do some joinery work and the experience is very very good. Thanks to him.
  6. It's the third time that Sam helped me, who this time fixed a leak of a failed rubber seal at the waste pipe joints, coming on the day of call. Again, very reasonable price, polite, clean throughout. Very much appreciated.
  7. Just to ask if smarter meter is any good other than showing your detailed cost of everyday and no need to submit reading intermittently? The reason I am asking is that British Gas has signed a wrong contract called 'saturday electric free', which needs smarter meter to be installed. I can simply ask them to revert to other normal contract but the sales team persist benefits of installing a smart meter etc.
  8. It's been freezing and windy. My door to the garden has been fitted by previous owner with a cat exit/entrance cover and cold air blows through even through the gaps even when shut. It left the corridor around the door so cool even when heater on. I am kindly ask anyone to recommend any materials than can be easily cover the hole with minimum diy work? It would be grateful to give me link of the materials. The cat hole cover is small, around 25 cm by 25 cm including all the edges. Many thanks.
  9. The main drain is on the other side of the porch. How does it connect the current downpipe to the other side? Also, the soakaway is filled with soil. I can't dug any deeper. Is it normal for a soak away? Any other advice much appreciated!
  10. Hi, When I moved in the house, I found out a quite bit of pond at the centre of front porch but cannot see any leak or damp from the wall or top roof. Today the porch had a stern test with the rain and I found out the leak is actually from underneath. See pictures below. Could any of you kindly offer advice what to do with it? Is it a slight void of the foundation underneath? Or need to regrout the tile? Note the downpipe drainage is fine (soakaway) and is not pointing at the place where it soaks the water from. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9n74l7xpawbzui3/2016-12-23%2020.55.13.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/kyu0q1zulu3pojj/2016-12-23%2020.55.42.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/vy6fktdyyfxyx9t/2016-12-23%2021.10.09.jpg?dl=0 and just show you the soak away next to porch (where floor and wall next to the soakway is absolutely dry!) https://www.dropbox.com/s/0zenuph8y66mh6s/2016-12-16%2013.29.57.jpg?dl=0 Note all walls seem dry If you see the pictures three main leaking points: (1) close to external white wall. (2) near the internal door (3) a little bit damp near the external black door. Any help or suggestion will be really grateful and appreciated.
  11. Another thanks to sam for sorting out a sink and tap and do some extra sealing for shower tray almost free! Very polite, genuine, reasonable and transparent priced tradesman. ---------- Post added 24-12-2016 at 14:00 ---------- Also great many thanks to the following: Matt from MJB electrical. Very professional team do the consumer box upgrade. Almost have to rewire due to constant tripping when new RCD is put on. But the team (Matt and two young chaps) has lifted all boards and identified a stupid useless faulty line installed by previous electrician. This cost them almost extra half a day but didn't put me extra charge and save me a huge amount to rewire etc. Also, helped to sort out all external lights where I cannot reach. Dan the roofer who replaced my flat roof and helped me to replace a shower in short notice. Yesterday, the new bay roof has passed a stern test and I am very happy. Jazer who helped to install a membrane along the porch to block seeping water and fix the flashing over the roof. Very tidy and efficient job. Merry xmas to all tradesman who have worked hard for our sheffield community.
  12. Hi, Just kindly ask some advice from experts here. I found out that the gutter of my flat roof runs straight down and suddenly goes into a big hole (don't now how deep) filled with soil next to my porch wall. Usually, it should be runs straight into gulley and sewage down right? Is it a problem? See pic below. Note the left bottom is a black leaf not any pipes. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0zenuph8y66mh6s/2016-12-16%2013.29.57.jpg?dl=0 Many thanks,
  13. Many thanks to Sam @ Dearne (well known plumber on this forum) who sorted out a dripping main valve instantly. To be honest, I don't know if the out call charge is the cheapest, BUT certainly NOT expensive one at all. The thing is that you pay for what you get best. Sam was called late night by me reporting a dripping of my main valve and offered to come immediately or advising me to turn off the valve and wait to see tomorrow as the leaking is not flooding the kitchen but certainly needs attention immediately. I messaged him the next morning reporting the leaking is on and he came immediately at 9ish and fixed the leaking. Many people would say, it's a easy job just tightening things but as advised by Sam, it should be done by a qualified plumber to do it probably thus avoiding turning your kitchen into a bathroom. The thing I am most pleased is that sam did it at INSTANT short notice and very professional and on time without giving you a surprising bill. Many thanks Sam. Will definitely use him again.
  14. Hi all, Just moved into a new house near totley. Last night found out the pipes down the kitchen taps are leaking. Recommend any plumber could do an emergent repair? Many thanks,
  15. Sorry i mean the shower will be heated by gas boiler which are already plumbed. So it's basically just a replacement shower. Thanks
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