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  1. Does anybody know if there is a Matalan there? Thanks
  2. Arrghh my first post didn't appear. Alan, Johnny, May, Vera, Joan, Janet, Linda
  3. No, there was Johnny, Alan, Susan, Linda, Janet, May, and Vera
  4. Does anybody know how you pay your rent to Sanctuary online? I'm v. busy today and don't have time to mess about! Thanks in advance
  5. Chimay then the man is taking advantage of a woman in a vulnerable position! I'm not saying I agree with either of the examples but what kind of man would do that?? A predatory one?
  6. How can people say that a woman should take some of the blame if they're raped?!?!? It's madness, whether a woman was drugged up to her eyeballs or p*ssed out of her head, that's no reason for a man to take advantage of her! If a woman says NO then that should be the answer taken!!
  7. Ahh thanks guys, been searchin for 1 and there just doesn't seem to be any!
  8. Does anybody know of any playgroups in the S5 area? My son's 9 and a half months old and I want him to get used to playin with other babies and children
  9. Take them to a charity shop or the childrens hosp. Or put them in ad mag
  10. I have a funeral to go to at Grenoside cemetary unfortunately but I have no way of getting there other than by bus. Does anybody know if there are any buses that go as near as possible to the cemetary from Shiregreen?
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