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  1. We are at Concorde leisure centre for the next 3 weeks, then back to Ponds Forge. 8pm - 9.30pm Thursday 4th November 2021. Note this is different timings from our Tuesday session! Got to love SIV.
  2. We are at Concorde leisure centre for the next 3 weeks, then back to Ponds Forge. 7.30pm - 9pm Tuesday 2nd November 2021
  3. We are back on. New time of 7.30pm due to Ponds Forge shutting earlier.
  4. We are back on. New time of 7.30pm due to Ponds Forge shutting earlier.
  5. Sheffield forum badminton club is back on as from today (15th June 2021) Tuesdays and Thursdays. 7.30pm-9pm (half an hour earlier than previous sessions) . £4 per session. Book at our website to guarantee a spot. https://www.sfbc.org.uk/ booking is not necessary but currently due to Covid numbers will be limited, so it will be first come first served for non booked. You can also reserve a spot and pay cash on the day by visiting our Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/groups/196441570398801/?tsid=0.9371760849608088&source=result All abilities welcome. Drinks and chat will resume at the Old queens head after Tuesdays session.
  6. Tuesday badminton is back on at English Institute of Sport, advanced bookings only, and obviously no social. For more details see the new thread or visit our website https://www.sfbc.org.uk/
  7. Hello all I hope everyone is well and has survived lockdown. Over the past few weeks we as a committee have been putting together something of a plan to get some form of club sessions back up and running and I am pleased to announce that, with a few changes to the way things are run to minimise the risks to everyone, we will be holding our first session at EIS on 15th September (next Tuesday) from 7pm - 10pm. There will be a number of changes, the most noticeable of which will be that we will be limited to the number of people in the hall at one time. Because of this we have decided to split the session into three 55 minute sessions. In order to attend you will need to visit sfbc.org.uk and sign up to and pay for a session. I appreciate that this is a shorter session than we have been running before, but it will be pretty intense due to the number of players! If you are unable to book a session because they are all full please DO NOT come to the venue as you will not be able to play and it may affect our booking with EIS if more people attend than are permitted. When visiting the site you will be directed to the information you will need to know before attending. Please make sure you read this carefully, as there are a few other changes you will need to be aware of. Also please remember that many of the actions outlined on the website are mandated by the venue and if they are not followed we will not be able to continue putting on sessions. I hope you will be able to attend again, either next Tuesday or at a session soon. Obviously this is all a new way of doing things and we may make some minor changes to how we do things as the weeks go by. We currently have no scope for sessions on Thursdays but we are looking into whether this will be feasible going forwards. Right, I’m off to find my racket, does anyone remember the rules? Please visit https://www.sfbc.org.uk/ if you wish to book your session in advance. Cheers
  8. Our Christmas do is on Friday 17th January 2020. Let us know at or before badminton on Tue 14th if you want to attend. Cheers
  9. Sheffield Forum Badminton Club is proud to present to you Curryoke Hi all. As we didn't have a Christmas social this year we are going to have an evening out on Friday 17th January to celebrate Chinese New Year. We are going to look at booking a table at Maveli Indian restaurant on West Street at 8 o'clock or thereabouts possibly with kareoke to follow! Please let us know by next Tuesday (14th Jan) if you would be interested in coming, it should be a blast!
  10. Hi We are planning to build a wall from black bricks. Does anyone know where sells nice black bricks? We have been to a few sellers but not found any instock. We have gone online for samples but only 1 website has actually sent samples we requested a month ago.
  11. The new football season kicks off on Friday. Please come and join our Sheffield Forum Badminton Club Fantasy Football league. The game is free to play, and you can (if you are amazing or super lucky) win great prizes, whilst also beating your fellow badminton-ers. Our league code is kzvx4s https://fantasy.premierleague.com/
  12. Is it permitted development? If so no plans or drawings are necessary. A friend of mine needed a floor plan to show the new build company that built his house 3 years prior. They own the rights to any changes for the first 10 years. He hand drew the floorplan not to scale but with measurements on. It took him 15 minutes. He needed no other plans... however I think it is unlikely that you would need no plans at all and I would get them done by an online architect. There are some great ones that are very cheap and give you full prices online, and lots of reviews. Google is your friend. Obviously you can also use a local architect or get a builder to handle it all.
  13. The boundary between Rotherham and Sheffield should be the M1 motorway. But it doesn't really matter what it is called. The enterprise zone is doing its job of pulling investment into the region. Unfortunately they come for the tax breaks, and subsidies, and paint a picture how it's because of the university they have come. We should be offering these subsidies and tax breaks to our local companies if they want to expand in the area as they are more likely to stay once the tax breaks dry up. Jobs are good but we need businesses to pay their business rates and not take subsidies. It has been planned that soon all business rates will go to local councils instead of to the government. But government will stop giving any other money. Without every business paying business rates there is no way Sheffield and Rotherham councils can stay afloat.
  14. You are talking 1cm difference. Buy the hob you want. Find a fitter and surely they will fit it. They may need to take a jigsaw to your worktop etc. But 1cm is not a massive difference and the chances are high that it will fit or can be made to fit.
  15. It depends a lot on your budget, the type of accomodation you like to live in and so on. SW of the city and you can't go wrong but there are plenty of other nice bits. I would say that the housing stock in Sheffield is generally poor. Lots of small houses with small rooms and little to no insulation. Head to Crosspool and you can spend over £300,000 on a semi that is 100m². The area is nice, you can have your garage, albeit probably too small to fit a car in it or already converted into extra living space, you will get your garden too, and great schools, plus nearby parks that are well maintained. Also you will have a 5 to 15min walk to the countryside (peak District side) yet you will only be 25 mins walk to the city centre. It is where most of our friends move when they get there second child. If you want a larger house then look elsewhere, Hillsborough is alright. Definitely nicer than lots of areas, nice park but lots of traffic. Mearsbrook and Heeley are up and coming and both walkable to town. Plenty of places further out but the further out you go the worse your commute, especially if you are driving. Driving times tend to half during school holidays.
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