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  1. Hi We are planning to build a wall from black bricks. Does anyone know where sells nice black bricks? We have been to a few sellers but not found any instock. We have gone online for samples but only 1 website has actually sent samples we requested a month ago.
  2. The new football season kicks off on Friday. Please come and join our Sheffield Forum Badminton Club Fantasy Football league. The game is free to play, and you can (if you are amazing or super lucky) win great prizes, whilst also beating your fellow badminton-ers. Our league code is kzvx4s https://fantasy.premierleague.com/
  3. Is it permitted development? If so no plans or drawings are necessary. A friend of mine needed a floor plan to show the new build company that built his house 3 years prior. They own the rights to any changes for the first 10 years. He hand drew the floorplan not to scale but with measurements on. It took him 15 minutes. He needed no other plans... however I think it is unlikely that you would need no plans at all and I would get them done by an online architect. There are some great ones that are very cheap and give you full prices online, and lots of reviews. Google is your friend. Obviously you can also use a local architect or get a builder to handle it all.
  4. The boundary between Rotherham and Sheffield should be the M1 motorway. But it doesn't really matter what it is called. The enterprise zone is doing its job of pulling investment into the region. Unfortunately they come for the tax breaks, and subsidies, and paint a picture how it's because of the university they have come. We should be offering these subsidies and tax breaks to our local companies if they want to expand in the area as they are more likely to stay once the tax breaks dry up. Jobs are good but we need businesses to pay their business rates and not take subsidies. It has been planned that soon all business rates will go to local councils instead of to the government. But government will stop giving any other money. Without every business paying business rates there is no way Sheffield and Rotherham councils can stay afloat.
  5. You are talking 1cm difference. Buy the hob you want. Find a fitter and surely they will fit it. They may need to take a jigsaw to your worktop etc. But 1cm is not a massive difference and the chances are high that it will fit or can be made to fit.
  6. It depends a lot on your budget, the type of accomodation you like to live in and so on. SW of the city and you can't go wrong but there are plenty of other nice bits. I would say that the housing stock in Sheffield is generally poor. Lots of small houses with small rooms and little to no insulation. Head to Crosspool and you can spend over £300,000 on a semi that is 100m². The area is nice, you can have your garage, albeit probably too small to fit a car in it or already converted into extra living space, you will get your garden too, and great schools, plus nearby parks that are well maintained. Also you will have a 5 to 15min walk to the countryside (peak District side) yet you will only be 25 mins walk to the city centre. It is where most of our friends move when they get there second child. If you want a larger house then look elsewhere, Hillsborough is alright. Definitely nicer than lots of areas, nice park but lots of traffic. Mearsbrook and Heeley are up and coming and both walkable to town. Plenty of places further out but the further out you go the worse your commute, especially if you are driving. Driving times tend to half during school holidays.
  7. Last time I needed a mini digger I found a digger with opporater for £130 per day Inc all fuel, insurance etc. This was 2 years ago. Actual mini digger hire with delivery and insurance excess reduced to 0 was considerably more expensive for me.
  8. I think all 4 of the seats labour lost in Sheffield were in the Jareds Hallam constituency. Im pretty sure Crookes went Lib Dem and Broomhill went Green.
  9. Definitely builder.. but I would suggest that upside down houses are usually amazing to live in and a few years later you may well regret making the change.
  10. I tried this form and got the response come back when you have your plans drawn up. The architects I spoke to suggested not bothering with this as it just adds a couple of months delay into the process.
  11. Disagree with Op. Man pic is large but is a horrendous station. Catching a train or disembarking on a through platform is terrible. Miles away from everywhere, crowded cold wet platforms. Then you have the ticket Nazis who attack you with demands to see railcars and tickets whilst your carrying a toddler, pushing a baby in a pram and trying to find a connecting train. In the main stations the departure boards are a muddle. A platform may have 3 trains on it and only 1 will be yours but the boards don't say platform 3 a,b,c etc, so you have to find someone and ask them, that is if you actually notice that there is more than 1 train. I have no idea how man pic got the same rating as Sheffield. Sheffield has some faults, but it is fairly simple and easy to use for such a relatively busy station.
  12. Have we not learnt from past military actions yet? Our intervention in the middle east has only made the world less safe, whilst achieving virtually nothing. Both Afghanistan and Iraq are significantly less safe than they were before our most recent wars. It is pretty obvious that it is almost impossible to win a war these days. Yes you can get rid of a leader or a ruling party, you can install a democracy but the chances of an even worse leader coming to power seems to be rather high. So you are left with an unstable country with either a power vacuum and lots of infighting or a more stable country with an even worse reigiem than you have spent £billions on removing. Our military should be a defence deterrent for ourselves and possibly some of our commonwealth partner countries. It should also do humanitarian work. Yes I would love to see Assad go, and I would love to see no chemical weapons in use, and no wars full stop. This is not a winnable war. Most wars are not winnable. But even less so when Assad has Russian support. Hey Mr Putin you are pretty good at poisoning people in Britain can you send some more Chemicals to Assad in Syria. His chemical factory has just been destroyed. Oh sure thing Mr Assad, anything else we can help you with? No one can go to war with Russia without obliterating the whole planet. So in effect they can do whatever they want.
  13. No idea about the exact law but the house I grew up in had a long garden, and the first 5 fences on both sides were 2ft board with 6ft fence on top. The rest of the garden was just 6ft fences. It created a private patio area with a slightly less private grass area. Seemed to work well from what I remember.
  14. Long flights are dull. Stopovers are good as long as you stay for a while. 1 or 2 day stopovers don't work as you just give yourself a couple of extra days of Jetlag. We try to do 4+ nights for a stopover or fly with no stopover. The latter is actually easier and makes you arrive much less jetlagged but it is extremely dull, and you don't see any extra countries and cultures. I tend to take extra socks, a decent blanket, touthbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, a kindle with lots of books on it and some sort of pillow... Normal neck pillows are useless but there are some more expensive ones that are really good. Most of this was standard kit on long haul flights until a year or 2 ago. Check with your airline to see what you get so you don't duplicate.
  15. It's a great article and puts Sheffield 3rd, 10th, 6th and 7th largest city in the Britain depending on the measurement. The 3rd place can be nulled as London isn't on the list and Bradford comes 4th well ahead of Manchester, Glasgow and other big cities. So I think any argument for 6th to 10th largest would be fine.
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