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  1. Bought two more identical - to the other two - TalKTalks : tried them on the TV and then on the outlet where my comp is : nothing . Comp fault finder says for both " Ethernet 3 doesnt have a valid IP configuration . " !?
  2. Thank you : will look for another TalkTalk ; same … etc .
  3. Bought a Simpler Network p a to add another computer outlet : does not work : is it incompatible with my 2 TalkTalks ? Would it work with them if it was the primary - at the router?
  4. For this : I have the components https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2Qlk6_e_f0
  5. 80 + broccoli plants : no florets : more success with purple sprouting ? : how ?
  6. No meter , available, will measure the 5G range : which will be , mainly , I am told - 24 to 90 GH, eventually . I found I meter which will measure the lower " introductory" range . site .. https://emfacademy.com/5g-radiation/
  7. Thanks : it is all much worse than even I thought . However , to date 5G is banned in Israel : understandable as Israeli scientists helped develop it and they should know the dangers : Brussels .. and Glastonbury ! Zurich has reported big problems . We will see what happens in Sheffield : if all those destroyed trees have gone in vain …,
  8. I am going to buy an EMF meter for all of the testing , needed : 4G , 5G, smart meters , wifi, comps, etc. , etc . Do I need to spend 200 quid on a Trifield ?
  9. Where can I get a berry picking tool in Sheffield ?
  10. Thanks : will look at both suggestions.
  11. I use Apache Open Office for documents , leaflets .. I have hit the wrong button and now there are multiple pages , each with a part of the wording on them ! ! . How to I revert back to a usable set up? / default ? or should I just download another word process facility .
  12. We have a semi which has a common loft : the sale depends on installing a firewall : what's best - price , ease, etc . ?
  13. The end cap came off with pliers and the unlock device got the nut off : total 20 seconds . I was looking for a complex fix .
  14. Flat tyre : also , is the plastic sleeve really necessary ? Surely , there should be an alternative : I have the critical - metal - part .
  15. I have just found out that my Rover 25 has secret wheelnut locks without any primary extractor in the kit ( it has a metal double nut gadget ) . The tyre has a screw sticking out of the tread and is going down. The device has a code : it says 36 - handwritten on the relevant manual page : does this sound about right ? Where are these things available ? How efective are the repair jobs done through the valve ? The car was on the drive : I could have been anywhere .
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