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  1. Not fished it for a while, but there was a few fishing it other day so still being fished. Bailiff came round last time I was there, very informative bloke regards the venue forgot his name. Its quite silty towards the top end further down to where the liliy pads are is where the bigger fish are. I've had many a good day there, give it a go
  2. Anyone know of any tackle shops open selling maggots ie kerfoots etc
  3. Another knee jerk reaction for the flavour of the year 'climate change' . Let's drive even more people away from the city centre, another tax on the motorist and businesses. I'm sorry but the buses are unreliable and sometimes don't turn up and tram doesn't touch my postcode. I think the townhall has this vision of us all riding around on bicycles. I'm sick of all these green activist banging the climate change drum. How do they think the clothes they wear and food they eat actually arrives in shops.
  4. its another example of how poorly we do things in Sheffield look at Manchester tram network its huge. we are now weeks away from our first train/tram link 18yrs since supertram started operation. stocksbridge has been crying out for the supertram but nothing has never materialised. It seems to take ages for anything to happen in Sheffield. The current tram train link to parkgate is 3yrs overdue and £60m over budget. you couldn't make it up. Its shambolic and now the supertram may soon not exist.
  5. The judges live a world away from what we have to put up with on our doorstep. If it was happening where they lived they would be dishing out tougher sentences
  6. Good riddance to those bikes. See shoplifters and people on drugs riding around town centre on the yellow bikes on a daily basis. Just dumped all around the city making the place look a mess
  7. anyone know how much renewal fee as I am an existing permit holder, been down and only got dates for subs up on notice board, asked a couple of people but those I asked didn't know. also got a friend who wants to join this year anyone know what the price will be for him
  8. To me I don't see need for 5* hotel, you go to London for that. A well balanced, free flowing well thought out and put together town centre is more want we want for us that live here 365 days a year
  9. The shows this week on radio sheff which are highlighting mental health issues have been spot on. Well done for trying to raise more awareness and getting listeners to share their experiences openly and try to remove the stigma of mental health.
  10. Well said! ---------- Post added 21-03-2018 at 00:42 ---------- Some people live surrounded by concrete and tarmac due to where they live, think your looking down your nose at people less well off/affluent than yourself. And to mention mental health to try and back up your argument is stooping pretty low.
  11. once its completed it will be nice for visitors to the city to walk out of train station and think wow, instead of whats happened in past and they have probably walked out of train station and thought what the hell is this dump. Area around train station has had investment and this will compliment the work already done
  12. I see lord scriven wading into the argument re policing of protests. What did he do for sheffield when he was with lib dem? Nothing. Another politician trying to make a career out of telling us how things should be run, but did nothing when in his politician day job when he should have been doing something, reminds me if nick clegg. I have no affiliation to the libs/lab/or cons or any other party, I understand the concern raised re people being woken up at 5am with police that's only point I can see being an important issue to raise. But his letter in sheff star today is a waste of ink. We would rather have our police fighting knife/gun crime, burglaries etc, real issues affecting everyone, not just a few
  13. I was pointing out 2 points 1. That the method to select how u want to pay us easy. 2. That pay at pump will stop the drive offs. Never said anything about paying at kiosk stopping drive offs
  14. You have an option, press pay at pump or pay at kiosk, it isn't rocket science. I can see all pumps going to pay at pump as it stops the amount of drive offs. If I was running a petrol station it would all be pay at pump. Everyone moaned about the Asda on at halfway which is only pay at pump, but it's always busy now
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