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  1. The original legally binding Keir price was in the outline intent letter with the price of 5.5k per block. I've asked them to show how this spiralled to 22k without a single letter of explanation. Legally I think we have a challenge and I will see them in court if need be after taking advice. We will not be paying as I believe they are in breach of their obligations to fairly explain and advise of all costs ---------- Post added 25-02-2016 at 17:52 ---------- Who is the local councillor and then mp for the area please if you guys know?we should be contacting them about this collectively
  2. Sad people and a sad area unfortunately. Glad I won't see what it's become in 50 or a 100 years.
  3. Sheffield may never recover from the bad publicity this will bring. The council should be ashamed they've let an area get so bad it becomes a feature in a scummy documentary like this. I despaired at the couple in tonight's programme being allowed to bring a youngster into the world, thankfully social services seem to have done the right thing and taken it into care. Nice to finally see where our taxes and council tax go, keeping people like them and the non working immigrants in housing benefits and hand outs. The only people who've benefitted from the area are the canny landlords who bought up the cheap houses no one wants now to cram as many benefit recipients in as they could. A depressing end to a series which confirms what everyone thought, it's probably even worse than we thought there.
  4. We've written a formal objection as it's 4 times the original notice of intent and no explanation of the overcharging has been given.
  5. Not once those 6th high kerbs are finished muhaaaaaaaa :-)
  6. One of their letters mentions previous objections at the initial consultation letter stage but we have no way of knowing who they are or how to contact them directly. We just want to be treated fairly. If something is going to cost 4 times as much as the winning tender there must be a legal and logical reason and it should be explained in writing. A legally won tender is just that and the price should be firm not end up in multiples of.
  7. This is a bit more serious when they tell you the block work is 5k and a year later it's jumped to 22k and no explanation why. They had the cheek to say you won't be invoiced for 6 months at least. You couldn't make it up. We may need legal advice but thanks for the reading material Jeffrey will have a good look. Awaiting a response from them at present as to why their outline quotation managed to quadruple AFTER the tender was won by Keir and the prices were published to us. ---------- Post added 13-02-2016 at 23:04 ---------- What was that in relation to if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Anyone else concerned with how the council appear to be carrying out the process of refurbishment work invoicing to people who own their own flat or property? We constantly receive invoices for our share of work done communally on a block of flats ( which we don't have an issue with ) but recently have received a demand for over £2k for roofline works. The original letter of intent where we had chance to raise objections stated clearly the cost per block was just over £5k. It would appear the exact same work is now somewhere near £20k having been initially tendered and us advised accordingly at the time. The only communication since is this new demand. No explanation whatsoever as to how it multiplied in cost by 4 times original. It's endless with the council as the properties are always subject to communal work but the way the charges spiral is criminal and without explanation. Once the invoice arrives there is no offer or plan to repay over anything more than 12 months, it's just 'pay up". We now believe that we have been mislead with the original letter stating the tendered prices and cost per block and that it's now unreasonable to come back for 4 x the amount when no additional work has been done and no explanation given. Anyone else feel they are being taken for a ride purely because the property was bought off the council? Legal opinions may be sought as to the legality of doing so.
  9. The littering is absolutely disgraceful. The council put sweepers on nearly every day and it looks acceptable at best early morning. By 5pm it's a tip . 95% of the litter is from the shops selling pop and sweets. It's in the trees and woods and gardens of every house on the main road through. We are all paying towards this additional wasted clean up with our council tax it's simply outrageous they are never fined or taken to task. Seriously Sheffield council, put a pair of wardens there to fine them for litter and parking offences outside the shops. You'll make a fortune. They will stop eventually .
  10. There is a tool who races up and down the street at lodge lane Aston at weekends. He seems to just rip up and down to annoy people then go home. Utterly pointless
  11. That "bra thing" was funny :-) Unfortunately that also summed up perfectly some of our own pond life who live there to "help out" the newbies :-)
  12. I see this area twice a day. I wish I could film it and sell the footage some days it was far better than the programme altho they accurately portrayed what a dump it is and how people live there (newer residents generally ) I've seen drug fights, open drug dealing, mattresses and rubbish being g thrown into the woods nearby, kids running out into the road regularly. I've been abused and threatened for asking someone why they pulled up their car with no warning to chat to their friend stood in the road. I've had people block the road rather than let you through a gap so you have to turn round and take another route. I've seen numerous police cars drive by taking no notice of stuff going on and ignoring people driving with phones and no seat belts on. All of life's rich tapestry goes on down there. Dead sheep carcasses thrown on floor outside the food store early one morning. Rats under the fruit display outside one of the shops. Double parking, triple parking. Parking on zebras. Spitting of the finest order, littering in front of the council guys picking it up. I'd like to see it in 50 or 100 years time, it might just be an open sewer by then.
  13. Out of interest have you had any joy from them and did they genuinely investigate? Friend of mine had a laser pointer shone in her eyes by a driver in a car who couldn't get through and was angry he wasn't given right of way so tried to blind them.
  14. The new waverley estate is looking much better now it's filling up with homes but I'd be worried about what could come through the soil or if it will subside long term and couldn't buy a home in such a site. It was a vast mine and then soil heap for such a long time. In 50 years however will people care?
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