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  1. jaffa1

    Jo Brand - Hate Speech vs Free Speech

    You said it yourself " she WAS a mental health nurse " but now she's now an elite luvvie. You wouldn't have heard Martin Caine coming out with Jo Brand kind of vile bile.
  2. ha , I've just been reading on line about Freddie Star's funeral, it's a shame the television stations didn't cover it. But guess what was embossed on the side of the coffin? Return to Sender, nice one.
  3. jaffa1

    Who next for Tory Leader/PM?

    I still think Javid is the best man for the job. After Grove's wife saying it took him seven times to pass his driving test it makes you wonder how he could run the country.
  4. jaffa1

    Jo Brand - Hate Speech vs Free Speech

    What.. I watch it every week and its very rare he's on.
  5. jaffa1

    Jo Brand - Hate Speech vs Free Speech

    She's a fat ugly crude disgusting person, how about that for free speech. Another elite luvvie spouting off.
  6. My favourite is Javid, a decent man but unlikely to make it to the top.
  7. jaffa1

    Peterborough by-election

    Yes and I'm not happy with that, I want a re-vote.
  8. Yes we're all aware of that, look at Vera Lynn, wow for her age she seems to be doing very well.
  9. I agree with you on Funks and you get proper crackle but I find Crawshaw far too dry.
  10. The State with their benefits of course.
  11. Ah yes I forgot that but then again Charlie Chaplin didn't do badly did he?😁
  12. I asked a homeless chap how he could afford to keep a dog and he told me if you are registered as having a dog then you can claim extra money.
  13. If I was you I'd read some history books that's if you can read.
  14. You have to understand that when you get old your facial and lip muscles go which make him sound as though he was mumbling. Your hearing also goes and so does your hair. Your sense of smell goes Your teeth go Your eyesight goes Your apetite goes Your bodily functions go Your energy goes There must be something else I've forgotten. . . .Ah yes your memory goes. Is he forgiven?
  15. jaffa1

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    I didn't mean the situation of our NHS , I meant the ignorance of certain Brits.

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