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  1. jaffa1

    The old lady with the brass scales

    Weston Park use to have big gates but they got stolen some time or other. I believe they were found many years later.
  2. jaffa1


    Yes they should and as one politician said today they don't want a second vote for themselves in their own constituency but the want a second vote on Brexit.
  3. jaffa1

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Isn't that just what Begum said that the West bombed IS in Syria so what happened in Manchester was justified? Tit for tat.
  4. About 15 years ago they use to have a jazz boat going down there and you could hire it for private parties which I did once and we had a great time. I can't remember the name of the boat but there was a bar on board and I think they sold small snacks, great fun as we sailed down river. I wonder if they still do it?
  5. jaffa1

    Kilner Way Retail Park thread

    I'll go along with that , it's a lovely clean cafe but I don't think many realise that Dunhelms have got a cafe upstairs and there's a lift too.
  6. jaffa1


    You do get to recognise the signs but to the people who are unaware it is difficult for them, I have heard of young people being arrested because the police thought they were drunk until it was established that they were hypoing. My grandson has 6 injections a day and learnt to do it himself at school when he was 8. He is on the Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating DAFNE. It works well for him. Glad to hear your wife is physically fit, it does help the patients.
  7. If you have some sort of bank problem that needs sorting then you can't get the answers from a machine.
  8. jaffa1

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Good answer. It's a good example by NOT bringing her back, will make them think twice the next time because no matter what Trump thinks it's not over.
  9. jaffa1


    I agree but I am talking before they reach the 1.4 figure as for when you get too low you are not capable of even drinking a sweet drink or you my choke that's when the sweet gel comes in that you can rub onto the gums. My grandson has been diabetic1 since he was 18 months old and it was always a worry when he started school.
  10. jaffa1

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    She has no remorse and has only apologised because I think someone has whispered in her ear that it's the only way she would be let back home but to hear her talk she is truly throughly IS and she will bring her son up the same way.
  11. jaffa1


    Let's hope she grows out of it if they do I'm not sure but she's not diebetic 1 is she? Either or if the teachers are aware of her condition they will keep an eye on her. Diebetic1 children of the same age have to have insulin injections at school and seem to cope alright and on the other hand if they have a hypoglycaemia attack they are aloud sugary snacks. Have a talk with the head teacher and make them aware.
  12. That's why I withdrew from Nat West last year and changed banks, if more people did the same they'd probably have second thoughts about what they are doing.
  13. jaffa1

    Simpkins sweet factory.

    It's still there on Roselle street and when you are shopping on Hillsborough you can tell which flavour sweets they are making just by the smell in the air.
  14. jaffa1

    Binghams Potted Meat

    I buy Binghams tomato potted meat I love it. I was once eating it when my grandson asked me what it was and I told him "potted dog" I can't get him to try it, I wonder why? Does anyone know where the name dog came into it?
  15. jaffa1

    What is a luxury to you?

    To go to bed with no worries but that luxury is only for the very few so I will settle for clean sheets that have just been blowing in the fresh air, mmmm they smell so fresh when you're laid in bed.

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