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  1. I took my Raymond Weil watch to PA Jewellery last week for a battery replacement, it cost £6. Nothing else done just a replacement battery.
  2. It wasn't just Lord Mountbatten that wanted Harold Wilson out, the MI5 had a secret file on him too. There was a television programme about this a few years ago, there were a variety of conspiracy theories concerning Harold Wilson and the KGB, it did leave you thinking. As it was stated " The Wilson Plot was our Watergate.
  3. Pat Wilde from Crookes , I think she was a Miss Butlins.
  4. Yes it did, I remember the adults fixing up red white and blue trimmings across the yard and they had like a wax coating on them. I suppose today we would call them waterproof but even so we all had to pile into a neighbours house for our jelly and custard to keep out of the rain.
  5. I saw him entertain twice what a great entertainer he was, he gave it everything.
  6. We didn't get a telly until 1964 and ours was on the weekly from Wiggys. The first telly I saw was in 1955 when our neighbour got one, my friend invited me in to watch their new television. The program that was on at the time was about the death camps in Poland, I remember seeing the piles of dead bodies on the screen. As I was born after the war I didn't know anything about the war and what happened so I really didn't know what I was watching but I know it stuck in my mind. I wasn't in a big hurry to watch their telly in the future.
  7. A lot of people use ladies hair ' rakes' , the wide tooth combs with handle on the end but get a strong plastic one or even a metal one if you can find one. Try Boots shop.
  8. I've just tried and had no problem but didn't know they had done another update, the last one they did did enormous damage and still some things have not been recovered.
  9. I've just watched this and I thought it was good but the only thing that let it down was the costumes and cheap wigs. It looked as though most of them were off to a fancy dress party. If you're going to spend thousands making a film why have the actors walking about in cheap comical wigs? They could have bought some better ones or even had the actors grow their own.
  10. Well thanks for that pattricia, I thought it was just me. I don't watch any soaps but I do admit to watching Coronation Street in the very early days but all the soaps now are full of violence, murders ,sex and loud arguing all the time, true to life? Maybe so that's why we need a break from it, to sit and watch all this including Killing Eve etc and call it entertainment is beyond me. Yes I'm like you , I'll watch educational documentaries , non fictional and musical. To me watching or reading fiction is just wasting your precious time because it doesn't mean anything.
  11. I thought everyone rinsed out their bottles and tins other wise it will stink and also attract flies .
  12. Hillsborough Arena, Middlewood Road /Hawksley Ave.
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