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  1. People are more sensible about this than you realise, they do wipe down their steering wheels and door handles etc then give their hands a good wash while leavingredients the groceries in porch or some where to be wiped and unpacked the next day.
  2. Most sensible people have been taking their gloves OFF before they get into their car and bagging them for disposal.
  3. I agree with you Padders, I said the same . It has stopped the public from going to the doctors for trivial things and perhaps now realise they didn't need the doctor after all.
  4. Ha, they'll not wait to be tipped then? I'm not asking for owt for nowt, I just wondered how the system works. I suppose I'll get into it and may never want to shop again.
  5. I wish I knew how this supermarket delivery works. I have heard of a youngish regular customer now being blocked because she's too young for delivery but on the other hand I keep hearing the over 70s can't get a slot. I haven't been out for two weeks now, my partner is 83 and cant be left alone and I'm a few years younger. I'm itching to get out there and do the shop but I thought I'd play safe and try and order on line for the first time. I had a 30 minute queue wait but finally got on, never once was I asked my age , only when I ordered the booze was I asked if I was over 18. Well I did it and there is a three week wait but we don't mind that as we don't eat much but it's just nice to know something is on its way. The other thing is now they are not supplying plastic bags everything comes loose in their trays and they have to pass you everything, tin for tin, bottle for bottle, surely this can't be right when we are supposed to keep 2 metres apart. Being a novice at this game can anyone enlighten me?
  6. Isn't this where carrot cake came from during the war because they'd no fruit to put in the cake they put in grated carrot?
  7. Belgravia I don't think it is as good as Mr Fellowe's Downton Abbey but still watchable. The main actors are so wooden especially the two main females who to me look like sisters rather than enemies. I can't tell one from the other unless they're stood together.
  8. I'm not sure what the temperature is in Italy and Spain at the moment but I'm sure it's higher than ours and it seems to be thriving there.
  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the NHS workers and all the volunteers who are out there risking their own lives for old sods like me. I have stayed in for the last 10 days and up to now not had to relie on any one but it's a nice thought that someone would be there if needed.
  10. Medusa I think you are flogging a dead horse, it will never register with some people.
  11. I heard the Romanians were partying in Page Hall the other night, was it because they're now off work or were they having corvid19 parties?
  12. Well said Anna, think you should do this more often instead of saturating other threads with your political views.
  13. This is a difficult and challenging job for any country under the circumstances , stop your government bashing it's becoming boring.
  14. Hold your horses, she hasn't even had the baby yet. I don't think anyone envies his job at the moment. Bet Corbyn's glad he didn't get in.
  15. Solicitors are advised not to do any power of attorneys if the person in question has Alzheimers or has not got sound frame of mind. When we did ours we had to get it signed at the bottom by someone ( not a family member) to say at the time of signing the person in question meaning me , was of sound frame of mind. If all the paper work is carried out after the person has been diagnosed with Alzheimers it will not be valid. I know someone where this has happened .
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