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  1. Are you calling me liar? That's the truth and a lot of Scots will verify this infact at the time there were quite a bit on the news about it. One incidence on the news on television was where a gathering of protesters and a blind man in a wheel chair holding his banner to stay in the Union and someone ripped it out of his hand and threw it in the road. You obviously didn't see it. That did it for me.
  2. I use to like the Scots and holiday every year there until the year they had their referendum and we witnessed a lot of bad things. There were a lot of bullying going on with their own people if they didn't happen to agree to leave the Union. It put us right off and decided not to go back.
  3. So what are you saying then? that Labour voters are gullible and easily brain washed?
  4. If unsure look at the road markings but if there was a red light ahead of me I'd stop.
  5. Oh dear how wrong I was, can we have a recount. I really wish Karim had won, in my view I thought he was much more talented.
  6. My prediction tonight is Kelvin will come 3rd, Karim will be 2ndand Emma will win it.
  7. I can't hear that man gobbing off anymore out side Parliament , what's gone wrong ?
  8. Thank you Father Christbyn for giving us all a lovely gift.
  9. Labour and Lib Dens got a bloody nose because they refused to listen to the majority of their voters, and in Parliament they still don't hear us, they are intent on working for their own wishes rather than the will of the people. Let's hope this teaches them a lesson. As for the Beast of Bolsover it's time he went he was too smug for his own good. Jo Swinson.? Arrh poor girl, didn't she realise when she did so well last time was because most of them were protest votes.
  10. You must be joking, they are both puppets to Momentum. Bring back the true Labour.
  11. Oh please, think positive, Bet you nicknames Mr Glum.
  12. Can we now organise street parties? But I suppose we shouldn't jump to conclusions, it's not over yet.
  13. Rubbish, Corbyn was the problem, if they had had a better leader they would have done well and they were too blind to see that. Ask any Labour voter and they would have told you the same. I've never known life time Labour voters switch parties, Corbyn is finish.
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