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  1. That's not a home security light, sounds more like a car park flood light.
  2. I think your son has fitted the wrong lamp, he should have fitted a PIR sensor light that only comes on by movement, if your light is on continually you wouldn't have a clue if someone was walking up your garden path. I've been known to get out of bed to check why my light has come on just to find it was a cat strolling about. I don't blame your neighbour for being annoyed, it's not necessary to have it on all through the night.
  3. jaffa1


    Sorry posted on wrong thread
  4. jaffa1

    New roundabout Moss Way

    It's working today.
  5. I think most of these have been done on ' Remember any old silly verses? ' a bit further down the line. Maybe the moderators could combine.
  6. Eeni meeni myni mo Put the baby on the po When it's done, wipe its bum Eeni meeni myni mo.
  7. Red white and blue The Queen has got the flu The Duke has got the belly ache So out goes you.
  8. The original result vs the people who didn't know what they were voting for. How naive.
  9. jaffa1

    who would last longer.... North vs South

    Oh now the conversation changes to Africa, I thought the OP was talking UK.
  10. jaffa1

    spanish property

    A member of my family bought a place for £35k in Bulgaria , brand new, watched it being built step by step on line but that was just over 10 years ago. They will have increased in price over the years but not that much. They don't regret buying it and only use it for themselves and family members.
  11. jaffa1

    Electoral reform

    There are a few petitions in local shops for Mz Smith to stand for re-election.
  12. jaffa1

    spanish property

    The food , wine and property are all cheaper in Bulgaria and as for St Vlas it it a lovely little layed back village where the old sit in the square and watch the world go by as they do in Spain. The harbour where you are talking about practically belongs to the rich Russians, wow some of those boats and property around there have to be viewed on a sunny day. I wouldn't call that a ---- hole, there's a lot of money going on down there.
  13. jaffa1

    Java Lounge (ex) Holme lane

    At one time Java Lounge was a charity before it became a cafe.
  14. jaffa1

    Butchers shop recommendations

    Calves liver is nice too, very pink , tender and sliced thinly.
  15. jaffa1

    What the actual ..... (Breast ironing)

    When I first read this I thought ' fake news'. Does this really happen? Madness. Oh here we go, why do you always have to be on a different wave length to normal people. And your answer will be on the lines of ' what do you class as normal? ' Your come back answers are all so very predictable.

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