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  1. You must enjoy watching it, you seem to be watching it every week.
  2. That does seem a bit steep I would say a maximum of £ 80 but you are right to ask for an itemised bill. I've known friends good results by threatening them with writing to Watchdog or Rip off Britain.
  3. I wouldn't bother, there's not much they can do that you can't do for yourself. Pain relief tablets give you side effects after long term use but heat treatment gives great relief. The bean bags that you put in the micro wave soon go cold but I love my hot water bottles. Then along comes winter that gets all the joints hurting again. Always keep your your painful joints warm.
  4. But then again we get the other side of the story where none meat eaters are doing their best stop others eating meat. What has it got to do with them, we should all eat what we want to eat without being dictated to.
  5. I know I'm deviating a little but it's a bit like the smoking thing isn't it? Some years agof our local pub had a smoking rooms and a none smoking room but it didn't work because when you're in a crowd of say 8 and 3 of you smoke and the others dont then the group was split up. So my advice is what ever you do as friends or family together, get on with it and appreciate that we all have different tastes.
  6. Oh yes I remember it well, 😱 experimental days. They now experiment with more dangerous things.
  7. Thank you Firethorn , I called in today and yes it was a very big bread cake with roast potatoes and did two of us. Although it says £ 2-20 on the menu she did charge £ 2- 40, whether the extra 20p was for the polystyrene container which I got it in or for the 3 roast potatoes I don't know but whatever it was value for money. I think Beres know will have to pull their socks up but Funks are still good but I would have paid £5-60 for 2 smaller sandwiches.
  8. Nah , the race card appears again. Meghan was welcomed with open arms by both the public and the Royal family, she is a beautiful woman but obviously not suited to Royalty. She has only experienced a fraction of media hassle to what Princess Diane experienced so I suggest the paparazzi leave her well alone now and even boycott her. She will soon be crying out for recognition, at her convenience of course.
  9. They want their cake and eat it and as Marie Antoinette once said....".Let them eat cake."
  10. I'm not watching such crap but would love to see that, it says it all doesn't it and they must feel really embarrassed but they're getting paid for it.
  11. Ha ha sorry I've got to laugh because I remember it well and this was not just the Kinema but lots of the cinemas, it was quite normal. The Oxford was classed as the posher one where you took your girlfriends but the Roscoe you went with your mates.
  12. I found Dancing on Ice a bit boring tonight, I know they put a lot of time , effort and money into it but some how something seemed to be lacking tonight. Could it be it was dragging on too long . . .2hours.
  13. I know a granny who use to pick her grandchildren up and very aware that running the engine created fumes and also ran the petrol gauge down she use to fill a hot water bottle before she set off and sit with it on her lap. The young uns wouldn't think that way.
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