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  1. Because it's crap, not a patch on the old Castle Market.
  2. This is not a disgusting reply, he's got a point. I drove past there two weeks ago and when I saw Bistro I thought great, another wining and dining place to explore one evening until I realised it was some sort of tea and cake cafe.
  3. Some people's gardens are lit up all year round with those solar garden lights, my daughters garden is like fairy land with all the lights.
  4. I remember a Beryl Ridge from Jobson Road although it was in about 1957-9 , she was a pretty teenager but died very young. I remember the Besthalls from around that number St Philips Road , Tom , Dot, June, and many more.
  5. You can get the same stuff in the markets but cheaper.
  6. I went last year, great market ,can't wait to go back.
  7. Number 7 to 23 was William Rowland Ltd in the 1950s but I don't know when this was built but as a kid it looked pretty modern so I suggest the old court houses could have stood here before this works was built. This is the top end of Meadow Street starting from the bottom of Edward Street.
  8. I'm now reading Ruth Ellis, my sister's secret life.' This is written by Ruth's elder sister, seems she wasn't the the peroxide prostitute that the press made her out to be but then when she tells the story she describes her as exactly that. She also claims Ruth had connections with famous people like Diana Dors and also Stephen Ward from the Profumo affair. You have to make your own mind up to the things she suggests that really happened.
  9. There seems to be a long waiting list though, over a month at our surgery.
  10. I stopped watching XFACTOR a long time ago, well past it's sell buy date.
  11. Yes I watched it, three tests three different results on same person.
  12. I remember Mick, nick name Jabber, saw him a few years ago.
  13. They should get rid of Claudia Winkleman she's talentless but I don't suppose they will with her husband being one of the TV bosses.
  14. I went 6 months ago and it was awful. I don't mind paying for quality but the food was terrible and so was the service, there were only one more table occupied other than myself and friends and the place looked as though it could do with a good clean. I won't miss it
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