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  1. full guide to what is and isn't illegal on a bike https://www.cyclinguk.org/article/whats-legal-and-whats-not-your-bike
  2. E-bikes are great if you have a longish commute over 5 miles say, or need to carry a load. I try to ride mine with the assist turned down as much as possible. They are not quick at all on the flat just steady. If you go out with a mate who is on a conventional bike and is keeping a steady 17MPH you'll be riding a very heavy bike with no assistance at all till you drop back down to 15mph. 30 ebikes have gone out to Key workers in Sheffield and there is the well known doctor on an ebike over in Meersbrook . Seek him on twitter They are brilliant at utility stuff and flattening the hills, eg Blake St . Before the lockdown, as I'm now not going out due to asthma, I could do the run from Walkley to Hillsborough to get the dog food, then back up the hill in turbo mode in 20 minute for the trip and a couple of minutes in the pet shop whole trip. Try doing that in a car. You cant be done for speeding on a bicycle or breathalysed but you can be charged with cycling furiously. The drinking thing only comes in if you appear to be under the influence so it would be drunk and disorderly. And here is the great Danny McCaskill on a downhill run on an ebike pre lockdown https://youtu.be/ogFRcWso7-Q
  3. I know that the residents of a certain Peak District village are not as one as the click bate story says. Many of them recognise that the cyclists and walkers will do much to boost the economy of the hope Valley once the lockdown is eased. They arent happy about the negative publicity 12 miles is not a long bike ride. My commute to carbolite furnaces in the Hope Valley was 12 miles by bike. It's been noted that there a few noisy locals who have always been anti cyclist have used the virus as a chance to moan Lets concentrate on the positive side, It's great to see parents out with their children feeling safe to cycle on roads that would normally be deemed too dangerous. SCC is to be applauded for looking at ways to cone off lanes on wider roads so that pedestrians and cyclists can travel actively at a safe distance from each other and away from the cars. Its something other major cites have already done, Manchester for example. , Its good to see how the bike has now become a great device for getting our key workers, including NHS staff, to work. They can avoid the lottery of public transport. Our bike shops are offering a free bike check and repairs to Key workers. The ebike loan is also helping NHS staff. Another excellent initiative. https://www.sheffieldtelegraph.co.uk/news/people/sheffield-key-workers-get-e-bike-transport-boost-2533603 The one fly in the ointment is the small number of drivers who have taken the quiet roads to mean they can speed. In the Rivellin Valley, we have a speeding motorbike nuisance now not helped by the decision to turn off the speed cameras near Hagg hill https://www.thestar.co.uk/health/coronavirus/police-condemn-south-yorkshire-drivers-travelling-excessive-speeds-during-lockdown-2519827
  4. The University and its AMRC offshoot https://www.amrc.co.uk/news/covid-19-the-ventilator-challenge
  5. There was no full Erioca festival last year but they did run the Eroica 500 , limted to the first 500 and with a stricter interpretation of the vintage rules.Did it on my restored 1980 Claud Butler ive owned since new . 65 miles, great day out . Them Staffordshire Hills give Derbyshire a run for the money
  6. Roterham has AMP1 site , AMRC with Boeing, the McLaren composites centre, the rapidly expanding new town at Waverley, the redevelopment of the Orgreave site, the planned retail centre bus station , church and school and a big wedge of Objective 1 restructuring cash from the EU for the town centre. That little outpost of Rotherham is becoming expensive to develop in now as land value has gone up . It will now be mostly housing and retail, Much of the next phase will be on the Sheffield side, the old airport where Boeing's new factory has been built. Now if only there was some decent public transport infrastructure linking it to Sheffield & Rotherham. As that’s what is hampering development now. Crying out for a tram or at least a railway station at Waverly.
  7. Bumping this old thread . The New post office in Walkley is in Beeches shop . It opens on Monday 9th March . Its been a long journey to get this far so please use it
  8. Its only a temporary measure until the new pavement parking orders come through. There has been one particular offender who blocks the cycle route on Sheaf St everyday its been a long time since the tro was first raised http://democracy.sheffield.gov.uk/mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=19383&Opt=0
  9. Had a parcel for next day delivery from Wiggle bike parts . They use Hermes. Dispatched on Friday for Saturday delivery according to Wiggle but still no sign of it . Hermes Tracking says they picked it up on Saturday , it reached their local depot on Monday, still not yet out for delivery on Tuesday. I did explain to wiggle that I pay for their premium service when I need the parts next day. It was stated at the time of order that it would come next day. Next time Ill just use my LBS if they have the stock.
  10. Try Gerry at Gerrys bakery in Walkley. If not him he may know where. Also Pete Thorley Dickinson, Camm St bakery currently baking at Joespresso in Walkley . He may know where to get some https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Product-Service/Camm-Street-Bakery-467067827078858/
  11. friend of mine got stuck for 2/12 hours going down to Wickes from Walkley. Seems an amber warning is not quite enough for some.
  12. Technically nearly a 1/3 of Sheffield is in the Peak District national park
  13. and https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/top-law-firm-eyes-move-into-sheffield-city-centre-437100
  14. Bit chaotic down there with that grey to green part 2 work but the Dorothy Pax still seems to be going strong . I thought that CMS announced that they were moving to the city centre months ago? https://sheffieldcityregion.org.uk/project/grey-green-phase-2-castlegate/
  15. Mines done. 10 minute wait at the pharmacy on Greenhow St in Walkley, no appointment. I'm on the free list (chronic lung condition) but they were doing paid for ones as well as they had plenty of stock . They go through the form first to see if there anyway they can do you for free before they offer the £11.50 option . It may be better to try a pharmacy first than get an appointment at the GP
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