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  1. Had a parcel for next day delivery from Wiggle bike parts . They use Hermes. Dispatched on Friday for Saturday delivery according to Wiggle but still no sign of it . Hermes Tracking says they picked it up on Saturday , it reached their local depot on Monday, still not yet out for delivery on Tuesday. I did explain to wiggle that I pay for their premium service when I need the parts next day. It was stated at the time of order that it would come next day. Next time Ill just use my LBS if they have the stock.
  2. Try Gerry at Gerrys bakery in Walkley. If not him he may know where. Also Pete Thorley Dickinson, Camm St bakery currently baking at Joespresso in Walkley . He may know where to get some https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Product-Service/Camm-Street-Bakery-467067827078858/
  3. friend of mine got stuck for 2/12 hours going down to Wickes from Walkley. Seems an amber warning is not quite enough for some.
  4. Technically nearly a 1/3 of Sheffield is in the Peak District national park
  5. and https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/top-law-firm-eyes-move-into-sheffield-city-centre-437100
  6. Bit chaotic down there with that grey to green part 2 work but the Dorothy Pax still seems to be going strong . I thought that CMS announced that they were moving to the city centre months ago? https://sheffieldcityregion.org.uk/project/grey-green-phase-2-castlegate/
  7. Mines done. 10 minute wait at the pharmacy on Greenhow St in Walkley, no appointment. I'm on the free list (chronic lung condition) but they were doing paid for ones as well as they had plenty of stock . They go through the form first to see if there anyway they can do you for free before they offer the £11.50 option . It may be better to try a pharmacy first than get an appointment at the GP
  8. Matchbox didn't start till 1953. Possibly you mean Dinky toys that started in the 30s? I've bought old toy cars via AE Dowse on Scotland St but it seems they've gone now and merged with Sheffield Auctions https://sheffieldauctiongallery.com/ Or have a quick word with Sheffield Transport models on London road, though I think he's more aimed at trains.
  9. You do realise that if violence from dissident republicans spreads from the border area all the way up to Belfast then the next obvious target for them will be London and other major cities on the mainland . Having been at Heathrow Airport during and IRA mortar attack I don't relish a return to that.
  10. If you have to drive and don't want any hassle driving round looking for on street parking then use the Q park . Its literally opposite the children's hospital and has nearly 600 spaces .
  11. I went in last night. Rammed and very noisy at 8pm but calmed down as the night went on. It's a True North so it does exactly what it says on the tin. Reminded me of the York, which isn't surprising . Clearly Kane knows his stuff when it comes to Pubs or he wouldn't be so successful I wouldn't go out of the way to walk up there just for the Punchbowl, but would build it into an evening with a meal out and maybe cross over to Two Sheds . One thing I will say, it's a lot warmer than when it was Reet Ale The Crow is still our favourite of the updated boozers by a long way
  12. Here is a good starting point but you would have to find out who now owns them https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Listed_buildings_in_Sheffield_City_Centre
  13. Early warning . bit of a perfect storm coming for traffic chaos on week ending 21/22 September. Its new student weekend for both our Universities. They are normally a week apart. Also many road closures on the Sunday for the 10K. https://www.runforall.com/events/10k/sheffield-10k/road-closure-information/ Best to avoid both Eccy road area and Broomhill
  14. And around 2 millions new voters, estimated that 3/4 of them favour remain. I suspect if remain wasn't on the paper you would be looking at an awful lot of spoiled ballots to count .
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