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  1. There's been problems with the Crosspool transmitter 👍
  2. Can't believe it's ten years since I asked about a dayticket! 😳 Anyhow, I did go and had the best day's fishing ever, I had hundreds of Bream out and one very small trout! The Bream were like clones, each one of them looked identical and around 2lbs each, They were feeding corn on the drop, It was literally a fish a cast, Can't use a keepnet though!! Biggsy 🙂👍
  3. Hmmmm It looks nice!! LAKE Biggsy 🙂
  4. Dragging up an old thread but I work at Forgemasters and years ago, A (horror?) film was shot in our old office block, There seemed to be a lot of Goth type actors that went in and out! Does anyone know what it was called? Biggsy 😀
  5. Barlow is open tomorrow (Bank holiday monday) for anyone wanting to go 👍 Biggsy 🙂
  6. Thanks gents, Not far from me too!! 👍
  7. Hi all I have a Taylor Big Baby that needs the action lowering so a setup is in order, Can anyone recommend a decent luthier to undertake the work please? Cheers, Biggsy 🙂
  8. Any Mayday bootsales please? 🙂 Biggsy 👍
  9. I collect watches, Have done for forty odd years! I used to send mine to a chap in Leicester called Chris Burrage of Rite Time watch repairs but last I heard he had stopped taking on work (Think he had so much that he couldn't keep up!!).. Of course there was special delivery charges both ways on top of the cost of the repair! Biggsy 👍
  10. Hi Do you have an address for the field where the car show is please? I went years ago but can't remember exactly where it was!! :blush:
  11. Maybe it blew away?! Whoever designed the blue bins so slim and tall should go back to school, I'm at Greenhill and when the wind gets up on blue bin days, They're all over the road!! I had to stand our neighbours blue bin up twice last week when it got a bit windy, Luckily the contents stayed inside!! Biggsy
  12. I heard it before I saw it, It was glorious! Wish i'd known, I would have had the camera ready!!
  13. It cost my lad £525 to get a headlight working there :rolleyes:
  14. Hii I don't think the Rother fishes well in winter
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