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  1. It's free to fish again 👍
  2. Hi I just phoned Chris, He gave up the fishing rights around ten years ago, Could you edit your comment so that he doesn't get bothered again please? It's once again free to fish 👍
  3. A bit late but I emailed the council a couple of days ago to see who they sold the fishing rights to, If it's like last time I won't get an answer for a few weeks 😑
  4. Hi Dragging up an old thread but wasn't there several ponds at Rivelin many years ago? I recall fishing a pond straight opposite an outdoor toilet but when I went up a few years ago it seemed all the ponds had been filled in! 🤔 You couldn't walk round that pond as the road went over the river there so had to turn back and retrace steps! Biggsy 👍
  5. There's a group of folk that like to swim ponds and lakes- Even when it's cold enough to affect a monkeys wotsit!! 😬 Biggsy 👍
  6. Sorry, It was a video but a still pic 👍 Biggsy 🙂
  7. There's video's on Facebook of the E.A. using powerful pumps to circulate the water and get some oxygen back in although there's going to be a mini heatwave this week or so I was told!🥺 Biggsy..
  8. An old workmate of mine called Shaun took over the Cherry Tree some years ago, Dunno how long he stayed though as I don't drink!! Biggsy 🙂
  9. Hi all I saw a post on Facebook earlier today that there was a dead carp at the surface and many more fish were at the surface struggling to breathe 😥 The EA has been informed.. Biggsy..
  10. Hi Runningman I went to have a look around on thursday, There didn't seem to be anything jumping, I couldn't see any fish either as the water was really coloured! Does anyone know whether a bailiff comes round to take the money please? A friend told me that it's very shallow and needs dredging, Does anyone know the depth? I've not been fishing in years, I need to get a licence and find the rest of my tackle out!!😊 Cheers, Biggsy 👍
  11. The Yanks owned Forgemasters before and almost drove them to closure, The worst owners ever but Aichison Casting corp that bought them were in league with the mafia and all the top brass ended up in court!! Biggsy 👍
  12. Crikey! I had a phone appointment with my Asthma nurse at 11.30am friday and mentioned that I coughed a bit of (Dried) blood up, before the day was out I was at Northern general hospital having blood taken, ECG, Chest Xray and then because something in my blood was elevated (Dunno what it was though!), I ended up having a CT Scan! I got to the hospital for 5.30pm, Didn't walk out until 2.30am the next day! Nine hours!😳 Hope the OP gets seen to soon and is given a clean bill of health 👍 Biggsy 🖐️
  13. Hi all Dragging an old thread up but does anyone know when Waltheof was actually built/opened please?
  14. Hi all I've been doing Bonsai since 1999 after boredom set i after an accident that put me off work for a few months- It was a daft choice for boredom as nothing happens for weeks!! 🤭 Anyhow, I joined the South Yorkshire Bonsai Society and learned quite a bit and even started collecting wild trees (Always with permission).. Today I have more trees than space and need to get on with making some benches as many are on the ground!! Here's a few, They're not top quality but I like them (Acers are my favourite followed by Juniper!) Biggsy 🙂
  15. I think if you go down to the big Tesco on Abbeydale road, To the right of the actual Tesco store is a small wall/fence, I looked over there a few years ago and there was a small waterfall and a nice pool that it dropped in to, There were kids with nets catching tiddlers!! I'd love to have been able to cast a fly over it!! Dunno about further up though 🤔 Biggsy 🙂
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