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  1. Asking me to connect a USB storage device for reinstallation
  2. Hi anybody on here or anyone no anybody who fixes ps4 thanks
  3. Is this free to fish been on a walk today and couldn't see no notice boards up
  4. Get yourself off mate ive googled and YouTube it but nothing coming up with how its fishing been many years since I've fished trent but got to be worth a bash for 2 quid
  5. Thanks tinfoilhat just been reading about it just 2 pound for parking allday doesn't seem bad at all
  6. hi anybody know of any free fishing spots on the trent thanks
  7. Thanks was thinking taking lad up for a few hours one weekend
  8. Hi does anyone know if the fishing pond at rivlen just past the fire station is still free to fish and is there still anything in it many thanks
  9. Anyone know how its fishing these days thinking of taking little one next week for day
  10. Do you have any more details I've just moved to the area and would like to join as a member many thanks
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